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Diane K Pak Nov 22
My Christmas stocking left me with overly shocking.
That each year was without Christmas joys and oh yet, oh boy...
It was an art and out and of doubt.
I was ever again each year alone on Christmas already with a frown and wishing it all over by then. Because I can't say Merry Christmas all year around hoping I"ll stay when it's over then.

Some families have Christmas ornaments on a tree. When it'll ever be enough when you'll see me for me.
Some families have traditions while I'll be grateful that I will be wishing them after all while it feels like they're all having a ball.

Some families have dinner at the dinner table but wish someone lighted a candle for me as I'll have dinner but only for me.

Since Christmas has changed and how alone I had felt. Christ was.
the only my one in a lifetime gift
I started to see those things wishes granted and not take it as it is.

As a Christmas tree as pretty as a bee. Soon a tradition or two was like no other as it was so good to be true and it was still.

As I am now reflecting and smiling at the family table I wouldn't trade it for the world and hope some stay here to say it truth be told.

Before I mattered not the most because there was no time making them a desire from my heart.

Wishing Christmas wasn't alone for her was the best present seen yet to come was for enjoying His presence was a dream lit up like never before.

...And she'd replied with a love that lasted forevermore...

Singing under her mistletoe was the first thing that took away since the very first snow that never be missed.
Diane K Pak Nov 16
Seeing you looking at the sun.

Because radiantly I was looking at the moon.

Looking for you.

Staying here with you it feels like we're shooting stars.

Hoping my sunrises will stay seated for my sunsets in this hidden dark.

Only if I am here with you looking at the skies while sleeping beside you at the nearby oceans looking for my shooting star.

Looking down to see you frown only I could wish it away.

Only if this moment was here to stay and even if we could slay, we would be awake for days.
Diane K Pak Nov 16
Tell me something that not everyone knows about you?

You telling me makes not pretending how not to stop feeling for beauty, even if it's true.

Miss feelin' for ya.
Like I wanna dream it all over again even if I kinda wanted too.

I won't even if I care to tried.

But, I will like I'm not trying to hide anymore...

Because hiding behind the lights it won't do me any right...
Diane K Pak Nov 16
Someone was told me that the sounds of our friendship was the adventures of a lifetime.

It wasn’t until I unlearn the possibilities of wrestling with today’s truth and lies.

Becoming a wreck in the ship was like becoming ooh hey and now it’s time to walked away without saying our goodbyes in time and let it dies down and fly.

My heart had to relearn of our hidden secrets which relies on an unseen, understanding, and uncompromising situationships.

The real reality wasn’t accelerating the acceptance of what it could’ve been if we were to ace of what we’re to ready to face it.

It was actually facing of what are the ways of what we’re dealing of our ourselves in tiny pieces.
Diane K Pak Sep 8
Seeing you tonight in you're suit and tie.
Like I am dying to meet you closer by.

Seeing your visionary smile makes me think for a while.
Hoping to see your soul as it warmths me like a wildfire trying to hide it best that it extends longer than it ever could be for a second chance.

Wishing you're that someone who can see it too.
When I am trying all these butterflies only to be catching them from you.

You're my revelations waiting to happen like I ever felt more alive inside your hazel eyes. Burning by the fireplace tonight.

Without an hourglass to tell us how a place in your heart was worth the fight.

Perfect love as it is.
When all I ever wanted to dream was as real as it could be and as to what was being said for a slight chance of it could really be.

Loving you was my only chance to love you deeper as it is waking up to say goodbyes to these trying times and your eyes and your suit and tie.

Tell me so and I'll change it all.
The dream I ever felt, felt like an inkling that left my skin without a hidden spot.

I guess it was all ever a shot in the dark.
Like it waiting to be someone place and be marked.  

Revelations are my last reason to see you in this season.
If only if we're breathing to see the face of only me dreaming.
Sep 8 · 58
You're my Amen,
Diane K Pak Sep 8
Saying I was you're amen and all I ever was.
But, letting go was a dream worth holding on to.

like I was the one and only dream girl.
like I was the one for who you to marry.
like I was the one who got away.

