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Heliza Rose Apr 2014
My ribcage has fluttered open,and I can feel my soul leaking out.

My heart is exposed to the harsh winds
and no word proceeds from my mouth

I'm on my knees however so I can hide from humanity

So I can hide that I'm in the clutches of insanity.
Heliza Rose Mar 2014
Starved emotionally and physically the hunger ignites my crazed desires

Unspoken words linger under my tongue and my eyes holds many fires

I quench it all with just a drop of water

Trying to save my strength for later

Starving emotionally and physically

Because you killed all my desires to be full
Heliza Rose May 2014
Like a knife to my ribs..
its tearing...its tearing fast
That's what knowing you could be hurt is doing
Heliza Rose Mar 2014
I trust you

I trust you

But what good is that to me?

I watch you

I watch you

Trying my hardest not to breathe

In such a such time you mean so much

Now I've lost the way,what was it I wanted to say.
Heliza Rose Nov 2014
You climbed unto my heart and sat on that throne,like all was yours and I too would suffer that faith.

You were right, though I fought and struggled soon your blue eyes a crushed me like the tempting sky

Your pink lips wrapped mine in a rose scented haze and my resolve was over.

It died as quiclly as it spruted and a lingering dissapointment hovers on my chest.

I had been weak and I had let that one gaze of nothing but infatuation both entise me and crush my dreams of ever healing

I do not still love you and if I do then maybe hell is right next foor
Heliza Rose Mar 2014
You were the blade and of course I was the skin too weak to defend itself
Heliza Rose Jan 2017
It is in your hands
Without shape
But full of many possibilities
Shape it
This year is yours
Heliza Rose Mar 2014
I wish someone could see beyond this fragile face

I wish someone could see I am more than a disgrace.

I wish I could talk and let how I feel show

I wish my heart was simple with a subtle glow.

But if I got all my wishes how would I learn?

No harsh people and no one so stern.

My memories would be a tape on constant  repeat

But still I wish someone would see

Who it is that is really me
Heliza Rose Dec 2014
i honestly never understood how they can say you cannot breathe without someone.Oh you can breathe but the point will be that the breathing will be so painful you may start to wish you lost that ability.Because it will feel like a thousand universes are sitting on your chest yet your eyes are shut too tight to see their beauty,and you are okay with that.And maybe that is where the danger really begins,when you are content with seeing gray,blacks and white and you have put a ban on the colour spectrum threating to rip reds and blow up yellows.Then mountains begin to make homes in your head and their peaks begin to snow on your heart that had already forgotten what a warm ribcage felt like.The stars at that moment that had forged within your eyes over the months start to die out all at once and you are left standing alone in the dark once more,clutching unto the air as though it is a banister that can save you as your knees give in.Finally,finally every part of you gives and you are still awake as the weeds begin to grow on each part of you that their touch always brought to life.
Heliza Rose Jul 2014
Abandoning someone you love
Is like breaking a mug
Only to realize moments later,it was your favourite.
Heliza Rose Sep 2015
I never phantomed that highs could end
That the euphoric smoke that clung to my soul could simply be blown away by the absence of your kiss

I never phantomed that ghosts were behind me, waiting until my heart was vacant so they could inhabit, this happened because of the absence of your gaze

I never phantomed that my chest could feel this heavy,as though stones found themselves ashore and crawled in while I slumbered, this was because of the absence of your touch

I never phantomed that my light could be dimmed, that I the brightest star in the sky could suddenly become the least favourite amongst the gods because of the absence of you

And so I wait, a cast out star,worn out, tired and dimmed my glow taken and my hands astretched, for you whose absence meant the end of my reign in heaven and the end of who I am
Heliza Rose Aug 2016
Oh African girl
African woman,
You are more than the stars between your legs

Oh African girl
African woman,
You are more than moons that lay atop your chests

African girl
African woman,
Oh won't you believe me?
When I tell you that those curves are not all that makes you?

That your broad or small hips are not what writes your story
Oh African girl
African woman,
Carry a pen or take your finger and write your story
Heliza Rose Aug 2016
African woman,
It always seems as though you were defeated from the day you were born

As though you were born silent
Born with weaker bones
Born with weaker souls

But they lied.
You have not been defeated my Queens
Your voice echoes through your kingdoms
Your bones are firm and do not waver when they sink into the soil
And your souls, how vibrant they are
And how blinding they can be
Heliza Rose Mar 2014
It doesn't hurt any less
Heliza Rose May 2014
I gave you my heart
When it was time for you to give me yours
I found your rib cage empty
Heliza Rose Sep 2016
Dear rude advertisers,
Stop advertising yourself on someone else's piece,
Like the creator put all the blood sweat and tears into their work and it's not for you to just pop in and try to profit from that regardless of whether the creator has a large following or not, it is still extremely annoying.

