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Jazeera Feb 2020
And we went
to the sea shore...
Far away from
all the bustling little town
I collected all the seashells
While she collected
the perfect ones...
We then filled our bags
with a bunch of seashells
But what I collected
the most was
a bunch of memories.....
A beautiful day to remember...
  Feb 2020 Jazeera
And when you left
I overwatered all your flowers
  Feb 2020 Jazeera
Mane Omsy
Peel off the pain piercing your palms
Ornaments owned out of obituaries
Elsewhere endless errands of evil
Moaning for money and medication
  Nov 2018 Jazeera
Maria Etre
I sold my soul
to poetry
because the devil
rejected it
he told me
"it's too fiery for hell
it'll do better
melting hearts"
Jazeera Nov 2018
She was an angel
With her alluring wings.
But the evil mind devil
Torn her limb by limb
Until he satisfied his quench.

Now the devil is beaming
In the mortal soil.
And the angel is resting
With the other angels
With her wane wings
Luminous in spirit.
  Sep 2018 Jazeera
Stu Harley
glowed glistened glittered
color of
dark red burgundy wine
earth and sky
once more
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