Supposedly, I was that girl who loves you anyway.

You are unforgettable and irreplaceable, Amen
Forever and ever amen...
#M #T
Jul 18 · 294
An Epic Love Story
Diane K Pak Jul 18
You’re my only favorite kind of hero.

Aren’t you Prince Charming?

Even if I was your me amor?

Would you still love like te amo?
Jul 18 · 111
Diane K Pak Jul 18
A friend tells me I am once in a lifetime.

A friend tells me I am no one second option.

A friend tells me I am one of a kind.

A friend tells me I am loyal.

A friend tells me I am humble.

But, I tell me to a friend who tells these things because I couldn't remember what it meant to be a once in a lifetime.
Jul 18 · 157
Neither do I
Diane K Pak Jul 18
when we say I DO.

feeling rush and no matter what I believe to be true.

it's always finding whether or not to become like I say you do.
Even it just this moment when I neither choose either of you.

just the way you are is perfect than the way you wish upon the stars.

I'll love you or either of you.
If you promise to be the way you are even if it's still true.
#j #s
Jul 18 · 46
Jealous of the rain...
Diane K Pak Jul 18
jealous over believing me over loving you anyway.

jealous of the pain of seeing you walk away and chooses if he wanted to try to stay.

jealous of the woman who took your heart and washes over with clay.

if only if there's one way like somehow there's a moment like it's today.

seeing you happier and wishes there's was more clay than you sought for that day.

wishing there was a way to find more clay than to see you that way.
Jul 18 · 79
Invisible was my name.
Diane K Pak Jul 18
Invisible they walked all over me.

Invisible they couldn't see my face behind you and me.

Invisible as long I wasn't safe. As long I couldn't bear to say the name you heard as it erases.

But, girl you are Invisible as long you wanted to be.

But, girl you are a miracle waiting for people who couldn't be believed.

But, girl you are a walking dream happening to be put on T.V.

Baby girl, I know you don't see.
So watched and let's see who you can be even more of what you thought you could dream.
Diane K Pak Jun 18
Sometimes I heard you cried out at night.
Sometimes I hold through the whenever we fight.

Maybe if you let me kiss to make it even or just one there to make it alright.

I'll give you enough time.
Just to see you smile today and tonight.
It just for a slight moment like I'm dying to find.

To hear you call it over and over again.
To not pretend it not sorrow to the end.

You've made me this person to love again.

Because you heard me make wishes to see you and hear you, smell you, touch you and taste you and I'll held you when you'll needed me then.

I'll see you, but don't pretend like It'll break you because I will hold you together like it won't bend.
Diane K Pak Jun 18
He’s know the times of stress.
He’s know the times of this mess.
He’s know the times of finding a solution to this wreak.

He’s been right there all along.
He’s been here right where we belong.

Trying to see.
Trying to believe.
Trying to breathe.

He’s light.
He’s right.
He’s justified.

He’s know because he understands as long he’s friend.
A friend who understands is a friend who never left.
Feb 12 · 140
I Gotta Tell Ya
Diane K Pak Feb 12
I gotta tell ta

Music helps me find the rhythm of your joyful heart

Dancing with you fixed the noises with only returns of silence just like a shooting star in the dark.

I gotta tell ya
i gotta tell ya

Sometimes I find ya beatboxing into my soul.

Fire reminiscing and looking back on my life. I still think you are the most specific kind of burning inspiriting human known to be in a human configuration because either you're some spiritual swole or you stole this whole show.

This isn't an animation because I can't imagine this in any life without spontaneous momentum with this anticipation of this determination and dedication. Without this narration it would be this taken of time wasting and without correction I would have been taken for only being mistaken and not taken.

I gotta tell ya
I gotta tell ya yet.
Valentine's Day 2021
Diane K Pak Jan 26
Was it Italy?
Was it Scotland?
Or was it Britain?

Nevertheless, I’ll say I’ll never know when I’m thinking about it then?

Was it Italy?
Was it Scotland?
Or was it Britain?

