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I don't wanna be here but I'm too afraid to die
Can't say I haven't thought about giving it a try
I tell people I'm happy but that's a ******* lie
I guess I'm just afraid to tell the ones I love goodbye

I don't know why I'm still here, or why you care, why do you care..?
Last one!
Yeah, I miss the old days filled with happiness
Where we are obstacles we would tackle it
We were young it was brighter days
I wish my life could stay the same
I need a Person right now, and
I'm all alone on my couch, and
I'm really thinking how I could do things work better
I'm still me and i still made it through the weather
If i were you and you were me the things would be more different
Life just feels the same and lately I'm just feeling different
I just want to take it back when we were only kids
Escaped out of our classes just to give you hugs and kisses

But things are different now and feelings aren't allowed
It's funny now i try to hide em' back when I was prouder then

Yeah, I feel like I fell and I landed in the deep end
Getting wasted every party on the weekends
I meet girl but they're never what I looked for
Only feel love when I read about it in the bookstore
About time that the tables started turning
Same **** i was searching and searching
Getting sick of all this learning
Why can't my life be perfect

I need someone new, someone whom i call hers
Wanna get the feelings that I felt in the past
I knew life was ain't gonna be easy
But wasn't expecting it that fast
She realized that wanting him
meant losing herself

She realized that she couldn’t
save her own soul
because her hands were too busy

Holding the hand of someone
who no longer deserved her energy..
You’re waiting aren’t you?
You’re always waiting for a sign
something that’ll help you believe
in him and his lies

You’re in denial
im Sorry I’m crying.


i Don’t feel that I’m dying  


i Don’t need to explain


dont Ask me to change, because im already trying

I cry in silence and in the Night because I’m afraid to Feel, and see the light

I love you or maybe not?

I’m to young to have a any sort of crysis

But down deep
I think I’ve had one all along.
Seriously I can’t handle the internal clash of feelings and thoughts
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