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23.2k · Oct 2014
I cannot forget
Elioinai Oct 2014
I love the sea fiercely, as I love the sand and mangoes,
I love you fiercely, as many a poem of mine shows,
You wove the two together, and I do not know whether,
They shall ever, be separate again.
Frustration wells within,
As my thoughts begin,
To turn towards the fact that you won’t ever love me,
I can’t bear it for long, and push you aside,
I won’t be depressed, or succumb to the tide,
Frustration again! I can’t have it my way,
That the first boy I’d fall for, would be mine to stay
June 1, 2012
Well I certainly did forget, and can greet him happily without feeling any pain nowadays, just a mild confusion
19.0k · Nov 2014
Elioinai Nov 2014
I invite you
study me
I want you
embrace the wonder
I will show you
the snowflake of my soul
10.2k · Aug 2018
a wreck into education
Elioinai Aug 2018
You had never learned to love
I had never learned to rebel
The rebel dating the lover
You couldn’t understand my anger
I couldn’t understand your lack of compassion
You’d been your own person all your life
I was just becoming my owner
I had nurtured and been a model of good
You hardly knew your mother
You grew tired of my struggle with my parents
I grew tired of your lack of apologies
In the end,
the rebel knew himself better
and left
Behind a crushed me
who didn’t know how to let go of love
Until I became a rebel too
9.6k · Oct 2014
Feeling 20w
Elioinai Oct 2014
When I'm not writing,
I have the terrible feeling,
That I do not have feeling,
And can no longer write
poetry is my joy
8.2k · Jan 2015
color curves
Elioinai Jan 2015
outlines of red for a head
purple lines for a spine
icy pink run the length of arms
blue and green swirls for hips
silvery golden shins rise above brown feet
colored for heat and earth

the mind is deepest
here all things melt and meld
to slide down the spine
and cool to hardened action in the arm
the hips support and are friendly relief
the shins reflect the stars
and feet ground you to nature
the essence of where you are
Isfj I love to write pictures. Actually drawing them is difficult and no one understands them
7.4k · Oct 2014
Purple ring
Elioinai Oct 2014
Is it just me?
What is it about you that makes me go all starry eyed and cliché?
Is it my own penchant for giddiness?
Your own words, she is in perpetual romance
    You also said, A vampire would come,
To take my life.
May 4, 2012
I had a heart ring I had painted in purple and sparkly black, and N was playfully telling my future according to the colors. That was the night I fell in love with him, later I wrote the poem.
7.2k · Nov 2014
Elioinai Nov 2014
Like bits of broken chocolate,
lying on the floor,
I noticed your existence,
nothing more,
until melting on my feet,
sticking to my soul,
you touched me
7.2k · Oct 2014
Girlhood Dreamland
Elioinai Oct 2014
Sand on the seashore,
Wand and a bezoar,
Rustle of lace,
Legolas’ face,
Dragon’s and ghouls,
Monkeys and fools,
Knights, and Queens and fights
April 7, 2012
6.2k · Oct 2014
Word jewelry
Elioinai Oct 2014
Writing a poem is like making a necklace,
Bead by bead, pattern on pattern,
Complex or simple, colorful or monochromatic,
The good ones take talent, but chance luck can help.
This one for that friend, that one for this day,
Good words like fancy baubles,
Well placed they make the string,
Wrong placed and they ruin it.
Some come easy, some are long thought out
November 9, 2012
4.8k · Oct 2014
Elioinai Oct 2014
Be naked and vulnerable,
They say,
But hide some things away,
Your liver isn’t lovely,
But your heart keeps me in awe,
I can’t,
Uncover my chest,
My brain,
And show the world the blood,
And shining blue,
And red,
And yellow,
The curves,
Without showing half-digested cheese,
And bile,
And ****,
Once in a while,
Or often,
To be naked,
Is to allow mistakes,
To offend,
And forgive yourself,
And them,
When they offend you too,
It is impossible,
To share our beauty,
Without the ugliness.
And humble pride,
Is knowing,
That you can’t find,
Anyone with more **** than you,
Or more most beautiful blood,
Do you have the courage,
To be naked?
March 28, 2014
4.0k · Nov 2014
a white tattoo
Elioinai Nov 2014
I tattooed upon my wrist
one to remember
and one to remember
that you're beautiful
3.8k · Jul 2015
Another strand to tie me
Elioinai Jul 2015
I miss you
but I bind my wrists when I think of you
Was I a fool . . .
Your name now on the list
A thought that's only wist-
as I bite my tongue and turn away
shake out your image from my head
before I bludgeon my chest
remembering my quiet idiocy
And your dimpled smile

