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Eiler Jun 2016
Ah, sweet solitude!
How welcome you are!
The kids are away,
(but not too far).

The girlfriend's out,
enjoying her own.
No friends who visit,
a moment alone!

Work is finished,
Chores are done.
A sixpack of beer!
I think I'll have one..

No thinking to do,
some rest for the mind.
Shall I cook a steak?
(to go with some wine?)

I can read a book,
I know just the one!
Or lay on the porch,
with my feet in the sun.

Can I go see a movie?
All by my self?
Or feast on the cookies,
up on the top shelf!

So much to enjoy,
With a moment alone.
But what's that I hear??

"Honey, we're home!"
Eiler Jun 2016
If that day one day should come,
I still shall rest assured and calm -
If old age finds me weary and alone;
My final trip here will be bring me back home.
Eiler Jul 2019
It took but an instant

for her to inhabit my thoughts
and evict my sleep
Eiler Jun 2016
This is why the world is curved;
So we cannot see too far down our path -
enabling us to discover our surroundings,
and enjoy it's flowers.
Eiler Jan 2017
Not mine, but truly beautiful - and exactly how I believe things should be - not only love - but life, work, self-esteem, everything.

"Dear Human: You’ve got it all wrong. You didn’t come here to master unconditional love. That is where you came from and where you’ll return. You came here to learn personal love. Universal love. Messy love. Sweaty love. Crazy love. Broken love. Whole love. Infused with divinity. Lived through the grace of stumbling. Demonstrated through the beauty of… messing up. Often. You didn’t come here to be perfect. You already are. You came here to be gorgeously human. Flawed and fabulous. And then to rise again into remembering. But unconditional love? Stop telling that story. Love, in truth, doesn’t need ANY other adjectives. It doesn’t require modifiers. It doesn’t require the condition of perfection. It only asks that you show up. And do your best. That you stay present and feel fully. That you shine and fly and laugh and cry and hurt and heal and fall and get back up and play and work and live and die as YOU. It’s enough. It’s Plenty."
                        -Courtney A. Walsh
Eiler Jul 2016
The purpose of dreams is to inspire -
      inspiration for direction and aim.
They are meant to become memories,
      and not to remain

                                          in vain.
Eiler Jan 2017
To all ye friends,
both young and old;
May soon some warmth
replace the cold.
May this last year be
the worst we ever had.
May cheerful tidings
replace all the sad.
From all of us here
with the loudest cheer:
The very best wishes
of a happy new year!
Eiler Jul 2019
A first glimpse of sun
warm to my skin after a rainy spell
That familiar slice of pie
the best ever tasted
A shared moment
to reside within me forever

So that glimpse
that touch
that taste
that moment

renders my heart flooded
my flesh replenished

And I am left
Eiler Jun 2016
How wonderful it would be to see,
a perfect rose as beautiful as thee.

How very grateful I should feel,
if common kindness could reach your heel.

How lucky I see my soul to be,
glimpsing into yours, so warm and free.

And speaking of luck, having you, indeed -
amongst men I am the luckiest, we all agree!
Eiler Jun 2016
I wish to travel where we cannot yet go,
beyond our world to where time is slow -
discover new enlightened spheres,
I long to see that which is not here.

Somewhere yonder - awe and wonder,
Life that is not crumbling asunder.
Awareness awaiting the human race,
unrevealed secrets, in outer space.

Our own existence, still not conceived.
Outward bound gazing, I verily believe;
Residing in a vastness, old and grown,
surely I tell you, we are not alone..
Eiler Jun 2016
A lesson I've learned,
which helped me alot;
Fear not to love,
and constrain it not -
But learn to let go,
if that time has come -
leave lost cause behind,
It cannot be undone!
Eiler Apr 2017
Life must go on,
and strives to do so.
Tho mine shall end,
I did my part in prevailing it;
In this I am content
Eiler Jun 2016
When life and surrounding
becomes endlessly vast,
nearly filled to the brim
with emptiness.
Eiler Feb 2017
We only met for a moment

           A moment kept forever
Eiler Jun 2016
NOW: The only timespan at which we are alive.
Better fill it up with a whole lot of living.

PAST are experiences on which not to thrive,
Savour the good -and learn from it's bad siblings.

FUTURE is the time into which we dive,
Why not prepare to do some giving?
Eiler Jun 2016
Some gulp,
others sip.
So much lovely variety
to the lip.

Many the blend,
together wedged -
some smoothe to the tongue,
others hard edged.

As we do differ -
so doth the taste.
Without that difference,
too much waste.

Variety rules!
Husband or wife,
water or whisky -
contrast is life.
Eiler Jun 2016
Always taste your words before you speak,
Thus your speach stays strong, less weak.

