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If you think that education only takes place
in an institution, think again. As long as you breathe, your mind, your heart, and your soul are seeking knowledge, so respond to them and nurture their needs. Ask questions and keep your life dynamic. Knowledge is not necessarily confined to a specific subject area. Knowledge is what drives your life and makes it meaningful.

So, unless the institution you're referring to is the institution of life, education does not confine itself to the limits of any institution. It extends its wings into every aspect of your life.

So, what are you waiting for? Start flying..
Hopefully someday
Your memories'll be as cheap
As the wine you drink
And that's ******* cheap
Every day I want to see you
Every day you’re looking fine
Every time I see you
I want to make you mine

You are sunshine on a rainy day
The clouds part when you walk my way
You are warmth on a winter's day
The fireplace burning; a beautiful flame

Every day I want see you
Every day you’re looking fine
Every time I see you
I want to make you mine
To be continued:
Just playing around on my guitar
Beautiful hearts are hard to find, and to reward them when we do find them, we convince ourselves that they're too good for us. What a reward. Instead of holding on to them, we pull ourselves away. We push them away. We forget that the beauty of their hearts comes from their ability to love and from their willingness to liberate those whose hearts have caged themselves in the past.
Let me look at you.
At the darkest night.
When a light from street.
Will be show your bleak.
Let me glance each piece.
Let me look at you.
While a sun still down.
We will covering, by the shame. Waking up at the morning sun.
Piece of broken mirror.
Cut my heart apart.
I was look at you from other side. That's why, I saw just distortion. Shadows of dusk and dark.
Gray illusions of my mind.
Games I only playing with my head.
"I love you"


"Ev­eryone makes mistakes "
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