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I don't know why you need so many complex words
To tell me that I'm sad.

The words were woven innocently
Yet left the meaning exposed
Such is the mind of a poet
Such is poetry
We're loose power lines in an angry storm. Dangerous
  because we state truths that mere mortals don't want
  to hear. They color inside the lines and live within
  the box. They seek safety. At times I envy them.
  I refuse to live in a black and white world and
  drag my crayons wildly on the paper and draw
  what others can only see in their veiled dreams.
  We'll gather in alleys and graffiti our hearts out.
The stars try to shine
Down through indifferent clouds.
Her tears mix with rain
and water her path
defining the moments
Of forever.
Love is the fiercest part
of her being.
Though she struggles to
find it’s authenticity
Hiding her codes
behind barbwire and thorns.
Her hands are bloodstained
in the hours of time.
She is mysterious
With many latitudes
Calling from a different
Kind of universe.
Yet she walks that path of stones
Believing she is a different
Person than the one she leaves
on the trail .

Walking away from that
Hushed comfort of
understated majesty.
Hearing music amid
The squalor of verse
With strangers who love
among the poetic’s
of language.

I grow tired of the
Deep waters
I’m learning to navigate
the shallows
Where purring oratory
Captures me and leaves
Me spellbound beyond
All measures and time .
 Apr 30 Esther Pollak
she had seen an entity
emerge from the river at five
spoken to another being at thirteen
some things are visible
only to her eyes

she was adored and loved
standing beautifully
her cigarettes were lucky
to be held by her fingers

she crossed her legs while sitting
an invisible book
was on top of her head
she had a beautiful voice
and she dressed well

people fled to countries
but the mad woman
fled to different realms
-she was my grandmother
I consumed all of my courage to text you
About how I felt about you
You read my message
But never bothered to text me back
It is going to be fine
Nobody is going to die
Nobody feels pain
Nobody feels drained
Nobody feels isolated
Nobody feels violated
Nobody feels hurt like hell
Nobody crawled out of their broken shell
Well maybe except for me
Because to you my name is nobody.
I am only a nobody like
A fisherman lost in sea
A moth drawn to a flame
An insect buried inside the sweetest flower gnawing on its insides, knowing that it would die soon but still preying on love for somebody
Call me a drama queen all you want
I am drowning in you.
Some people like to watch the world burn
Some people would love the table's to turn
I would like to take a gun
And have a little fun
Deleting every evil person
Killing them with one bullet
And going through with it
'Cause if they were dead
Shot right in the head
The world would be ten times better
Thanks to me
Going  on that killing spree
But then again
Thats a sin
But i'm an atheist
So its still a win
To rid the world of sin
You must embrace it
Taste it
Become it
'Cause mankind is a delicious peach
And evil is the pit
And Im going to cut it out
Before the casualties mount
For lord Kira who had the right idea.
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