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DaSH the Hopeful Jul 2016
I get lost in your kiss
                   Yet feel at home on your **lips
DaSH the Hopeful Apr 2016
I picked a flower in May just to watch her blossom all for myself
Beautiful and brilliant I sat her in a glass on a shelf
I added water so she wouldn't go dry
Magnificence such as hers I couldn't let die
I watched as she grew
Time flew and flew
Her petals orange and blue like a vanilla sky
As she prospered and danced I noticed a change
Something very strange that caught my eye
Her stems became vines intertwined simultaneously with my poetry and life
In place of green,
She overflowed out of the glass in white sheets of paper
And it was there she made her illustration so divine
A perfect drawing of a heart
That turned out to be mine
SøułSurvivør May 2015

Here's a special
Birthday wish
To a special girl
She was one of the first to
Like my poetry
But this is not
The reason I
Wish to honor her
In this way.

She's been thru some
Very hard times lately.
Those who know her
Know she's a sweetheart.
And they know what is
Happening in her life.

She's always encouraged me
And many other people.
Poets who are new to the site
Or unknown.

I'd like to dedicate
The following write to her!


I put my pen to paper
The ink flows from my heart
I write about my grief and pain
My life is torn apart

I put up my poetry
On a website yesterday
Hoping someone'd read it
I could only pray...

At first nobody read it
I was going to cry
Then I got a yellow lightning bolt

She greeted me and thanked me
For sharing my words
I really felt for the first time
That they were truely heard

I just want to thank her
For taking precious time
And playing a very crucial role

The life she saved was *MINE.
Please help Melz (TGWLY) if you can...
Throw me to the wolves

See if I don't come back
Leading the pack

Don't you know me
Better than that?


Never forget
I'm the girl who loves you

I'm strong and true
I'll come out growling

Barring my teeth for the world to see

I dare you
Just try and hurt me

You won't succeed
I'm swinging and biting

Just try and push me down
I'll stare at the ground

Mesmerized by the sound
Of me clawing your eyes out

I got some fight left in me

You'll see....
Tread carefully
My claws are at the ready

I got my whole pack behind me
Ready to snap necks and chew flesh

The Girl Who Loved You is here to stay
Standing strong
Despite what you say


Leading this pack of wolves
Never astray
Digging through this wall in my mind
Trying to erase you
It's so much easier than last time
All the little remnants of
Just bad memories
And dreams I'm glad
came true
Thinking of the things you
And will probably do
I'm so glad we're through
was never true
I've found something new

It's joyous not thinking about you
actually feel happy
In a way you
made me
Now you message me.
Trying to be friendly?
I know what being
feels like now
And it was never
So, do us both a favor....
Admit you wish it was me
Instead of her
Cause, we both know
she never loved you

At least I actually cared about you
Please, notice the past tense
Like in my name
The feelings are through
I know you'll
Never Forget
*The Girl Who Loved You
Dear Hello Poetry Poet,

Is what you say
It's what you do
Everything I hear
In every "I. Love. You."


You want her, You love her.
I want you, I love you.
You don't want me, You don't love me.
She only needs you, She doesn't love you.

You feel about her, The way I feel about you.
I feel your pain, I feel what you do.

The point of all this?

I show you sympathy and mercy.
Unlike you do for me.

So much hypocrisy
But it doesn't matter to me.

Cause as much as you say you love her, I love you that much more.
And as much as you say you'd do for her,  I'd do for you that much more.

Tonight as you lay by my side, thinking about her while you're holding me tight and you find this letter here on Hello Poetry, I hope this may help you to understand,  that although I think you're an amazing man, you're hurting me like she's hurting you.

There's nothing left to say or do...
This hypocrisy is killing me and it's certainly not helping you...  

Just never forget about The Girl Who Loved You. ❤
The man I love is a poet on here,  his identity I shall keep hidden.  
Please don't hate him for what he's doing to me,  for just like you and me, he can't help who he loves.
You see...  
This is a big world and I'd like to say that I've found my "ONE"
But there's too many others out there to say that my search is done.
So for this "ONE", eventually and soon I'll have to give up the dream.
As to what else is out there? That remains to be seen...
Remember how I used to love you?
Did everything you wanted me to,
Killed myself inside for the likes of you?
Well..  I'm f-cking through
Through thinking about you
Dreaming about you
Crying tears with your face in the reflection
Finding your stuff when I turn any direction
Hoping it was all a dream
Not as bad as it seemed

But the truth is...
You taught me more than I ever cared to know about you and now that I'm actually through, I've realised you made me stronger and more sure than ever before.

