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Oct 2023
FOREVER is not a given thing ~~
it is a memory

what is love but not eternity?

how love can build and destroy
cosmos alive?

as flesh wastes away
after death ~~

love stands strong astride

with intact personality.

:: 10.25.2023 ::
Title: "Forever is not a given thing"

In these succinct lines, I delve deep into the enigmatic realms of love and eternity, juxtaposing their transient nature with the enduring quality of love.

1. Imagery and Symbolism:

The poet begins by challenging the conventional perception of eternity. "Forever is not a given thing" challenges the assumption that eternity is a guarantee. Instead, the poet presents it as a memory, implying that it is fleeting and subject to the erosion of time.

2. Philosophy of Love:

As this poet I then raise a profound question: "What is love but not eternity?" This line delves into the essence of love, suggesting that true love is synonymous with eternity. It speaks to the timeless quality of genuine love, contrasting it with the impermanence of other aspects of life.

3. Love's Duality:

The next lines, "how love can build and destroy / cosmos alive?" capture the dual nature of love. Love, often seen as a force of creation and connection, is also capable of destruction. The phrase "cosmos alive" conveys the vastness and complexity of the universe, hinting at the magnitude of love's impact.

4. Mortality and Love:

The lines "as flesh wastes away / after death" starkly contrast the physical decay after death with the enduring nature of love. This juxtaposition emphasizes the immortality of love compared to the mortal nature of the human body.

5. Love's Resilience:

The concluding lines "love stands strong astride / with intact personality" depict love as resilient and unwavering even in the face of mortality. The use of "intact personality" suggests that love retains its essence and identity beyond the boundaries of time and death, making it a powerful and enduring force.

6. Overall Impression:

The poem, with its brevity, encapsulates profound philosophical reflections on love and eternity. It challenges traditional perceptions, exploring the complexities and contradictions inherent in these concepts. The imagery is potent, and the language is evocative, inviting readers to contemplate the mysteries of existence and the enduring power of love.

In this analysis, the poem explores profound themes with poetic finesse, challenging the reader to reconsider their understanding of eternity and love. It combines philosophical depth with emotional resonance, showcasing the nuanced perspective of a poet.
EP Robles
Written by
EP Robles
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