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They say never look back.
Who are they?
Why not?
20:06 GMT
 Aug 2014 Kenzie
Today you were born.
Thank you for being here.
For being alive.
Making it through another year.
It does get better.
I promise.

I can’t say I Love You.
Because I don't.
But there is someone who does.
Perhaps more than one.
It’s okay if it’s just mom.
Or dad or brother or sister.

If you cut please don’t do it again.
I will tell you what I told my sister.
Put the blade to your wrist.
Hold it there.
Don’t move it.
Keep it there ‘til you aren’t upset anymore.

If you think about ending it all tonight.
Or possibly tomorrow.
All the events that led to this “solution”.
Write it all down.
And burn it.

If you have a broken heart.
Don’t pick up the ice cream.
Or any weapons.
It isn’t worth gaining weight.
Or the physical scars.
Curl into fetal position and cry a lot.

Don’t cry for too long.
Get up and look at yourself.
Say “It will get better.
I won’t cry for the same reason”.
Repeat until you believe.
Promise me.

If you lost someone dear.
Don’t hold it all in.
It will become too much.
Like waiting too long to ***.
The mess is horrible.
The smell: pungent and nasty.

Seriously though.
Mourn but don’t get stuck in the moment.
There isn’t a time frame for healing.
But don’t let grief to be the only emotion left.
Stand and move forward with them in your heart.
The ones still here need you.

If you are happy.
Truly happy.
Not with the material things.
But with your state of mind.
With your values and virtues.
I applaud you.

Don’t let them slip free.
You have strength so put it to good use.
Lift the others who deserve it.
Don’t waste your time with idiots.
But I can’t force you to do anything.
Do what you will.
Writing isn't my forte.
 Aug 2014 Kenzie
Tom Leveille
and here i am again
at the intersection
of pedestrian language
& old wives tales
swallowing gum
like 7 year memories
opening umbrellas inside
cause i can't seem get away
from all of this rain
i ******* with my left hand
cause i was told
back in highschool that
"it feels like someone else is doing it"
it gets me wondering
about the difference between
losing you and finding out
that some one else found you
or my sleep
or lack thereof
its starting to tear me apart
i keep having this dream
where you are in
an unfamiliar body of water
trying to wash my poetry
off of your hands
or the one where
something happens in my chest
every time you sit
on someone else's bed
i'm tired of feeling like something you've misplaced
but don't have the heart
to look for anymore
tired of you saying my name
like you're trying to bury it
i'm tired of wondering
if you can tell the difference
between the absence
of my voice & silence
the other day
i almost started sobbing
at work when a woman
asked me about
our equipment
i was explaining how
things come apart
and almost mentioned your name
it made me think
of how you used to say
things like "what would you do
if i showed up on your doorstep
one day?" now, i haunt
the windows in my house
i don't leave for weeks at a time
i sit on the porch like the dog
you didn't shoot behind the shed
the one that refuses to die
until you come home again
i told somebody once, that
you didn't even know
what my voicemail sounded like
i wonder if they thought
it was because you
are so important that i never
let it ring that many times
before picking up
or if you dont know
what it sounds like
because you've never called
you can't be the ****** weapon
and the search party
i'm tired of all the seats
to the ferris wheel in my chest
being empty
tired of your voice
being the one i look for
in abandoned places
that one sound i beg
to bounce back
down vacant hallways
i just seem to stand there
in all of that quiet
like someone looking for a mistake
on an eviction notice
so i guess the hardest part
isn't letting go
it's forgetting
you ever had a grip
in the first place
and since you've been gone
i wonder if when
you pushed yourself away from me
you used your left hand
so it felt like someone else did it
If you're slowly drowning
In a darkness all your own
just whistle and I'll find you
take your hand and lead you home.

If your heart it flounders
slowly tearing at the seams
know that I still hear it beating
in my melancholy dreams.

If your spirit lingers
at the edge of loving light
know that I will stay there with you
know that I will stand and fight.

We will roar at our oppressors
We will wrestle with the dark
so much light can be created
by a single, tiny spark.

Then from the depths we will emerge
in stronger, wiser form
to stand shoulder to shoulder
and face the coming dawn.

For love will always bind us
it holds us sure and true
and there is nothing stronger
than the love I feel for you.
If I got lost as a kid I was told to whistle so that I'd be found, any tune would do. I realise now that the whistling in itself was more of a comfort to me while lost than it ever was a means of finding me....I was a curious child, I got lost a lot..... some things never change.
 Aug 2014 Kenzie
 Aug 2014 Kenzie
We are far too different

I live for the rush
The danger and adventure

You live with a plan
The stability and foundation

But yet we both yearn for the kisses
That only come at 2am
And the I love you's
That have all the depth to them
That there ever could

When we are together
The planets align
And the moon calls our name
I cannot think straight
With your hot lips pressed to mine

We are far too different

Yet we are perfectly put together
And I wouldn't trade you for the world
They come to haunt on an evening as this
when thunders roar fall endless rains
windowpanes moan in frosted kiss
awaken within long lost pains!

They don’t bear me a name or a face
the massless aches ***** like thorn
oozing out from what hidden place
on an evening as this they’re born!

In the blowing gust rain’s beelike drones
shatter my heart’s all gathered peace
mess the mind feed upon bones
leave me broken on an evening as this!

The pains don’t bear me a name or a face
don’t tell what hurts for what I miss
but ***** out all gathered happiness
rain my eyes on an evening as this!
 Aug 2014 Kenzie
Wake up to reality
Seems like I’ve got an affinity
For playing with your center of gravity
Can I paint your mental walls red?
Hop on a plane just to find myself in your bed
Some might even say probable
But only if you bow down
To worship my invisible crown
Misled, misread but still a thoroughbred
Undeniably ready to be ridden
There are no misgivings
You want vivd?
Tie me up in ribbons
Enjoy my only submission

© 2014 Peach
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