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shes sat by the window
like a flower to the sun
burnt deep
paled lotus, mechanized motifs
cigarette, sweet parallel steams
lips pink, eyes deceased
silica tears, seeded
fiber optic designed !release
automated dreamstate
inside the beast
days gone underground
plagiarized by peace
prototyped the touch
she’ll never know
it’s me.
When you giggled through the telephone
Telling me how you just ****** some coke dealer
And i’d never see you again
it was a beer bottle to my head
You wore hubris like a **** wears hublot
Everyone seemed to know
All about your misery
But you
To you
Your tears were salt for your tongue
Your sighs were air from your lungs
When you whimpered through the telephone
Telling me how you just ****** some coke dealer
And you never want to see him again
It was a beer bottle to my head
I never was too
fond of coke ******
But to see your newfound acceptance
Of your own true nature
Was a King
Reduced to kneeling
Was a Lion
Left to observation
A man is just a hammer
You learn to swing your weight as a boy
Shut your mouth, and do your job
An artist can’t be a man
His perspective is too vast
For something so narrow
His lens
Too wide
His soul
Too harrowed
The artist is a *****
Bashed by the hammer
A nail can be plucked back
Out of danger
When the placement doesn't work
But an artist?
He takes his beating
some big, dumb bumbling man
Clattered him over his head and he’ll never be free again
The artist adjusts to his hapless circumstances
He can’t move
All he can do is bellow out his bests
While being burdened by his worst
A man is a hammer
A man kills a boy
So an artist could be born
George van Horn Jun 2016
She followed the stars
She came bearing gifts
One wise woman
One satchel of hello
Chocolate orange bars
Stories of cigars
Peeled away my innocence
Burnt initials on my arms
She packed a paintbrush
And every day
she painted a smile on my face
But my smile became abstract
And at the end of our daze
She was the harshest of her critics
A satchel of goodies
became a suitcase
And hello became goodbye
I'll never forget you
George van Horn Mar 2016
I'm a boisterous bull lookin for something new
You're a matador with a beautiful shade of blue
So why are we tearing this China shop in two?
I thought that I was made for you
George van Horn Feb 2016
I will always be devout
I will always take your word
Guided by your shouts
Anointed by your slurs

I wear this crown of spoons
So feed me til I'm hurt
Stab a fork into my hands
For sliding mine into dessert

Praise be
George van Horn Feb 2016
Color your darkness
embed your glistening gloss
the best secrets
are those untold
a thief with a house key
unheard words
are those desired most
so color your darkness
a black rainbow
is still a rainbow
they may not see the beauty
But that's what makes it yours
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