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trin Oct 2021
i wish that
just for once in my life
id feel as if im worth more
than the things i do in bed
trin Jul 2021
all i want
is to feel as safe
and secure
and happy
in my own skin
as i did before
trin Jul 2021
i was never one to let others determine my worth
so why do i let a number
a piece of cloth
a size
trin Jul 2021
coming out is scary
you don't know
what they'll say
what they'll think

it's terrifying
watching them whisper
watching them stare

i want to scream
i'm still me
i'm not different
i'm not a stranger

don't stare at me
trin May 2021
from the moment
your hand touched mine
the world stopped feeling so scary
trin May 2021
if you date the girl
with the pretty green eyes
and the brown braided hair
and the intoxicating smile
keep her close
she'll give you the world

and to my girl
with your pretty green eyes
and your brown braided hair
and your intoxicating smile
im not going anywhere
you're my world
trin May 2021
i paint people's nails because my sisters hands were never quite as steady as mine
i compliment people's eyes because a boy once told me that no over has ever noticed his
i eat sugar cubes with raspberry tea because my long distance friend and i drank it everyday together for a week
i dye my hair different colors because i love hearing people describe the color in their view
i love spiral cut apples because my grandma would make them for me and my siblings as kids
i always wear the same perfume because my mom's favorite perfume is my comfort smell and she's used it since i was little
i've ordered the same drink from starbucks since i was 15 because my mom bought it once and i got to try it
i donate my hair to wigs for kids because i met a girl with cancer who gets her wigs from them
i still listen to music that reminds me of car rides with my dad
i've always loved the color blue because it reminds me of summer skies and laying in the sun
my favorite animal is butterflies because me and my sister used to name the little blue butterflies at my grandmas farm
i try to live my life freely because a girl once told me she loved how free my spirit is
i rub my thumb against peoples arms or hands when they're upset because it's something that comforts me
i remember the little things about people because i love the way their eyes light up when i remember something that no one else does
everyone is a mosaic of the people around them
this is mine
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