Taking little Italy out of Italy was devastating...

It’s almost like I can never overstate nor any hesitation.

Was it Scotland?

And All I have ever been.

Or was it Britain?

All I ever said it mustn’t be any bit of pieces of him.

Just like it’s mentioned.

Was it Scotland?
Or was it Britain?

I’ll never know until I cross between them.

They’ll say it’s scary of a sacrifice to know either which one is right?

Maybe neither of it and I’ll still be alright.

Alright is the time to feel like I’m not stuck in these daydreams of daytime or daylights. Because when I’ll know it’ll be over until without either a fight.

Fight until worthy comes into a good kiss morning into the nights

I’ll find my Scotland or Britain and without it, I’m not gonna go sorting out of my wilderness.

Because without my Scotland
Because without Britain.

I’m nothing but land without a name whose name shall be called I’ll find it when I’m there again.
Diane K Pak Oct 2020
I love you so much

But, not like this...

But by choice...

That's it hurts not ever been with you again...

So, I chose to leave so you can too choose to love again.

Rather I made a stupid turn of mistakes...

Because you also said you wanted me too to love you...

Because you love me so much that it hurts...

I came back to love you like like I mean it and
I came back to love you so much; it hurts.
Oct 2020 · 88
Cry ll
Diane K Pak Oct 2020
I'd cry too...

Because I love you and I didn't know how to ask myself, how did I knew that I love you since I didn't at first knew what was love was?

I'd cry too.

Knowing you love me just the same way, I love you too...
Oct 2020 · 79
Diane K Pak Oct 2020
If I could cry; with you and to hold you I would never let you go without a minute without being by your side.

Because if I knew I even cry for you and with you with tears flowing down my cheeks because I rather see you smile with the sunshine of your radiant, beaming eyes.
Diane K Pak Oct 2020
There are many reasons to love someone dearly, truly, and madly when you are in a state of new inspire feeling.

So that you know... it's rather appealing of not so deceiving what's like to lead into a newer chapter of this storytelling reading.

I could list a whole bunch of rom-com, and it wouldn't compare to the shows of my rom-com with you and me at home laughing while watching ours goes on and on.

Is there was a way to unloved you? I like to believe it lost somewhere in our rom-com, where it made a turn of no; I choose you every day because I don't want it to go away today or even a day.

How to unloved you is something I choose to say; no I rather stay.
Oct 2020 · 91
Feel Just Right
Diane K Pak Oct 2020
What feels right anymore?

Snuggle in trouble was never double the fun.
Music couldn't even hide scars far away enough.

Rewind those thoughts like I'll rewind those times on what matter knowing you're like right here and now and all mine.

I wouldn't know how to cry this time nor express this trying lies.
I meant to know how to get it through it to you.

Finding a tightrope to connect these bridges to find our stars because wherever you are, I'll find it through the night.

So sleep tight, and I'll meet you at dawn or the next night as long as you sleep in right.

I struggled to feel what to fight so that I can feel just right.
Jul 2020 · 120
Wonder about you?
Diane K Pak Jul 2020
I wonder if you would sing to me
and I wonder if you could dance for me like the music moves itself?

I wanted to know what's on your mind still?

I wanted to know what's makes you cry and still be on your mind?

I hope that someday I'll look at you like the first impression has to be my last impression.

I wish someday and granted this day to feel your love just as God loves you.

I hope that someday I'll wait to kiss your vocals and miss you like I have not been gone before.

Never not, believe it so my God can make this happen as his will be our will.

He can do all things, but never not because your smiles moves me to his will..
True wait in the rain with you.
Jul 2020 · 103
Hearing You on the Radio
Diane K Pak Jul 2020
Now, I've been to the lost and found
hoping you'll see me around.

Do you wonder where I've spend?
Or do you wonder I've been?

Hearing you will make me spin.

I'll remember you when I'll hear your voice again.
a parent's love never ends as it begins.
Diane K Pak Jul 2020
As I photograph the way you smiles, laughs, love, and the spirit of how you live.

