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where there's that eg'on'the'go
        alternatively selbst
with prefix automation...
    namely i...

            no to Freud yes to Faust
no to Stein no to Schtein
      frankly - all yes, yes: McBeth...
supra or super  
                     ing and oming
inter or intra egg: gauge: rot
   o' grub...      id est:         you &

               as for the last third
of the trinity:
       less a chair less a sq.
                              less and less
a herr n. n. denkglaub & altogether
it, its it: it's point that & this...
    but if any preferences
are to be minded:
     in 3rd a person: notably
           within a reality of a he.
If you were a book
I would stay up all night
Feverishly flipping pages
Soaking up every single syllable
To know your ending

If you were a tropical island
I would explore your lush, secret interior
Spending long, lazy afternoons naked
Sun drunk on your shores

If you were a ***** joke
I would throw my cackles to the ceiling
Careful to not burst windows
Making sure to retell you often
Your punch line only gets better

If you were a roller coaster
I would wait in line for half the day
Just to be caressed by your safety harness soaked in other's sweat
Not to mention your talent with G-spots,* I mean forces*

If you were early morning
I would brew you strong and extra hot
Sipping cautiously at your ceramic edges
Watching blue smoke lazily curl
Then taking deep gulps as you cool
Buzzed on you till the afternoon

If you were mine
I would fill up your long dried and crusted ink wells
Encourage your laughter to come out to play
But above all
I would love you. Madly.
A solitary wanderer
Guided by the winds
Through lonely valleys
Sipping from streams
Sleeping under stars
Night’s canopy as tent
Rolling on soft grass
Lay supine, dreaming
Of the sparkling stars
Holding them in the eyes
Life sparkles with glee
Solitary wanderer
Waylaid from the crowd
Greener pastures
Greets the wanderer
Solitude is bliss
Wanderer finds meaning
Finding ones purpose
Turning away from the crowd
City night lights
Broken dreams
Twisted souls
Silent screams
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