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 Apr 2022 Shamus
A poet
 Apr 2022 Shamus
A poet
I look in the mirror,
10 years passed in a breeze,
older, fatter, a wrinkle begins to form.
Youth begins to evade me,
Yet I do not feel sad nor glad,
I am simply living, okay, content with myself.
Is it not odd? Is it not strange? That I no longer care.
 Apr 2022 Shamus
Taylor Jennica
My name is Taylor and I have a tooth that tucks behind one of my front teeth.

I say this as my first sentence because when I look at myself in the mirror and smile, that is the first thing I notice.

But a compliment I've heard more times than once, "You have a beautiful smile."

I  wonder how many things in life are like that...

Qualities or characteristics that people agonize over are the very things that others appreciate and admire.
 Mar 2022 Shamus
 Mar 2022 Shamus
Time flies by...
I reach out to catch a moment.
I touch it.
It slips through my grasp.
In an instant.
As if never really there.
Can you ever catch a moment?
Will you ever freeze time?
Chase the moments.
Race time.
Don't be afraid to miss.
When you fail and a moment gets away...
You've still made a memory.
 Mar 2022 Shamus
Sydney Rose
 Mar 2022 Shamus
Sydney Rose
my one wish is
to find someone
who sees the world
as beautiful as i do
with their mouth
preaching poetic beauty
as i have once done
to all the boys
i have loved
 Mar 2022 Shamus
Chloe Jackson
It's all just numbers, isn't it?
Day by day,
Year by year,
Always counting.

Day by day look at the number on the scales.
Let the caloric calculator count until your head is filled with numbers.

Minute by minute count the seconds it takes for him to text you back.
Let the doubt and fear multiply until your head is full of him.

Term by term let a percentage on a piece of paper define your worth.

Don't we have better things to do than count?
 Mar 2022 Shamus
 Mar 2022 Shamus
She keeps songs
locked away in boxes
like secrets.
She will take them out
like postcards
to help her remember
the feeling of
a different time,
a different person
by her side.
She likes the one
that makes her
eyes close
to see the lights.
She smiles at
the one that  
makes her stand
up on tiptoes,
the one that
helps her forget
she doesn’t know
what to do
with her hands.

The tune
will carry her.

Like it did
the times when
voices broke
like a heart.
When instruments’ strings
would snap
and hurt.
 Mar 2022 Shamus
I crave intimacy
Not the type that subconsciously comes to mind -
The connection
Between one soul,
To another  
Bleeding pure, genuine
I crave fidelity
An enduring exchange
I don't want to be physically touched;
I want to feel my internal organs
I want to embrace it  
Savoring every moment
Whatever pronoun relates to you
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