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Our morning dew turns to rain;
our spotlight turns to star;
our decorations turn to monuments;
our love turned to life.
365 Poems for my 365 Days

16 of 365
There it ended in the coffee shop.
A ****** of a nymphet by someone's hands,
or rather a death by a demon's will!
It is utmost tragedy that it was evil
chasing the helpless nymphet-
a young girl blinded by trust,
a pure soul stained by betrayal!

It is without a doubt a ****** killing-
not neverending but also not always occurring!
Pier Cafe at Schicks st.
Epilogue: ****** snow

A Poem Series
I dream that someday life may be fair;
the forests know how to eat fire;
the oceans capable of saving men;
the skies may speak my words to you.
365 Poems for my 365 Days

15 of 365
A yellow dandelion flew across my face,
and it made me smile.
You, my love, walked towards me,
and it made me love.
365 Poems for my 365 Days

14 of 365
The sadness that resides within me is gone;
there is hope etched on my every rib
that combusts my fuel of desire
to burn the negativity of this world!
365 Poems for my 365 Days

13 of 365
Today's a little bit different than usual;
my mind feels dreamy to clouds above my head;
my tummy feels like bursting with butterflies;
I might've been embraced by someone from afar.
365 Poems for my 365 Days

12 of 365
I'll ignore you until I die!
My heart had never been the same
since the last time you broke it.
I'll ignore you until one of us is dead!
365 Poems for my 365 Days

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