Nothing feels more alive and fresh with the nature air I breathe in here.

I fell in love with a poet
suddenly I haven't even noticed.
self-love within me.
Jul 2020 · 129
Somewhere Over In London
Diane K Pak Jul 2020
For a lack of words you make me feel.
For a lack of better words you make me think.
For better words you make me ponder.

Out of words you make me question.
Out of words you make me feel like I'm dreaming without a care.
Out of words you make me write poems of you with knowing you might not understand or stare at me like you use to do.

In reality, it's you who I question to feel,
to think, and to ponder if I wasn't even really there to say so.
to all the boy I loved before part two
the love that doesn't need to rhyme.
Diane K Pak Jul 2020
I promise this we will get through this..

It's now between just you + i in this fight and I'll be with you through the end of night..

I promise to protect you,
I promise to watch over you,
I promise so you wouldn't worry about saying goodbye.

Tell me everything from before and end and from left to right we get through this just like you + i

I'll make sure that Everytime + Everything we will make sure it's all right because I won't let it bother you for another night or anything else that's will be for rest of tonight.
Jun 2020 · 121
Some Ordinary Feelings
Diane K Pak Jun 2020
Today feels so so surreal.

The pain is so so unreal.

So painful that I have to deal more than some ordinary feeling.
I'll remember this feeling that it's more than pen and paper intriguing.

I needed a sad song to help me resonates with what I'm going through for reassuring that I'm still living.

Imagine I couldn't be so broken and go through what I go through that anything, that drives away will put my muse into transmission instead of reminiscing of this ignition that engines in some sort of remission.

I want to find my omission on this planet which helps me calls my mission.

To know this suffocation isn't the end if this petition.

I gladly know there nothing left to say but to this but be submitting of all of this dedication of this precognition.

With or without written dissertation to someone's else permission.  Either to decline nor precise superstition neither to my own future preposition. Expect to a precondition to a certain expectations of neither my rights of a preconceived notions definition.

Can't sway nor hide my any persuasion.
You see you can create things and still called it intrusive, but it how you introduce it as any perspective like it not any other electives. So I'll hear my respective not to misrepresent it.  I'll gather my witnesses and still find it by many few selective.
Diane K Pak May 2020
My heart seems....

Lost too, but God seems to continue to write my love story with clues....

My heart wanna see the world as much as I can

Home that beat for the world is in a person; home is wherever you go when we say with this one last chance...
Let's just dance.

I'll go there, if you go too.

No more clues because now I have found you.
First dance in love..
That's just right.
Apr 2020 · 146
Bleeding Love
Diane K Pak Apr 2020
If I wrote you a song would you read it.

If I wrote a song ahout you would sing to me.

If I wrote you a book would you care about it.

If I wrote you a poem would you know it.

But, If I wrote a poem about you would you miss it?
Apr 2020 · 99
The One Cure heals all
Diane K Pak Apr 2020
What if there's a cure for this broken remedy.

And if there's was one why didn't the world came with it already.
Diane K Pak Apr 2020
love is about rapping until you can hear it out loud... lol
Mar 2020 · 122
I grew up in a broken home
Diane K Pak Mar 2020
Felt lost and only alone
Never cease to feel hollow in these tears I cried all night long

Daddy made too many mistakes
he said he never made but causes me to ache.

Mommy had all her dreams of me wrap inside a bottle ended wishing them all on me and never sought to look after me when I startled.  

What is this home my little child
is like the last thing is to be home for more than a little awhile.
Mar 2020 · 172
Stargazing Beneath His Eyes
Diane K Pak Mar 2020
His Radiants Eyes covers so brightly that ever so lightly as I looked up at him.

That have taken a delighting in me with my big red round fluffy cheeks.

That maybe it wasn't just an eye-problem.

But, the problem was wanting him to be closer than our eyes that solved them.