Be courteous,
If you really want to promote yourself there are decent ways of doing so, privately message the creator, be nice and express yourself properly instead of trying to feed off someone else's energy and hard work. I repeat, it is annoying.
Heliza Rose Apr 2014
Are you allergic to yourself?

Do you scratch away at yourself,in the hopes that your skin would peel off?

Are you allergic to yourself?

Do you deliberately avoid pictures just so the camera won't add a few pounds and make you look?

Are you allergic to yourself?

Do you cough and wheeze whenever you suddenly remember a flaw that seems to get every ones head turning?

Are you allergic to yourself?

Do your eyes go red and puffy when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror?

Are you allergic to yourself?

Does your tongue swell whenever a good word about you tries to spill itself out?

Are you allergic to yourself?

Does everything about you,make you swell ache and bend over in pain?

Do you wish you could jump out of your own skin?
Heliza Rose Jan 2017
So be tender with people today
For hearts are bleeding
Heliza Rose Apr 2014
How I miss those meek childhood days,
When I would pull pranks and make jokes on this very day.

But now I'm a little too grown up to be that happy again.

I'm a little too experienced in what iscalled pain.

So before I lose this fake cool

I would like to say,April Fool
I know it really isn't that great...but none of my poems have been lately.I'm sorry
Heliza Rose Nov 2015
And at times I questioned, I questioned when life would be enough. when the need threatening to blow over within a person would cease and instead reduce to an undisturbing simmer.
I questioned when the blood, although unseen until a cut would be enough to rest ones mind and scatter ones fears
I questioned when the tears that build up quietly would be enough, enough to assure that your worries and not useless and they exist beyond the realm you have become accustomed to.

I have questioned yet I have received no answer.
Heliza Rose Apr 2014
I have the gift of art,but I can't put it to good use.

Creativity blurs my mind but when I touch a piece of paper with a pencil,a pen,a brush it still remains empty.

I'm too scared to even attempt to let the art flow,because I know my paintings,sketches,scribbled messed up drawings would only land me in handcuffs
Heliza Rose Apr 2014
I used to love art
That was until my muse feel from a cliff
So someone sent me a suggestion but
I wasn't able to read it:(
Heliza Rose Mar 2014
As the sun rises so do my fears
As I cower and tremble with tears
The glow of dawn has never been so polite
My need to run always hidden by the night.
But now the sun is rising its orange mask bringing the heat.
As I turn my head and rise to my feet.
I am ready to run
For my fears have come with the sun
Heliza Rose Apr 2014
I am a collection of mistakes.

A catalogue of secrets.

A series of unfortunate events.
Heliza Rose May 2014
The bed was soft I didn't want to get up.The cool of the night just too much to let go off.

The children always come out with their mother,who is calling on me now,her glowing lips alluring

"Its time for work"even when she is pestering me I still find her beautiful

I know I'm not the only one however to lust after her beauty,after all each night people gaze at her making me realize how lucky I am to have her.

She calls again.This time a little angrier

"I was awake all night.Now its time you got up for work"

She was right,her eyes had not shut through out the night,her pale complexion dazzling people.

And the children always go with her at night
.but I guess it would be strange to see us together.

The bed feels like clouds and I really don't wish to get up,I can already feel her fading away to give room for me.

Its time for my show.Just like her people crave what I give,my heat also holding a luster,but unlike her I have a fragile ego and don't think too highly of myself so I don't like people gazing at me.

Some fools though still try to stare me down though I always win.

Shes coming to bed now,I know she couldnt breath through work.

