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Elioinai Oct 2020
Sometimes I wish my voice screamed out my truth
A little less shrilly
And my steps upon my journey
sounded a little less like a temper tantrum’s stomping feet
Sometimes I wish my eyes showed my passions a little less whitely
But when You and I do meet
You delight for me to see you love me rightly
and that must take ALL my strength
Elioinai Sep 2020
Your laugh lines
leave imprints in my heart
like the feet of birds on the sand
washed away with the next wave
Elioinai Aug 2020
It’s so
Yes or No
A wonder like I can finally stop wondering
Is it me who has changed so much
Or are you what I’ve been waiting for
I could wait for you forever
For you are wonderful
Elioinai Aug 2020
I want you to hurt me
somehow twist the wrong words just right
or clumsily elbow my nose
I want you to see my red and tears run down
I want you to see me grin in the pain
I want you to see me heal
I want you to watch how quickly my skin grows back
I want you to know I will forgive you
So you don’t live in fear of hurting me
Elioinai Aug 2020
oh, observe!
How the greatest hindrances of Love
are yet it’s greatest spotlights
A wall of resistance
must in the end be consumed in flames
And like giant ***** of gas mysteriously ignite
to become our stars
Roaring walls become lights along the path of our journey
Inward and Outward
Elioinai Aug 2020
You do not let a single day of mine fall
nor a word from my mouth
You hold them up
In your hands they become like crystals
and form a long, beautiful line
A long, sparkling line of life
Nothing dull or dark is found within
Psalm 25
Elioinai Aug 2020
Though I hear of distress and riots
and I listen to fights everyday
Though I see fire set upon the cities
And hear angry voices yelling
I will find the strength to have patience in anxiety
Though my jaw aches from grinding my teeth
And I toss and turn on my bed
Though I have tears for breakfast
and tears with Tylenol for dinner
Though I am separated from my friends
And cut off from my family
Though I have little work
and no serenity and rest when my hands are still
I will find my Lover and in him Happiness
He who saves me is at my side
with him I outrun all my demons
and rise up to see the Angels
Habakkuk 3:16-19
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