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The moon within your eyes
Swallowed up my sky
I opened your chest
And tasted your soul
Now my tongue drips with your moonlight
In prison her
Keep her heart, her love in solitary
Throw livid love, beat beauty in her
He says he loves you
But darling,
you are a little woman
with a monstrous heart
Drip life in me
Give will to my heart
Beat rhythm in my voice
I am not a machine
I must dream to soar
Gabby Beaudoin Aug 2018
My soul feels older than my years
Maybe Its lived for decades before me
Maybe that's why Im different
Feel, think & love different
I have hope, love & compassion
Old soul, love, compassion
Gabby Beaudoin Aug 2018
Like a clever fearless fairy exploring
She is the bit of magic on an otherwise static planet.
Gabby Beaudoin Aug 2018
She realized that life was too short
You can’t worry about what might happen
She decided to live in the moment
You can always follow your heart
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