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 Aug 2015 Hayley Cusick
... My phone to death...
 Jan 2015 Hayley Cusick
I never wanted a hero.
I'm no damsel in distress.
All I wanted was a place
a safe place without duress.
We're you* careful with what you wished for?
No,  you weren't.
Did you call out for help when you needed it?
If you did, no one heard.
We're you there for me when I was falling down?
I didn't see you there.
Did you lay a pillow on the floor when I fell for you, so it wouldn't hurt?
No, cause you didn't care.
We're you thinking about me when you walked out the door?
If you did, you would've stayed.
Did you look back even once to see me crying all alone?
No, you were too afraid.
We're you ashamed of yourself for never telling me why?
If you were, I didn't know.
Did you ever wonder what's happened to me now?
Well, I finally got the chance to grow.

Thank you for all the things you didn't do,
Never forget The Girl Who Loved You.
When I was a kid
I remember watching the comedy channel
Not in my own house, mind you
My parents were too smart for that
When I was a kid hanging out at my friend's houses watching the comedy channel
I remember
A slogan
Time.  Well.  Wasted.
And I remember thinkin'
"Oh!  Yea!  I like that!  Imma sit here a lil' longer!"
I was just a boy at the time and that's as far as the thought got
About a half-hour later we decided time was better wasted building gigantic, man-eating snowmen.
Eventually I went home
I wasted some time arguing with my parents about schoolwork, ate a bowl of cereal and wasted the next 8 hours in a comatose
I woke up to waste the next several years of my life figuring out how to waste the NEXT several years of my life
Somewhere in there someone told me I should do what I feel called to do so I wasted time waiting for a sign of some kinda magicy, Jesus voodoo
While I was waiting I wasted time reading Ecclesiastes and learned about what a waste of time it is to read Ecclesiastes
So I tried filling my time with all the things that weren't supposed to BE a waste of time but then I didn't have any time so I fell flat on my face on the edge of the vortex that is the human condition!
And I cried, "God!"
"Why do you waste your time with a foolish and selfish sinner like me?"
And the almighty, holy, infinitely incomprehensible, incredible God of the Universe replied
"Time.  Well.  Wasted."
Your presence lays within the smell of rain
all its transparent beauty.
God is closer to you than your jugular vein
 Sep 2014 Hayley Cusick
Alone lives under your breast plate

inside of you

It lives behind the curtains of us all

Take a deep breath,

now expel the broken air

You now understand,

We are all similar,

We are alive.

We are humans,

With hearts bending bones each and everyday.

With these hearts,

we love the best we know how.
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