Always taste your wine before you swallow,
Thus your mind stays strong, less hollow.
Eiler Jun 2016
Poundin' my taxman's door f'dear life
Kickin', screamin' and wavin' my knife
He took all my money
my house and my hunny
But hell, why won't he take my wife?
Eiler Jun 2016
That moment -
when first proclaiming your love:
taking the leap, both legs first;
Into the raving rapids.

that she finds faith in you,
and that she is as willing - as you.
That she leaps in with you.

to endure the curvy rapids.
To find each other's strength,
grasping each other, never letting go.

Hoping -
that the river shows mercy.
Bringing you both, hand in hand,
all the the way to calmer shores

there, at the end of the river -
to find peaceful, beautiful waters.
A happy life, together - forever

That moment, leaping.
Full of hope. But, in retrospect,
did you not already know?
If done right,

is not love

to know?
Eiler Apr 2017
I love the sound
of warm sunshine!
Closing my eyes,
I make the sounds mine.

The sunny day sounds;
so beautiful to hear.
Bees humming dutifully -
far and near.

Other small creatures
are heard everywhere,
in the muffled ambience
of lukewarm air.

I so enjoy listening
to the clear blue sky,
and the few puffy clouds
drifting lazily by.

I hear all the magnificent
hues of blue;
reminding me of memories
created with you.

When listening closely
to the rustling trees;
I can differ the sounds
of all kinds of leaves.

Insects doing their magic
down on the pond,
Flying about in circles
like magic wands.

I hear the salty scent
of nearby seas,
brought here just for me
by a mellow slow breeze.

These are the days
that keep me alive,
as do the others -
when I hear myself strive.
Eiler Jun 2016
Your lips speak to me
even when still,

your eyes soothe me
like a sleeping pill.

Your body shivers me
like leaves of fall,

but 'tis your soul
which tickles me
most of all.
Eiler Jun 2016
Pins turn in to pillars,
lightbeams burst open clouds-
Cold wakes into warm -
night morning allows.
Slowly awakens the life that surrounds.
Stillness of dark lightens up into sounds.
A new day is churning,
just as yesterday had vowed-
Rejoice the wonder - rejoice out loud!





Time's everlasting merry-go-round
Eiler Jun 2016
If I were a gal, (all though I am not),
I'd leave the seat up, when leaving the ***!
For by SOME men, without even causing a frown,
accidents DO happen to a seat left down.

And one day, as you hastily take a seat,
reminded you'll be of the mentioned feat.
For on the seat, where you just had a sit;
you then discover, it had happened to it.

Therefore, everywhere, this lesson do cry:
leave the seat up, and keep your *** dry!
Eiler Jun 2016
Far at sea, deep in night;
no sights about, no morning light.
My bed the ocean, vast, uncalm -
my mind the vessel, tumbling around.

In dark surroundings all alone;
air is dense, dense as stone.
Rocking thoughts, waves arise -
It's happened before, so no surprise.

No sleep tonight, rest assured;
another night to be endured.
Spray off the bow, my pillow wet,
loosing direction, eroded by sweat.

Heat and sheets, tangle and growl,
pulling my limbs, more rapidly now.
Desperate for haven, crying out loud:
Where art she, my harbor, to whom I vowed?

Exhausted now, no more to be fathomed,
mind is slipping - soon abandoned.
Slowly sinking, into the deep.
Finally drifting, off in to sleep.
Eiler Jun 2016
Did you ever stop and wonder,
which way that trees really go?
Is it ground water they bring up,
or heavenly energy they send below?
Luckily for us, their visible roots up top,
are surely lovely to view.
And the covered branches down low
are very useful too..
Eiler Aug 2018
we are all different
yet striving to be the same
such a sad predicament
causing so much pain
Eiler Jun 2016
When I find my self in times of trouble -

I go out and find life, in a quiet place,
among birds and critters and leaves in the woods,
or feeling the gentle, warm breeze - staring at the sky.
Maybe lay down watching ants, studying their common rythm -
or even swoosh down a cliff - the rush filling my mind.
There -
I find the silence - I hear it;

Mother Nature comes to me.

Amidst the silence, the natural ambience,
cleansed of everyday-tasks, cleansed of worries and concern.
Far from the crowd. Far from Mary.
I hear life's roar - life speaks;

Speaking words of wisdom.

Out there, I hear my self, inside myself,
my deep self.. deeper yet.
And suddenly..
the collected wisdom of all that has been
and ever will be - it is there!
In an instant, comes clarity - standing right in front of me
My ponders clear up - I sense to know. The answers are known.

The comfort of that connection -
solitude in singularity - of one is all

things really are simple.
Life is simple -

Let it be
Eiler Jun 2016
Sunshine in my glass
Simple and truthfull
Fiesty, full of sass
experienced, old, yet youthfull

Pleasing to the eye
Easing to the mind
A magnifying glass
To life, forth and hind

If savorly tasted
And properly paced
Your time shan't be wasted
And rid be your haste

— The End —