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 Nov 2014 Josh
Sarah Spang
If hers is a long and lonely climb
Atop her distant perch,
His then was a lengthy trek
Across the endless earth.
Inspired by sunshine and Nickelcreek. Always means always.
 Sep 2014 Josh
Hand Signs
 Sep 2014 Josh
It’s not easy when I was five
It’s not easy to grasp everything
Learning these new ‘signs’
So others would empathize
Demoralized only to be scrutinized
Wondering why they always laughed
I never knew how it sounds like
But it hurts me deep inside

It’s not easy when I was ten
They wrote on the board
How I always pretend
I keep smiling despite everything
I did pretend
Pretending tomorrow
Everything will end

It’s not easy when I was fifteen
Almost everyone doesn't comprehend
These hands I use to eat & speak
I can read their lips saying,
But this time I didn't pretend
Mama always told me before she left
"Your voice is louder than the rest!"

It’s easier now that I’m twenty
It actually gets better if I believe
I found true friends along the way
They get furious if I get played
Diminishing negative thoughts to dust
I know now life has its eminence
There are more others like me

What my mama meant before she left
Help those who are in need
Especially to those who are-
*Special like me.
(I didnt expect it to get featured as the daily poem! I'm so happy I get to share this message with everyone. A better understanding to these gifted individuals:) And if u have a friend who's deaf or learning ASL. Let them read this:)
And once again. Thank you so much To everyone who liked and comment!)
Give your love.
Even if you're the one being received.
I just had to write about this.
And i don't see it as a disability,
I see it as a gift.
(Dedicated to this young girl i saw in the train helping a guy in a wheelchair. She was showing directions! I stood there appalled in awe)
P.S: I need a suggestion whether to name this title 'Gift' or 'Hand Signs'??
I think both stood out.
Comment below.
And I also would like you guys to check out this website.
If you buy their headphones you would be giving hearing aids for the   less fortunate.
And I'm not sponsored to do this. I just want to make a change and help to raise awareness:)
If you can help them, please do.:)
 Aug 2014 Josh
Found on the edge of desire
Facing the answers unknown
Desperate to stand in the fire
No longer living alone

Crying for deeds left a’ waiting
Rolling these thoughts in my mind
Oh of this love now creating
Searching for all I can find

Hopeless a word with no meaning
Not that my heart will allow
Some they may whisper I'm dreaming
None that can prove to me how

Real is the state of this vision
Nothing but truth stands so tall
Into her charms now my mission
Making such sense of it all

Reaching so I am not missing
Now as my knees touch the ground
Lips that I wish I was kissing
Perfect this woman I’ve found

Distance, the longest of dances
I follow the moon high above
Capturing all of my chances
So I may feel her sweet love
 Aug 2014 Josh
Mikayla Lash
Maybe I’m so quiet because
I find peace in silence
And flaws in my words
 Aug 2014 Josh
broken pieces~
 Aug 2014 Josh
Maybe if I step on
enough flowers
or break
I just might forget
I'm made of broken parts
my fave piece </3
 Aug 2014 Josh
John Prowse
 Aug 2014 Josh
John Prowse
I am lying perfectly still
But the ripples of my heart beat
Lap softly against the small head
Of my daughter
Nestled under my arm
Fast asleep.
For Amelia
John Prowse © 2014
 Aug 2014 Josh
Joseph Schneider
 Aug 2014 Josh
Joseph Schneider
I wish I had enough free time in a day
To express what I truly stand for
I can change people*
I can help

-Joseph B Schneider
© Joseph B Schneider. All rights reserved

Sometimes I stay awake at night trying to think of a way I can help people. Without my family going without. It's harder then I anticipated.
 Aug 2014 Josh
rained-on parade
I watch the house come down
like a vengeful wave crashing
against my barefoot shore.

I don't know if
I wore my grey shirt
or the blue one with checks.

I can't tell from the dust caking
my chest; beating loudly I
put my hand to it

as if searching for my heart
in the shirt pocket;
I fumble

and feel nothing there.
I'd kept a picture of you there
in the breastpocket of my grey shirt

close to my heart.
And not any more, but a familiar ache;
left are these buttons of your last touch

and your breath in these threads.
You don't know that once you breathed into the sky
it just wasn't yours to take away.
Abstract. Like my life right now.
 Aug 2014 Josh
rained-on parade
I want to be
an unforgettable thought
in your beautiful mind.
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