That is the moment when a few new chapter begins that i couldn't even begin to wish what was at the very end.
Diane K Pak Feb 2020
Let the tears fall down
Let the tears fall down

I rather be here and now
here and now

Let the tears flow
Crying washes away and cleanse the soul

Let the tears fall down
Let the tears fall down

Somehow I will wash away all this plow.
Surrounded yourself by people who are not also in this drought. Allowing this but also don't doubt.
Diane K Pak Feb 2020
Fear not while I'm all alone.
Broken like it's feel it all gone.

These empty spaces felt like I can't even pace it.

I just try and try and try
Wanting to find and find and find

What's wrong with my mind
I haven't felt fine.

Let's make it alright.

I'll try to find some time to make it all, all right.

I wish I wouldn't hide this side
like I am trying to find my smile and hope it last more than awhile.

I hope this pain couldn't have a name.
Like It mine with a written stings like this begins.

I wasn't here to find a hinge, but hope to uncreate this broken bridges.

Like the sun it meant to move, but all I wanted was to groove.

Groove to the move like I'm trying to soothe.
Soothe to ease the pain
like it's my trying game.
Dec 2019 · 126
Vulnerable By His Sacrifice
Diane K Pak Dec 2019
Letting down my guard is like letting down to surrender. It's like I wasn't pretending to be her.

The lack of my measures was like trying to find my hidden treasures.

Hiding behind the altar even if I couldn't bear to show him the alter.

Words may hurt and fragile but it blurted the example of it being so gavel yet it became like a gravel.

Staring at my wounds that I can't bare to compare was more than just having them there.

His sacrifice was more than He was right.

His sacrifice brings us closer to fight.

But His Vulnerable was here even when it's was like living without all the air.
Sep 2019 · 132
Diane K Pak Sep 2019
Somewhere in my surprise
Seeing gray skies
Folding the days where nothing is more than just empty sides.

Opening night tuning in to closing day.
Saying that the world struggles that haven't been to say.
Life is full of little sparks that's wrapped around like a little dart.

Feeling that there's nothing to set apart if it wasn't until the far end of today's art.
Diane K Pak Aug 2019
I loved your broken pieces enough to handle it with glue.

I wanted it to hold gently knowing it all I wanted to do.

Holding them into a whole not ever wishing there’s a hole.

I wanted to hold you like those pieces because without them it wouldn’t piece me to you.
Love never ends...
Jul 2019 · 117
The Value of U & I
Diane K Pak Jul 2019
Wishing 19 was never not a dream.

Tired of Dying = Near or Far without U scares me to not take these fears away and explores the I.
Tried to pick up the phone, but I failed not wanted to hear my howlings of this hard goodbyes.

Wishing your eyes on I = Wanting U with mine
Kills me growing apart = Making I, the heart outgrows of U
Kills feels like sleeping with nothing to ease U and theses Blues

Wanting = U & I will be weary
U& I = Only Wanting to be.. Wanting to be like my little pocket diary.
never know the world to see .. small world same people
Jun 2019 · 123
Let It Be
Diane K Pak Jun 2019
When I say let it be.
But, I was so blind that I couldn't be able to see.

Seeing within this thin blinds.
When I was playing I'll hide and you shall find.

We needed another way to sea it to sway.

Away from this dead grave then
I'll know where my heart still
End Game
Dec 2018 · 274
My Worst Heartbreak Moments
Diane K Pak Dec 2018
It's get worsen they said with Heartbreak...

Till it aches.
Till it breaks.
Till it fakes.

Until it fixed.
Until it healed.
Until it sealed.

Knowing they also said heartbreak doesn't last for so long, until the Heartbreaks are all gone.
Never Not Forgotten a Love Story
Dec 2018 · 188
Your Like A Waterfall
Diane K Pak Dec 2018
Your love is like a waterfall.
It seems that it doesn't belongs here afterall.

Yet, it's a love that changes the world to not fall apart.

Your love is more than what people search for hundred years and has depart, but it has never feared to be near with loved so dearly from such a heart.

It's an absolute grace when it is without any haste.

Please don't you consider to ever be replaced because without you, it'll will be forever be blue.