My last words
You never answered
It brings relief to write and my hands become free again
3.8k · Mar 2016
The Empathy
Elioinai Mar 2016
I could not go on
if I did not know
the 30 years you suffered
the 30 years you died
the 30 years your body bore these ravages and scars
You whose raiment was like stars
before you took upon my sores
But we do not have a high priest who is unable to empathize with our weaknesses, but one who experienced everything Hebews 4:15
I've had a hard day, I've been sick so long. I was feeling depressed again after 40 days depression-free when I realized that Jesus was probably keenly aware of his own suffering body for most of his life
3.4k · Oct 2014
A scar fading
Elioinai Oct 2014
A scar fading
It’s really like an old scar
No at all a threat,
Which tingles on occasion,
When I’m cold or sick or wet,
It causes no real pain,
It’s loss is not enduring,
But like an old scar,
The memory still clinging,
which only time diminishes,
And two events finishes.
November 16, 2012
Elioinai Jul 2018
You were my coffee today
Just walking along the road
to Hell knows where on the last day of July
My car made the turn onto Sheridan
and my eyes caught the motion of your swagger,
dark pants
Black tank
Probably a red shirt wrapped around your waist
corded arms slightly bowed to give the impression of a badass

your long hair flowing in the morning air

In an instant your head came up
Instinctively giving you the image of my nearing car

And then you smiled
It’s funny how seeing a beautiful person instinctively offer up a joyful, innocent smile can brighten up a day completely
3.3k · Aug 2016
friends without borders
Elioinai Aug 2016
Germans, love to be funny
German-English, love to be friends
Trinis, love to work hard
English, love to talk loud
Bajan, love to travel
Hmong-Americans, love to look classy
Korean-English, love to hangout
Koreans, look good in "gangsta"
Tobagonians, love to give gifts
Americans, love fresh vegetables
Chinese-Americans, love butter biscuits
Canadians, don't know that one guy
Kenyans, love Ethiopian food
Guineans, are the best Arabic teachers
Jordanians, love Kentucky Fried chicken
Brazilians, love Trinidad
Brazilian-Americans, have 5 kids
Puerto Ricans, love Ecuadorians
Ecuadorians, love Puerto Ricans
Peruvian-Americans, love concert piano
I love people from all over the world, and here is a few statements, some anti-steriotypical, about friends of mine. I hate it when people say Germans don't have a sense of humor, I know at least 3 Germans who are great at making jokes. Canadians are awesome, and don't assume they know every Canadian you've ever met :)
3.2k · Jul 2018
Dirty hippie
Elioinai Jul 2018
I don’t want you to feel tainted
I don’t like that some people see you as *****
***** hippie
But maybe that’s because we’re a lot a like
Some people think I’m *****
***** hippie
I don’t shave my legs out of compassion for the earth
to reduce plastic waste by not buying razors
to love my legs just like God made them
I want you to love you like God made you
And I know you work hard to ignore how you’re painted
to love yourself radically
What people call you
***** hippie
I know the only man who calls you that loves you like crazy
But I’m afraid you know other people think it
Even though you have cleaner hair than me
Tattoos last forever
No they don’t
Nothing lasts forever
Except for love
***** hippie
This is about much more than just being “a hippie”
Dedicated to Jamie Helms
3.2k · Oct 2014
Elioinai Oct 2014
Why do I want to live away from boys?
Something strong in me has told me,
You cannot be fully woman in front of man,
They won’t understand, they won’t accept,
They will reject,
Only in front of women will you be free,
With only the exception of God, for he made me,
When in front of man, I must imitate man in certain ways,
Must promote some womanly ways, and hide others,
It is not that I think these are bad, You just don’t understand,
And were taught to shun.
But even I know that some men, exceptionally taught by their mothers,
Are not afraid of Woman.
June 7, 2012
“I love those who love me,
    and those who seek me find me.” Proverbs 8: 17
(I know, out of context, forgive me)
3.0k · Oct 2015
natural blush
Elioinai Oct 2015
I tend to shy away from makeup
I rarely pick up spray or brush
My heart is in flesh beating
and will one day turn to dust

