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trin Jul 14
you’re the kerosene that keeps me aflame

yet after all this fire i always end up feeling numb
i’m so tired of being numb
trin May 25
while cleaning my room
i found one of your notes on the floor
i decided to read it
and then i realized
losing you didn’t hurt anymore
i burned all the others
trin May 2
thoughts full
of jagged lines
scarlet drops
crystal tears
red stained bandages
hidden pain
smeared makeup
tubes of healing creams
red stained hands
red drops on porcelain sinks
spotty vision
haggard breaths
shaking limbs
stinging pain
i just want them to go away
trin Apr 5
who told you that you could keep breaking my heart after it was already broken?

who gave you that right. because i’m certain it wasn’t me.
trin Apr 2
he tells me
that i’m good
i’m important
i’m loved

she tells me
that i’m kind
i’m funny
i’m sweet

he tells me
that i’m amazing
i'm beautiful
i’m understanding

they all tell me
that i’m easy to love
easy to want
easy to know

i tell myself
that i’m annoying
i’m too much
i’m hard to love

i don’t understand why i can’t see what they see
trin Feb 27
how do you make it so that your compliments seem as if they’re filled with poison
trin Dec 2019
for someone who feels so much
you make it look effortless to feel nothing
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