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Kenzie Feb 2015
If feelings left when people did
I wouldn't be worried about missing someone
that I didn't have
or holding someone
who can't be held
or touching someone
you cannot keep
or knowing things about someone
that you do not know
or laughing at someone
who will not stay
to finish the punchline
or loving someone
who will not stay
to let you know they feel the same
Kenzie Aug 2014
that's the thing about a murderer
they become so broken and haunted
that even their own hand
seems sinisterly daunted

but it's kind of humane
what their mind will have done
it has broken a reality
it refuses to let them run

they will only see
the life that they took
every single eye
is their victims look

and in a way they are new
nerves exposed to the earth
for a search for calm
their being is rebirthed

and isn't it insane
that a person is made new
when they **** another
without leaving any clue.
inspired by a recent reading of Therese Raquin
  Aug 2014 Kenzie
calpurnia mockingbird
If you're slowly drowning
In a darkness all your own
just whistle and I'll find you
take your hand and lead you home.

If your heart it flounders
slowly tearing at the seams
know that I still hear it beating
in my melancholy dreams.

If your spirit lingers
at the edge of loving light
know that I will stay there with you
know that I will stand and fight.

We will roar at our oppressors
We will wrestle with the dark
so much light can be created
by a single, tiny spark.

Then from the depths we will emerge
in stronger, wiser form
to stand shoulder to shoulder
and face the coming dawn.

For love will always bind us
it holds us sure and true
and there is nothing stronger
than the love I feel for you.
If I got lost as a kid I was told to whistle so that I'd be found, any tune would do. I realise now that the whistling in itself was more of a comfort to me while lost than it ever was a means of finding me....I was a curious child, I got lost a lot..... some things never change.
Kenzie Aug 2014
I have fallen in love
With an disease

The way it brings me warmth
As it burns my skin

The way it leave me speechless
As it makes my words a sin  

The way it fills my veins
As it makes them feel hollow

The way it fills my heart
As it kills it will sorrow

The way it keeps me numb
As it slowly kills me

The way depression empties me
But somehow fulfills me
  Aug 2014 Kenzie
Wake up to reality
Seems like I’ve got an affinity
For playing with your center of gravity
Can I paint your mental walls red?
Hop on a plane just to find myself in your bed
Some might even say probable
But only if you bow down
To worship my invisible crown
Misled, misread but still a thoroughbred
Undeniably ready to be ridden
There are no misgivings
You want vivd?
Tie me up in ribbons
Enjoy my only submission

© 2014 Peach
Kenzie Aug 2014
I screamed
Because I wanted to make a point
She told me to be quiet
for screaming tended to disappoint

I yelled
Because I needed her to hear
She told me to be quiet
for yelling was for fear

I talked
Because I wanted to tell
She told me to be quiet
For talking was meant to sell

I whispered
Because I wanted to express
She told me to be quiet
Because whispering was for distress

I was quiet
Because I didn't want to share
She told me I should talk
For it seemed I didn't care
Kenzie Aug 2014
I learned that where
butterflies lingered
so did bees
and every opportunity
there is to see beauty
is also an opportunity
to be hurt.
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