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you were my first salvation
now you will be my final damnation
I do not wish to be
Your whole world
Your everything

Stand on your own soil
Own your foundation
Love your precious world
That makes up
All the imperfectly perfect
Things that are
So incredibly

Love yourself
Before you ever love me

rose || kiss

darling your red lips
luscious like red rose petals
they are mine to kiss
Your beauty I see,
In every little thing,
It just surrounds me.
She was beautiful, in all ways, I wish I could remind her everyday.

told her I care, under the lemon tree
she don't care, yeah, she don't
that I do, and that's that

lemondrop, toyredcar, khakiskirt
reach up on the branch and twist
a little to the right and the fruit yields

she don't care
There's difference in

in love.
Your love is always perfect, it is always real as well.
You have brought me close to some Great poets ever.
In fact I would say the greatest poets that live today.
I appreciate that I can really enjoy their beautiful writes.
So one thing that I am asking you O Saving God tonight.
You are already using them mightily double that portion.
In each of the make their poems twice as beautiful please.
Also make their poems twice as powerful as they were before.
Bless them with doubling their poetry talent in every way now.
She changed
He noticed it in her eyes
The last time he acknowledged her was
before he left
When fresh tears came out her eyes
When she dedicated her love to him
But no matter what she did she couldn't stop him
from leaving
Her eyes held sadness and love
That he had never seen in anyone before
The kind of eyes when someone betrays you
This time
Her eyes had fire
And as he stood and looked at her
Her hair and the wind
Her eyes and the sun
This time
This time he saw her worth
Her love
Her strength
But this time she was strong enough to fight
Strong enough to say no.
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Like an amphetamine fiend
Clawing through a winter storm
Trembling and dawning laborious scars

I trek passed the bars and cars
In search of you and the memories
You left, trying to trace a past life long

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