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Fallen off a tree,
Brown leaves blown by gush of wind,
Conceding to fate.
When you are in the same position with the leaves. We have chances, they do too as fertilizer xD. So make sure you grab hold onto it when you have the oppoturnity. You wont regret it i suppose. :)
Kept those feelings 6 feet under,
But it grew,
and grew.
Lush and green.
Standing tall and still,
Longing for the sun.
 Aug 2020 Goddess Rue
Catnip Lily
Nymphs and butterflies were you? Simply a mystery.
People changed and we must step on. Nope, not relating to any experiences; I just loved nymphs and butterflies. # testing
 Aug 2020 Goddess Rue
Moon Cherry
A dream in my mind,
Of you and me together,
A home, forever.
Cup your hands to my cheeks,
Smile as you do,
Say to me my honey,
I’m home, baby.
 Aug 2020 Goddess Rue
Moon Cherry
It’s raining in June,
Yet all the flowers still bloom,
With a charming Rune,

My heart loves this tune,
From the window of my room,
Brightly shine the Lune.
There’s a place for you,
Where my heart will always bloom.
 Aug 2020 Goddess Rue
Its raining.
Vivid flow of sorrow.

It rained too.
On that day,
Those spider lilies,
Bloomed on you.

Every downpour,
Is a requiem.
Singing your name.
Sleep well darling.
 Aug 2020 Goddess Rue
You took your gun,
Out and point it at me,
If that makes you happy,
Just shoot me.
Endless arguments between us that never seem to be able to reach a conclusion, you were never pleased, Unless.
 Jul 2020 Goddess Rue
I was a fool.
A fool that believed,
And on your stage,
I acted my part flawlessly,
The way you wanted me to be.
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