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Fathy Waleed Aug 2014
What Have You Done ?
What Have I Done !
Don't Do This Again
Do What?!
....He Has Told Me Everything, Since When You Are At The Beginning ,He Told Me About Your Loses, Your Lies, Your Fails, He Has Came To Me As His Friend's God,,
-What Have You Done ?
At First He Speaks To Himself As Predicting,
Then His Father Asks Him.
Fathy Waleed May 2014
You Tend To Think Up The Most Innovative Things. Your Mind Knows No Limits. You Are Eccentric Without Even Trying To Be. You Are Just Sort Of Naturally Odd. You Aren't A Detailed Oriented Person At All. You Prefer To Focus On Ideas Instead. You Can't Help But Think Outside The Box. As Far As You're Concerned, You Don't Even Know Where The Box Is.
ME In Some Words.
Fathy Waleed May 2014
Sometimes You Feel Better When You Feel That Someone Changes You In A Good Way, And Thank Him Because He exist In Your Life,But If You Think About That Changes, You Will Realize That You Are Not Bad, And He Just Activate Your Good Receptors That Already Exist In You, So No One Changes Totally Anyone, It's All About Activate Our Good Receptors.
Move On .
You Are Good.
Fathy Waleed May 2014
Turn Off The Lights, Look At Yourself In The Mirror, Can You See Something !?, Of Course You Cannot, Because This Is Who You Really Are, Human Body Without Features,
Close Your Eyes, Open It, Is It Different ?
You Are A Dead Man.
For Evils.
Fathy Waleed May 2014
When You Found Yourself Alone At Night ,Alone With Your Thoughts,And Your Society Is Like A Cage But You Are Out ! But Not Free , And If You Live Like That You Feel Better With Some people They Are Your Friends, But If You Decided To Live Like Others In The Cage ,You Will Realize That You Are Not Like Them ,
This Moment When You Found Yourself Alone At Night With Your Thoughts,You Are In The Shadows ,In The Fact Shadows Doesn't Appear At Night, But You Are In The Shadows Of Your Own.
This is just Some Kind Of Trying Myself In Writing Down My Ideas.

— The End —