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Holly Peppy Dec 2015
Remembering the time
oh! It was just a time!
Who ever thought?
Did you?
everything would change within a year.

When luck is not by your side
When nothing is on your hand
When your feelings overflow
sigh life
The only 'Distraction'
Holly Peppy Sep 2015
Who ever thought
falling in love with you would
be so easy enough?

Who ever thought
falling in love with you,
I'll be crazy as ****!

Who ever thought
falling in love would result
a heavy cost?
  Aug 2015 Holly Peppy
Swollen eyes
Tear stained cheeks
A dusty mirror
And a beating heart
Pinching my thighs and muffin top
These words haunting me

Wishing to unzip this skin
And emerge as thin

My head feels dizzy
Hearts starts to race
Warm tears streaming down my face
The mirror isĀ in pieces
Hands are bleeding
Heart still beating
A reflection
That cannot be fixed
This is how I feel almost all the time
Holly Peppy Aug 2015
Bright, clean, shiny and sunny day
But, Nothing seems interesting
Eyes filled with tears,
raining down the cheeks
Disturbed Brain
filled with darkness.
Broken heart
hit by lightening.
weak soul
frightened by thunder.
But, all I want is
bright and shiny me.
Holly Peppy Aug 2015
Oh boy!
You made ma crazy
You made me high
You made ma fall in love
Now, you wanna make me cry?
Waving me a goodbye?
Baby, you are my drug
Addicted badly as hell
Ignorance? No please
Don't ***** my heart with a nail
word may not count for you
Moving on?
I am so sorry for it.
Yes Boy! All want is you
talk to you, to see you
Fine if it's only as a dear friend.
Just reply me Ok
Only OK.
Holly Peppy Aug 2015
She Has wishes
Like everybody does
She has a Dreams
Yet to be fulfilled
She has a Plans
which she thinks for
She has a Hope
A broken Hope
About her wishes
About Her Dreams
About her Plans
But here she wants to decamp
Far away :
Where no one finds her
No one looks for her
Yes! She is trying to run away
From all her Dreams,
From all her plans and hopes
Because She is a distracted girl
A hopeless girl, A failure
A broken and betrayed girl
From her ones, but once
May be twice, thrice or more!!
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