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Evan Ponter Nov 2017
Life is Hard, Weird and Beautiful
Smile Or Cry About It
But Whatever You Choose
*******, You Gotta Feel
Evan Ponter Aug 2015
How ******* banal is this existence?
Traversing the canals of this persistence.
Never quite knowing
The way the wind is blowing
If things happen for a reason
I’m giving up on believin’

How ******* sane is this world?
As bony and frail as the frame of a little girl.
Never truly ripe
The holly gardens at midnight
If things only grow for a season
I’m giving up on believin’

How ******* real is reality?
Speaking in abstracts like a badge of morality.
Never really concise
A tickling on your brain like head lice
If things only happen for a inexplicable reason
I’m giving up on believin’
This contemplation
is treason.
Evan Ponter Mar 2015
Spare parts
Nothing more than spare parts
Nuts and bolts and hair traps
Metal pins and elastic bands
A2 screws and P7 washer nuts

Fasten finger tight
After assembled
Repeat steps 1 & 2
Fixed too firmly
Adhere some glue

A mechanical recipe
The instructions to destroy and rebuild

3D printed
Pasted together
Real feel wood and triple stitched elastic leather

Catalog quality at half the price
Made in China mattress springs
Pantone color coordinated just right

Knock off
Product placement

Everything must go
20% sale
Egyptian cotton stuffed with horsehair

Thank you
Come again
Buy one
Get one
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Evan Ponter Jan 2015
What are we as human beings.
To continue this charade.
Feelings don’t reflect emotion.
A constant broken reproduction.
Something alien.
Stuffing toilet paper in our ears to avoid the sound.

Like a radio wave you reach me.
Through brick walls and curtain calls.
Never believing our names weren’t meant to be blazon in neon.

Your voice echoes through canyons.
Street lights and passersbys.
From dandelion pistols.
From candy cane hair.
I found you like a fossil.
Buried deep in my past.
Gasping for air.
Breathing resentment.

“I think you should go.”

“I think you should stay.”

Evan Ponter Nov 2014
It’s ******* Veterans Day
He said as my teeth turned into shrapnel on the street
He had the right to remain violent
I had the right to remain silent

Men have died for your right to speak
How dare you question the military?
Dissent squashed with brute force
Drone strikes on a straight course

Bang Bang! Like the pixels on a Playstation
His hands return ****** to the deployment station
PTSD on the brain
IUD as cremation

It’s ******* Veterans Day
Pay your respects
I’ll collect your debts
And turn them into fighter jets

You say you support the troops
Or do you really support Fox News
What ever you choose
It’s information that you lose

There’s no glory in ******
No matter what flag you use
Who’s this foreign invader your protecting us from?
The way I see it, is you’re the invader, son

Let’s hold a concert
Where the **** is Bruce Springsteen?
Let’s have a parade
Do people on the streets remind you of anything?

Oh yeah, that thing called protest.
How we talk about the things we detest.
Unless it’s about the troops.
Tie yellow ribbons instead.
Aren’t you glad Osama’s dead?
Evan Ponter Oct 2014
From my experience,
women are irrational creatures.
Now before you write about this poem
in an angry Facebook status,
let me continue to put things in flowery prose
and you'll forget we even had this conversation.
Her eyes sparkle like diamonds that (I want to bone)

No ******* clue where I'm going with this.
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