I don't want to put forth creme facade
so you grimace when it rains
the trails of salt from filmy tears
are all that streak my face

If foreign objects draw you
jeweled tones upon the eyes
I do not fault your fancy tastes
or call concealer lies

But love is not burst into fire
by the curving of a kohl stick
And cheeks that redden with a kiss
are all that I would wish
to feed the flame upon the wick
that brightens and brings higher
two souls too bright to miss
What you see is what God gave me
3.0k · Oct 2014
Elioinai Oct 2014
Winding down the alleyways,
Climbing up the walls,
Delivering their urgent schemes,
Yelling down the halls,
Hammering on all the drums,
And pounding on the gongs,
Calling out my burning thrums,
And writing all my songs,
Small things- all things,
These cause my ways.
November 8, 2012
2.9k · Jul 2016
Au Revoir
Elioinai Jul 2016
The tears as you leave are a blessing
the feeling of sadness a gift
For many don't have ones to love them
or pleasant sweet sorrow so swift
"Parting is such sweet sorrow"
2.9k · Nov 2014
Elioinai Nov 2014
And then
I understood,
a broken heart
is nothing
to fear
Ha! I think I finally got it this time. Loving someone for less than forever is not a killing act. I have never dated anyone and have been terrified of being in a relationship with someone and then breaking up with them. Now I realize such fear is foolish.
2.8k · Oct 2018
therapy #2
Elioinai Oct 2018
I’m walking through the desert
Following faint trails of pioneers before
Sometimes stumbling in circles through furnaces of sand and cactus
I haven’t seen my destination
it’s place isn’t marked on any map
I don’t know where I’ll find water
I’m a wanderer and I don’t keep it on tap,
I lose my sense of time
listening to the dune’s eerie song
All I know is that I’ve been trapped here
too long
I live for the moments I crest the layered plateaus
and can finally see the distance
of wilderness I have travailed
Dedicated to Jamie
Elioinai Oct 2014
He’s equal with the Gods, that man
Who sits across from you,
Face to face, close enough, to sip
Your voice’s sweetness,

And what excites my mind,
Your laughter, glittering. So,
When I see you, for a moment,
My voice goes,

My tongue freezes. Fire,
Delicate fire, in the flesh.
Blind, stunned, the sound
Of thunder, in my ears.

Shivering with sweat, cold
Tremors over the skin,
I turn the colour of dead grass,
And I’m an inch from dying.
Sappho, ancient Greek poetess
600 b.c.
Translated by A. S. Kline © 2005 All Rights Reserved

This work may be freely reproduced, stored, and transmitted, electronically or otherwise, for any non-commercial purpose.
2.6k · Oct 2014
A jail of poetry
Elioinai Oct 2014
Sometimes I wonder,
if my lines,
For Ulysses,
Are chains,
Instead of freedom,
Closer to a siren,
Then the angel I wish I was,
My great poetry,
A trap,
Setting me up,
To remember,
A waste of time,
Not that You are a waste,
Oh great one,
But my heart spends its energy on useless things,
Add my mouth eats too much chocolate.
July 14, 2014
2.5k · Jul 2015
Elioinai Jul 2015
I said my desire was like a tree
its Autumn come upon me
Elioinai Apr 2016
I saw life
In searing white and blue
as I fought to keep control
Purple roses bloomed
in that absence
A psychedelic day dream
It's interesting how my mind's imagination expands in creative capacity when I'm overcome with emotions, and can barely keep myself focused enough to fill out a simple tax form with my father's assistance
2.3k · Oct 2014
Not invisible
Elioinai Oct 2014
Most likely you’re not invisible,
To me,
I see you,
But you stand ugly,
And a demon inside winks at me,
I cannot see your real struggles,
But I confess to knowing,
The possible hells,
And not moving,
To touch you.
I blind my own eyes,
To your humanity,
Choosing to see you,
As gray upon gray,
And run towards brighter colors,
Forgetting that love,
Will always rainbow.
I can’t love everyone,
I don’t have the strength to carry you,
And I’m afraid you won’t give back,
To me,
But make me gray upon gray,
Robbing me of joy.
I would never turn you away,
If you walked toward me.
It doesn’t take courage,
For me to return a smile,
But to stand up,
Confident that my hues won’t bleed away,
If I come to sit with you,
And come,
Unasked for,
With my soul in hand,
Is courage.
April 23, 2014
Inspired by Hunter Hayes' Invisible
2.3k · Oct 2014
Where do you keep the Key?
Elioinai Oct 2014
“There you stood, in all your glory,
Feet apart”, begun the story,
“Flashing blade in hand you took,
Winsome smile, witty hook.
At the quick turn of trained wrist,
(there was no chance that you had missed)
The blade sunk deep inside a heart,
That had never known a dart,
Nor been under lock and key.”

