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 Apr 2017 Eiler
Ma Cherie
Your love is like,
beautiful bands
of moving light,
undulating emotions,
through your big beating heart,
forcing chaotic
an intriguing energy,
outward to the skin,
pulsing through your fingertips,
emanating from your spirit,
piercing me those eyes,
connecting deeper
than I have ever known,
my soul to soul connection,
one deep look-
so hauntingly familiar
our eyes meet,
an we tie the moment,
creating the most exotic
and wonderful,
parallel universe of our own,
right in each others arms.

Ma Cherie © 2017
 Feb 2017 Eiler
they say
 Feb 2017 Eiler
"you accept the love
you think you deserve."
*i didn't know
i thought so little
of myself
 Feb 2017 Eiler
Ma Cherie
Shadows dance through mystic memories,
days gone by in yesterday,
I close my ears to see your face love,
as not to hear sad music play,

Every note a flashed reminder,
of nights I am,
without your kiss,
a melody in melancholy,
of nights we spent in purest bliss,

If only I could see you once more,
and run my fingers,
down your shape,
if only angels could love a human,
I know you'd come help me escape,

Your sweet shadow is so elusive,
I chase it round a foolish girl,
round and round in total darkness,
I think okay another whirl,

No more tears to bait the levee,
I'm holding back a deadly flood,
I punctuate another moment,
dipping in to sacred blood,

I ask above and still no answers,
for when I might just touch your soul,
I only wish I was an angel,
you see my beauty,
is my goal,

You showed me love,
but I can't touch you
cause angels they,
are so much more,
you found a body to inhabit,
and showed me love like none before,

My veins are crying with you gone love,
as it seeps onto a page,
when I look so uninspired,
I crumple up in endless rage,

No one can love,
as I can love you,
I can only crave,
to see your face,
though I can't stand this way I feel love,

my wallowing is such disgrace.

Ma Cherie © 2017
In a period of intense creativity, I think? Anyway this is not about actual death - more about an untouchable person I love - yes he loves me, teaches me, tho were apart now - complicated is what this poem reflects? We still talk, often and visit sometimes,strictly platonic as not to confuse me more? Maybe just a bad idea altogether but I feel this is our path to follow, any sound advice might help but this is one relationship that has a mind of its own!- confused about me hate me, keep me forever or PLEASE let me go....ugh...lots of metaphors
His love is apparently my drug ;/  
I think he is my muse...I'm certain of it...
the reason I continue to write, i am grateful for that - and do much more. I know muse is supposed to be female but someone who has such a beautiful mind as his understand and embodies the feminine I think? Lol idk what I'm talkin bout!
I'm trying to write out my confused mind. Love you poets ❤❤❤ been catching up!
I'll keep trying.... ; ) Endings are always full of intense, questions, memories, feelings so watch out poets LOL have a beautiful day! Please comment if you can,
my "unique voice" as he called it, idk if it sounds good?
It feels good tho! X's & O's - Ma Cherie
 Feb 2017 Eiler
Denel Kessler
The old songs don’t feel right
wrong key, out of tune
somebody wake Sinatra
reclaim these wayward melodies
My Way, New York
New York

seat of the Queen
a gilded new King
everything he touches

money equals tower
Freudian crystal skyscrapers
the fitting measure
of a brittle man
who has not strength
to speak the truth
recites instead from
a book of fables
the moral to every one
those in glass houses
shouldn’t throw stones

the town crier proclaims
the truth does not matter
no one cares

hold tight that red hat
lest it be snatched
by a rebellious wind
see it now, a symbol
framed in white and blue
rising above the crowd
boots on the ground speak
shiny brass buttons
on a pert military coat
don’t a revolutionary make

the peddler of lies is just
a liar once-removed
“alternative facts”
brash fabrications
with a fancy semantic bow
such a pretty package
such a pretty family
the biggest crowd
in all of history
let the whole world


this most
perfect union
All credit goes to Kellyanne Conway for the term “alternative facts”.  
; )
 Feb 2017 Eiler
 Feb 2017 Eiler

Tomorrow will be a better day.
It's such a beautiful sentiment, really,
that I want to repeat it again and again in my mind.  
And I'll listen and hear it anyways-
even when things go crooked-even when my light gets diffracted and when everything goes upside-down.
Tomorrow will be a better day.
I know it.
I believe it.
will be
a better day.
 Feb 2017 Eiler
Shibu Varkey
Will you come
To lean with me,
On the arms of the lengthening shadows.

To watch with me
The Even descend, with her radiant garland of stars.

To feel with me
The blackness engulfing, of the gloom of the inky night.

To smell with me
The jasmine, bloom,to the kiss of the evening breeze.

To sit with me
The ripples on the lake to see, the shimmer of the evening gleam.

To be with me
As bustle of the day takes leave,and solitude of night arrives

To hear with me
The soulful chords,that strike, a tune so mellow.

To wait here with me
Till the rays of dawn arrive,

Will you come
 Oct 2016 Eiler
Mohd Arshad
 Oct 2016 Eiler
Mohd Arshad
If you are doubtful of your success
You are really suspicious of your talent
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