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George van Horn Feb 2016
Have you ever looked in the mirror and seen yourself?
Or can you not see the soul through the eyes?
Stare until a glare has come, and left you holding your own existence in the palm of your hand
Stare until you lose the predetermined idea of what you are
Stare until you see yourself through the looking glass
And not just looking at the glass of your eye
Past the disguise is something purely extraordinary
See for yourself
George van Horn Apr 2015
You've lived a long life, burning through each day with a passion barely bridled by gravity
Expelling an otherworldly essence
Drawing me into your orbit, with a hug around my shoulders
Your hands planted firmly on my cheeks was an interstellar daydream
You put me between stars
Now you're fading
And no matter how many light-years away
I'll still feel your supernova
And that's okay
Your nebula will always shine
And your stardust will still burn bright as the eyes that bore witness to your life
George van Horn Apr 2015
3:36 AM
Close the door quietly
You're looking out the window like a flower to the sun
Silent enough to hear the esoteric whispers between mountains
We left our souls on the pavement
And our essence on each other
George van Horn Apr 2015
My feet forge valley's
Your steps walk on rivers
You're dancing with an earthquake
I'm crumbling with the tremors
George van Horn Apr 2015
I'm leaving you behind
I know I said I never would
But im leaving you behind
We always have been two shoes
wrapped around a telephone wire
But you know our soles are rotting
Its time to go
Oh, you know ill miss you so
But its time to grow apart
Raindrops fall on my head like little jagged knives
Cutting into the shelter
that houses all the memories
Maybe I should leave my umbrella,
and let the rain wash away the pain
I'll never take you for granted again
Humbled by a storm
Better to have never loved at all
George van Horn Apr 2015
she comes alive when the liquid burns her stomach
i raise the dead when I buy her cheap whiskey
George van Horn Apr 2015
lacerations grip her neck signaling her halo once fell
bruises come and go like nomads in the night
little silent assassins lick her from head to toe
little poker players bet their wages on her body
oh, but that dress hanging off her shoulders
and that smile
behind her respirator says everything is okay
everything is okay
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