Your own affection was in a box, within a box, within a box
Each one closed with many locks.
When my wound began to sting, I still declared you to be king
But water in my throat did rise, and once’n  even reached my eyes
I shut my teeth and looked elsewhere, but none I found to give a care.
No one measured up to you, a stark contrast like gold and blue,
Even your long drawn-out sigh, your walk, your talk, friendly goodbye.
I tried to pull shank out myself, put my love upon a shelf
The blade was wet from dripping life, and slipped back in, that horrid knife!
After times of intense pain, I would swear: Not again!
And slowly start to draw out lance, to go a week with a chance,
But on Saturday I’d often fall, hear my name as you would call,
I would begin to wish again, for a very special friend.
Where do you keep the Key? Why won’t you give it to me?
A tool of gold, my fingers hold, softly place it in the hole
And as my nails dazzle in your glow, I turn the lock and find your soul.
April 1, 2012
2.3k · Dec 2014
bruised roses
Elioinai Dec 2014
I took my heart
and tore it
in punishment and scorn
I squeezed the lump
and swore it
must never be forlorn
now my soul is bleeding
from the nails I jabbed straight in
and all my roses bruising
from no more than selfish sin
I am my own worst enemy most of the time
2.3k · Oct 2014
Strawberry babies
Elioinai Oct 2014
I want a little berry, bright and red and round,
I want a little berry, to fill my ears with sound,
I want a little berry, my mind to astound,
I want a little baby, to always be around.
I want my hands to be filled with fruit,
To look in their faces, oh so cute,
To grow these sweets for my Father’s garden.
May 4, 2013
2.3k · Aug 2017
Elioinai Aug 2017
and again your warm arms
lift me up
Though I was cast upon the wintry ground
My bones cried out
and my miserable tears poured down
Your warm arms
lift me up
To God
2.1k · Dec 2014
Elioinai Dec 2014
glass windows
crystal panes
quite mesmerized am I
colored parts
crimson shards
I wish to have you for my eyes
womanly arch above my head
your shapes are all that I have bled
my story starts like your creation

there was a time when all you were
was magnificent idea
in the mind of a man
a quiet plan unwelcome in the land
a time when you were a naked chaos
trampled by cattle
the dust watched your birth
you rose screaming from earth
men cursed while they worked
a torture
an eyesore
with potential at best

Barren poles for arms
Slabs of marble legs
when your beauty arrived
all were surprised
and verified the validity
of your maker's pride
his blood, your paint
his teeth become your enameled wall
the iris of his eyes, your windows
his mind the crowning dome
his life the mascara of your shadows

the bones are at rest now
no one pounds out their song
on the old wintry walls
and the days are long
the wounds shown are old
long out of style
you will soon  recover from man's victory
and slip back into old ways
for from dust you were taken
I set out to write a simple one about my feelings . . .
2.0k · Oct 2014
May I die like a tree
Elioinai Oct 2014
Today I observed the flaming trees,
The flakes of gold drifting in the wind,
Like sleepy fairies,
And I thought,
I want to die like a maple,
die like an aspen in the fall,

as my strength is stripped away,
the underlying poetry of my veins is exposed,
and the tough skin peels back,
to show my unsung melodies,
Every note!

