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Dillon Neal Oct 2018
With wondering eyes I will know no bounds
I see you with an unforgotten truth
I See your nightmares filled with hounds
A snaring smile with a jagged tooth

From hell they have been set loose
Reaping their justice claw and fang
Tying up their hangman's noose
With malicious intent they sprang

I cut the rope to set you free
With burning eyes you stare through me
Horrified by things that'd breed
In your mind they had left their seed

The darkness to your own sick night
A sharp shock in the dark
Banishing all hopes of light
Only sounds of the demons bark
Dillon Neal Dec 2017
Toothless it whispers
And tells me stories grim
It's a black cat with crooked whiskers
Scratching, beckoning, let it in

It lurks in the darkness of shadows
In cool whisps of the night
It hovers, and in absence grows
It's the calm, just before a fright
Dillon Neal Dec 2017
We are all strings held together by a thumbtack
Placed there by a man just trying to get his hope in humanity back
We all connect to somewhere else that we don't want to be
Held in place by more tacks in the backs
Of greasy men and stepped on women and children
In this world tossed  and forgotten in a rucksack
Thrown around amongst a gun, huncuffs, and a gum pack,
I just kinda started writing, I like the result
Dillon Neal Dec 2017
Out of my heart there spews a disire.
It feels as if I exsit to die.
Taken and shaken and tossed me in fire.
When I'm around you I live in a lie.

You walk past not knowing your power.
The slight lingering scent of lavender flower.
A twinkle in your eye gives me shivers.
For you at night I cry deep rivers.

Out of my heart there spews a desire.
What good is that when I'm left on the pyer?
Consumed by the dark, a cold sweet fire.
Dillon Neal Dec 2017
I look in the mirror with a slight grin.
Am I looking out or is he looking in?

Is there a world that I don't know?
More trash to take out and lawns to mow?

I think all of this still with a grin.
Could I open a door and just let him in?

Or could I smash through the glass with my bare hands?
And diminish the thought of other strange lands.
Dillon Neal Dec 2017
Imagine eyes speaking
In a wink or a twinkle
I look in eyes for meaning
The answers in their gleaming
In the way eyelids wrinkle

— The End —