Thank You for all the things you didn't do
I'm sure you'll Never Forget
*The Girl Who Loved You
I'm just the girl                  I'm just the creep
Who loved you                  That loved you
Who else could I               Who else could I
be?                                       be?
What else could I              What else could I
do?                                       do?
Please notice the               Please notice the
past tense                           past tense
Cause it's not like             Cause it's not like
before                                 before
I did love you once          I did love you once
But now I love you          But now I love you
no more                             no more

This girl right here
That loved you long ago
Well, I'm finally through
Just thought you should know
I no longer dream of you
I no longer wish you were mine
Truly, I loved you once
But I've left those feelings behind

                    I'm sitting here thinking about
                    His mischievous smile
                    When you walk by, I look there
                    To where my new prince
                    charming sits,
                    You leer at me, finally realizing
                    That you're lost at sea
                    Without me.
                    I'm gone, you see...
                   You should've caught me
                   When you still captivated my naiveté.

You should have loved this girl back
I've got so much heart to share
I could have loved you so right
Unfortunately, you never did care
I'm glad I'm so over you
I can finally move on to someone new
What I want, you never did give
A real man and poet, who's so true

                   I've already torn you out
                   From your throne in my heart,
                   I dragged you out by the throat,
                   While you got scratched by all
                   the thorns
                   Lying neatly everywhere.
                   You stare at me from the ground,
                   Pleadingly, but
                   No... I have grown.

Not only do you no longer reside
Inside this heart made of gold
You no longer haunt my dreams
You no longer have the key to my soul
The love I gave, you took for granted
But now my heart is free to love another
After this, my poetry will have no more specks of you
You'll be out of my mind forever

                    No longer will I fall into your divinity,
                    I can't stand your fake holiness.
                    I am the devil that caresses your soul,
                   The creep that awaits you in
                    your mirror
                   The little parasite that will
                    poison your mind
                   Whispering hymns and psalms
                    into your fingers and lips.

Can't you see?
That creep that haunts you,
Is secretly me.
But now that we're both through
We'll taunt both your dreams
Tear you from the inside out
Ripping at you from you inner seams
We loved you without a doubt
But now we'll forget about you
While you're left drowning in the deep
Remember us, when you can no longer breathe
Sincerely ~ This girl and that creep
So much fun with this one! Hope y'all like it!
I smelled your shirt tonight
        Remember the one you took off before you left and tossed at me?
Said I could keep it for a memory.
                 It was an accident,
         I didn't want to smell it,
     It reminded me of the night before you left,
        We stayed up talking half the night about you leaving,
       being sad but anxious and happy too
         I just
Watched you sleep, wondered about your dreams
             I didn't sleep that night
        Stayed up all night and cried
               I knew I was gonna miss you
                  And it was gonna hurt so bad
                        To watch you go
But when I just smelled your shirt
            It didn't make me sad

It was just another memory
Of the mistakes I've made and learned from
                      it all

I guess I just wanted you to know
      That even if you don't want it,

I'm gonna wash that shirt
And *stop thinking about you.
Never Forget
           The Girl Who Loved You
A thousand times I've said it
I'll say it a thousand times more
I said it in my dreams
Screamed it in my nightmare
I said it on the phone
I've texted it out
In the kitchen, in our room
Nearly everywhere
I don't think you've heard me clearly
Because you're never there
You left me, standing here
Crying it out a thousand times
Living out my worst fear
I'm giving up, I'm never heard
I'll say it a thousand times more
But I'm changing one simple word

I love you?
I Hate You!

I hope you can hear me now
Want me to text it out?
I'll scream it in my dreams
Now that I know what it really means
A few simple letters, my message is changed
What I said before?
I think I was deranged
I didn't have a clue
Don't worry about replying ***
I've already deleted you
Never Forget
The Girl Who Loved You
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