and it is a song,
blending beautifully with the cosmos,
Oh, that I would die like a tree,
when you see my barren body,
remember my last red moment,
full of auroreatic brilliance,
1.9k · Oct 2014
Lydia the Herpetophile
Elioinai Oct 2014
She cried,
Oh, how she wept,
When she heard of the frogs who had died,
Of the deadly, fungal disease
which had already reached so wide
Only 8,
but she loved frogs,
like she loved herself,
Said she didn't want to wait,
til Heaven,
didn't want to live without them
It was hours before her tears would abate,
and days before she believed,
she hadn't been born too late.
True story about one of my little sisters
October 13, 2014
1.9k · Oct 2014
Elioinai Oct 2014
The sun sparkles
And illuminates,
The glass edge,
Of my soul,
Vibrating with life.
The rising pitch of surrounding voices,
Conducted by my own,
Melts it razer thin,
Threatening to shatter,
And scatter,
Into many fragments.
I forget to stop and measure,
The damage I have done,
I could see,
If I paused,
That the golden lines are always longer,
Spinning consistently out,
Strong enough to hold,
Despite the holes.
September 30, 2014
Elioinai Oct 2014
Laugh for me,
Laugh for me, please,
Fall for me,
Fall for me, slowly
Call to me,
Call to me, sweetly, like always
Turn your smiling face on mine,
And dazzle me with your eyes,
My name is so pretty from your lips,
No matter how you say it.

Oh, why do I stoop to begging?
To crying, to sighing?
I always despised it before, still
Oh, why do I stoop to languish?
I’m no princess in need of saving,
I don’t even need your love,
Could live without you fine,
But My Heart won’t listen!

You are still so great in my eyes.

I look on you, and can’t take it.
I’m sure there must be something wrong with me.
That I am less, less than you deserve,
Or would even consider.

But the truth is
I know you see me, and think me beautiful,
I am not Great in Your eyes.

I’ll cry today and be patient tomorrow.
May 3, 2012
1.7k · Sep 2015
bleeding cosmos
Elioinai Sep 2015
My hands are red against my ribs
the skin is marked with purple paint
and I rainbow in the gaps

though I lie motionless
my imagined lips contort
across the destinies of other's
craving shallow touch

each partner a slightly different waist
a different flavor

can these fantastic kisses
**** stars out from my soulfire?
or do they keep alive
my darling sweet desire?

My secret silent practice
my dancing under moon
may turn out to be witches work
and come to haunt me soon

I don't degrade by *******
I do not stoop to ****
But are these moments hights indeed?
Or bleeding cosmos,
love forlorn?
I'm afraid I'll lose my *** drive before I get married because I'm a ****** and 22 years old. I know the Apostle Paul said that it's easier sometimes to be single, but I really want to get married. I don't want to ignore my *** drive, or treat it poorly, or stick it in some prison cell. I'm confused about what to do with it.
1.7k · Nov 2015
Forgotten forest dreaming
Elioinai Nov 2015
The grandchild sits
still in the forest open
breathing out her poison
breathing in her world
In her earthy awareness
for a moment her mind steals her away
to ponder the hungry parents
who arrived on a wintry day

No society has ever been devoid of change
but this one learned to crave
like fire

No society has ever been devoid of cruelty
but this one learned to cramp
the very mind that shimmered
shimmered in that Fire
1.7k · Oct 2014
Rose in the desert
Elioinai Oct 2014
My love is like a desert flower, drying in the sun
Then a drop of precious water comes, but one,
And at once life fills the plant, and color brightens blossom,
Green and luscious in a moment, my heart should be as light as balsam,
But I sowed a seed of fear, beside that seed of rose,
And every time a hydrant falls, that vine of fear grows,
It’s poisoned circles loop around my heart, try to keep my head from reeling,
But pain it only causes, increased unhappy feeling,
I put it there in hopes it would protect my soul,
Instead I find it makes an ever increasing hole
Feb 4, 2012
1.7k · Dec 2014
staring at stars
Elioinai Dec 2014
don't let beautiful stars
become black holes

