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Aug 2014
If you're slowly drowning
In a darkness all your own
just whistle and I'll find you
take your hand and lead you home.

If your heart it flounders
slowly tearing at the seams
know that I still hear it beating
in my melancholy dreams.

If your spirit lingers
at the edge of loving light
know that I will stay there with you
know that I will stand and fight.

We will roar at our oppressors
We will wrestle with the dark
so much light can be created
by a single, tiny spark.

Then from the depths we will emerge
in stronger, wiser form
to stand shoulder to shoulder
and face the coming dawn.

For love will always bind us
it holds us sure and true
and there is nothing stronger
than the love I feel for you.
If I got lost as a kid I was told to whistle so that I'd be found, any tune would do. I realise now that the whistling in itself was more of a comfort to me while lost than it ever was a means of finding me....I was a curious child, I got lost a lot..... some things never change.
calpurnia mockingbird
Written by
calpurnia mockingbird  Cardiff
       ponny jo, ryn, G Arakelian, Ramsha Ahmed, --- and 52 others
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