I can hear her tucking in the children.Its like we have millions of them.
One by one their little voices give in to slumber

And I realize its my time for work
I blow her one last kiss.holding my breath

"Look out world,here comes Mr.Sun"
Heliza Rose Apr 2015
This is not a poem but a thank you.To all those who ever read my poems or liked them.Those that followed me and messaged me.Those that reposted my work and added them to collections of wondrous bliss.Thank you,without you  my motivation wouldn't exist so strongly
Heliza Rose Apr 2014
You keep repeating this,
But I never once saw this "beast"
Maybe its because I didn't get hurt enough?I don't know...just like you don't know
Heliza Rose Mar 2014
I'm better off alone
I'm better off cold
Heliza Rose Dec 2013
I  may fall to pieces soon and you wont even be there

I may shatter in sleep and you wont even care

I may get carried by the wind and never return

But the blackness of your self and whitness of mine

can never entwine

I may dine with my dolls

Form a circle,with a fake hall

play dressup one more time before i begin to break

One more lie and one more mistake

Your black desires,my pure white intentions

are destroyed like nothing else matters

the hope,the gift

its going like a life with no spirit.
Heliza Rose May 2014
I bottle up my feelings in old Ribena bottles

You bottle up yours in Gin and Whiskey bottles
Heliza Rose Apr 2014
I think I'll leave hellopoetry for a while,I don't know how long for..maybe I'll just stop posting poems but I'll still hover around,or I'll completely vanish.All I know is either way it doesn't matter,my poetry won't be missed and neither will my presence.There were good times here.
Heliza Rose Mar 2014
In this very moment everything hurts

In this very moment I regret my choices

In this very moment I realize I cant breath
Heliza Rose May 2014
Our girls deserve to be home
Bring them back
Let them be free!

They deserve to walk as free girls and breathe that way

We cannot sit back while they cage them like animals

Set them free!
Please keep the nigerian girls taken In your thoughts and prayers.we need them home.
Heliza Rose Mar 2014
I'm broken and you did this

Well let's hope I can fix myself again because this time I really had hope
Heliza Rose May 2014
Broken hearts write the best songs
Broken hearts write the best poetry
Broken hearts taste a divine dose of creativity
But why is it always so bitter?
Heliza Rose Sep 2016
******* is what you say to me
You're feeding me crap everyday single day
But yet, I still eat
With my eyes closed
No where to go.

******* is what you say to me
Your lies just roll of your tongue like a symphony
Heliza Rose Apr 2014
Cant you see?,
When you cry a piece of The rainforest dies
Heliza Rose Apr 2014
I am a canvas,but some artist left me
In front of an open window,while a storm approached
Heliza Rose Apr 2014
Can you hear the pieces falling?
Those are parts of me.

Can you smell the putrid flesh burning?
That's mine also.

Can you see the empty space where a heart should be?
That's my sanctuary.

Can you read the words written in something red?
That's my handwriting.

Can you feel the vibrations as this world falls apart?
That's my doing
Heliza Rose Oct 2015
What captures someone but does not take them to prison?
Heliza Rose Sep 2016
I was tired
So you carried me on your back
But all the while you let my feet drag on the floor
But I was too numb from fatigue to feel it
Heliza Rose Jul 2014
You tell me I have this childish aura around me
That's why my crazy talk doesnt phase you
That's why when I chase butterflies it doesn't phase you

You tell me its sweet,and so pure
That's why when I talk about stars all.night it doesn't phase you

And when I whimper so close to your chest like I am scared of the dark

You dont shrink back in disgust

You cuddle me closer
Heliza Rose Aug 2016
A chocolate river is what they see me as
Enticing enough to dip a toe
But not beautiful enough to dive into
Heliza Rose Dec 2014
Its almost Christmas and time for snow
I just hope my scars do not show

When the trees have popsicles in their hands
And pure white covers all the lands

When golden sparks are dotted in their eyes
With cheer and laughter and surprise

Its almost Christmas,time to shine
Grab the pie and grab the wine

When music plays and all shall eat
When they move their hips and move their feet

Its almost Christmas for all of us to share
So call our names and we'll be near

When we sing and we dance
When we live like its our last chance

Its almost christmas do not forget
To be nice so your wishes are met
Heliza Rose Oct 2015
"And maybe you should stop pitying yourself,” he said. “Most people are lucky to have even one great love in their life. You have found two."
It's not that easy cassandra
Heliza Rose Apr 2014
Let's sit around a campfire
And condemn coffee together
Heliza Rose Sep 2016
I want to make music
Heliza Rose Apr 2014
The stars dotted across the dark blue sky remind me of the multitude of my scars.

All spaced out but all connecting to form constellations.
Heliza Rose May 2014
Creativity is a beautiful creature.
It sits beside us and shows us worlds other minds can only dream off.
It gives us a plaque which says:
''Be different''
It helps us find out individuality
It kisses our minds with its rainbow coloured lips
And helps in the birth of glorious ideas.
It is a mad mans only companion,a broken dream's only hope.
The source of all invention,
Only problem is...its friends with Insomnia
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