******* in all your joy
stealing the pleasure
you find in yourself

don't let magnum fireballs
become untouchable gods

shaking out your confidence
like a sieve

Remember the sun of earth
seems small of worth
next to many others

but by whose orbit
All men live
and learn to find
the brightest stars
Inspired by Nick Pitera's Better Days line: Don't lose who you are in the glare of the stars
1.7k · Apr 2015
Elioinai Apr 2015
Like a rainbow in the clouds on a rainy day, so was the radiance around him
Ezekiel 1:28
1.7k · Oct 2014
Curious spheres
Elioinai Oct 2014
Bouncing bubbles, pink and green,
Sweetest sight I’ve ever seen,
Telling of a girl scrubbed clean,
Floating rainbows, see their sheen,
Dancing down upon a bath,
Little circles from a splash,
Swirling colors, gold and red,
Water’s gone, now time for bed.
One survives and wanders on,
Comes to hover o’er the lawn,
Now reflecting starry light,
Disappears into the night
Jan 17, 2011
1.7k · Apr 2016
the joy of confession
Elioinai Apr 2016
In our weakness
we become
Such limp and weeping fools
Until by our confessions
the poisons leave our lips
Strength is whispered to our throats
by our brother worms
energy is thus created
In the span betwixt
Man and Man
I do not refer to traditional Catholic confession, but the verbal sharing of struggles and encouragement between equals
Elioinai Oct 2014
April 7th
Late one night as I walked the shore,
There came to me whispers, whispers of lore,
And there, her tail sparkling amid moonlit foam,
Arose such a lady, of mermaid kingdom,
She sang to her sisters, sang of her lover,
With tears in her eyes, the voice of a mother,
His valor was great, and his gilded gills strong,
But to quarrel with men, was where he went wrong.
One day as he swam, he met with a ship,
Swollen boards, barnacles, iron bolts rusted,
A pirate ship, not to be trusted,
And captive on board, were children for Haiti,
Who cried for their homeland, their hearts feeling weighty.
Their African voices, and African songs,
The voice of a mother, for her child she longs,
The prince’s heart broke, and he wept for his cousins,
Bound for a life of back breaking strife,
He could not leave them and return to his wife.
“From whence have you came?” His voice through a crack,
“In Fanga and Dmindi our feet were entrapped,
Our hands roughly shackled, and lips cruelly slapped.
Oh Fanga of bananas sweet, where blue sky that river meets,
Oh Dmindi, great bronze walled city, now ransacked and devoid of pity.”
“My Family!” cried the Merman, “Just a day offshore you are!”
“If I could get you back . . . do you think you’ve traveled far?”
“We cannot see the sun, don’t know when our sorrow begun.”
“Wait”! One says, “They’ve fed us twice. Two days ago we were cast off.
Surely we could travel back, and if not, in Africa we’d rather rot,
Than in this sinking, stinking ***.”
So the sea prince called his creatures many, whales and dolphins,
Turtles and sharks, in the sun they made their marks.
The Pirates on board became perplexed!
The sea was soupy, their course upset!
What could they do, with this onset?!
The Captain snarled and shook his braids,
“Of no man or beast am I afraid!”
And on his rifle his callused hand laid,
“Let war on these creatures now be made!”
Every Pirate with his gun! The captain now was having fun!
Bullets hit the water, but very few found their marks,
For there was but little marks to see, except the tracks of swimming sharks,
The sailors groaned, what magic is this?
What has happened to the fish?
That they would around our boat amass, where do we go? Oh, alas!
The day grew later and so sign was seen,
The pace was kept, for the shore they were bound,
If this keeps up, we’ll run aground!
With half-fish leading, in the front he swam
He encouraged his army, and called to his friends
“Toward Cote’d  Ivoire  we are a sailing,
Do not let your hearts be failing.”
(No pirate could hear his voice, this was the half-man’s special choice)
“I shall take you not to a harbor, but to an island inhabited by few,
With food in abundance and canoe trees for you.”
That night as the stars rose, he sang them to sleep,
In their own mother tongue, no more did they weep.
For they were surrounded by magic of love,
Love of the keeper of the sea, a father himself.
But then in the morning, the morning of slaughter.
He let his tail slip above the bright water,
The Captain roared with guffaws of cruel laughter.
“To arms again my men!” He cried,
And on that day the Merman died,
For with his dark blue back exposed,
The Captain knew the enemy he loathed,
His aim was sharp, and his propellants deadly,
A shot rang out among the medley
Of orca chants, and dolphin chirps,
And at once clouds moved across the sun.
As purple blood stained the water, the Captain shouted “We have won!”
But the race toward land didn’t slow one knot,
The outcome wasn’t changed by a single shot.
The great fish knew that their command hadn’t died and the death of their king,
Though for sure they cried, His body was dead but his word was alive.
Two porpoises left to carry his body, away to a grave, to lay with his family
To the Castle of Coral their burden did bring, to sisters to mourn and his dirge to sing,
They wrapped his long body, laid him in a cave,
Cursed the old Captain, oh **** the cold Knave!
And brothers did leave to do that hard deed, and carry the prince’s wish out.
They swam in a swarm to the creaky old Roger,
In the night they did find her,
Her crew in a bother,
And climbed they the boards that held her together,
Soon she was taken, the pirates all killed
And prisoners unshackled, as the Merman had willed
(some mermen did die, in the scuffle preceding, but most wore protection,
Their brother’s fate heeding)
The sun did arise, in the brilliant sky,
A Hero’s day! The African’s cry.
The mermen guided the vessel to shore,
And of the Queen’s story there was little more,
Except that now she sings in the evenings,
As she raises her girls and little menlings,  
No one will she find to replace her Prince,
No such lonely valor has she ever seen since.
So she sings to her sisters, under full moon waves
And calls to her cousins, on land that are slaves
That saviors will come, their own lives the cost
And vengeance will fall, happiness is not lost.
April 7th, 2012
Please forgive my unresearched work of fiction
No ethnocentrism implied, mermaids are the cousins of all humans
1.6k · Oct 2018
diva dna
Elioinai Oct 2018
All day
it’s been like this since Friday night
Like little pinpricks
short stabs of adrenaline
giving me an increasing amount of jitters and pain
with no beautiful passion or art to show for all the hormone fireworks
I’m not depressed
I’m not anxious
but I’m suffering directionless excitement
My journey of healing has brought me to this mountain and commanded that I climb
So I climb
I have no choice but to rise
Reaching up with bruised and blistered fingers
it’s the only way to leave my ruined body behind
1.6k · Sep 2018
the pink toaster
Elioinai Sep 2018
I don’t know why you added pink toaster
to your 23rd birthday wishlist
Except to display on another line
that You so ****** extra
maybe it was just that
Or maybe you wanted to see who was gon be extra with you
And actually go get a tacky pink toaster
guaranteed to never match your kitchen
But sit on the counter doing double duty
Toasting your bread with a sunshine picture
while also warming your heart
a daily reminder that there are some people who will always enjoy meeting your silliest requests
because they love you
I hope you receive 5 pink toasters today.
I also got you some guac, Jamie.
1.6k · Dec 2014
my bathroom mirror
Elioinai Dec 2014
I press my lips together
Making perfect lines
Staring at the mirror
My mythical self shakes out her silver language
and laughs at my vain attempts
to make people love me
a goddess with sultry eyes
my reflection claims to be
but it falls off
as soon as I leave
I really like my reflection, but it stays my reflection and doesn't become me
1.5k · Sep 2016
clothes and body
Elioinai Sep 2016
Mommy must have thought Dad would love her less if she got fat
(I laugh at such an obvious lie)
She was sad her daughters were chubby
(One got anorexia, but I didn't change)
She told me my knees were ugly
I shouldn't wear such short skirts
fat legs weren't pretty
What?! 17 mag didn't say that!
But the lie hurt and tore my confidence
A crop top with a round belly isn't ugly either,
No, I'm not OK
What do clothes have to do with freedom?
I dress for attention sometimes
But it's not ******
Is it alright to dress for attention?
We all want to look nice and get a complement
This Is My Freedom
It's Worth The Fight
Luke 12:23 "For life is more than food, and your body more than clothing. Look at the ravens. They don't plant or harvest or store food in barns, for God feeds them. And you are far more valuable to him than any birds! Can all your worries add a single moment to your life? And if worry can't accomplish a little thing like that, what's the use worrying over bigger things?"
1.5k · Jul 2015
Caribbean fire
Elioinai Jul 2015
We fought to keep our balance
as the island burned around us

Tears mixing with the waves
like unbottled messages
sent to speak our sorrow to other shores
Something that came to me, inspired by seeing smoke as I swam at Tyrico Beach Trinidad
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