A doom of no waterfalls afterall.
Love Wins
Nov 2018 · 218
Sight and Sound
Diane K Pak Nov 2018
Sight and sound when no one is around.
No one to call and nowhere to be found.
No one will wonder even if it starts to thunder.
If I cried, people might think I’ve already have died.

Yet, I’ve waited and couldn’t see a single eye.

When stress arises, people such as families and even close friends have thought I was just depressed.
If I even ask for a rest, there wasn’t even enough air  in my own chest.
Where was the people I’ve knew, who cared for me because even if it scares me. People knew it’ll feared me if I told them not to stare at me.

The loud sirens may laughed at me.

But, because the screams of those sounds knowing when in sight came with a huge silent freight.
alone & lonely to be feared of disappointments
Diane K Pak Nov 2018
Be still and be at peace, My Love..
Stayed Speechless, Stayed being Tenacious, and Stay the Consistency of truly who you are and above..

As, I walked into this room you’ve given it pixie dusts as if you were leaving with a gentle touch..

When your  gone and we needed to know better looking back and say she’d carries along with her scars and fought enough to get where she belongs and now we genuinely know that she isn’t as far.
speechless girl
Nov 2018 · 161
When My Heart Breaks Again
Diane K Pak Nov 2018
I guess I gotten caught in this pretty rain, so I can see how much you mean to me.
Washing away to be reminiscing those days of between hey, I can see how much you could be.

Moving and lying and saying that pain can stay when this heart breaks..
It won’t be easy to find those puzzle pieces of oh,I was fine and if so it could’ve been aches.

I needed my sleep back and found myself needing to be awake of confusions.
Because I wanted to not believe as if this is a delusion.

It isn’t easy, because when my heart breaks away, it breaks away…

Now, I have to walk it all away because it isn’t here to say, can I stay..?
last words
Diane K Pak Aug 2018
They said that nightmares are not real.
But, what If I say that wasn’t the actual truth of this unseen ideal.
If I wrote to you stating mine was the act of reliving of the unspoken, but be still.
Words from my lips is now unsealed of this sense of surreal.

Dreaming once, twice, but three times of my soul bursting into flames.
Yet, I soon to be known this was the curse of dealing with these games.

Dreaming once, twice, but three times of the fear of uncontentment from past days.
Where I thought that the happiest moments were not a part of presence where I could just stayed awake and wouldn’t have to feel this way.

Dreaming once, twice, but three times of discouragement from my families and burdens, yet it felt like it’ll never been okay even if I say it my time to own it my way and take care of my heart always.

Dreaming that felt like once, twice, but three times have feel like my days are over...But, as soon that I am awake. It’s more if I’m okay now?
When I take my bow on that stage of fears, I can now say it life with tears or life with too little cares.

As I wish on those stars, I wish and I wish for the stories that can’t seems to be near or even close to hear because without it here it nothing but mere of a dream that can’t face the where.
Aug 2018 · 252
He's Has Spoken.
Diane K Pak Aug 2018
As he is willing to be my morning blessings.
There's a call for each morning to know  the very morning of a new beginning.

There so much more than time and ease between the knees..
This freely know we're here for our friends who are in need.

He's has Spoken to the existing moment of rising between the tide..
Knowing his reassurance makes me know that now I'm alright..
Aug 2018 · 537
Postpone Ground
Diane K Pak Aug 2018
I know this is not the same, but it not sane to say I’m okay for days.
You said I was the hello to your goodbyes..
All I heard is the other side of no lies.
But I sat there and can’t cried because I would feel like I’ve died to try.

People said it seems that I can’t get all of you out of my head.
Where it’s nowhere to put my love in a some paper bag.

Suffocate and throw away the best I had, again my heart said no I said.
Tell me why not so, but it’s because you and not I that had know.

I feel it that letting go does more damages then causing the damages to let go.
To say I won’t let go of my heart, but the love was loving you than better then we even start.

To forget of wanting my love without loving you.
I needed to change this to only just knowing him not wanting you.

Still falling for your big bubbles eyes.
Yet, I couldn’t hide.
So, i found myself without I.

What can I do to found you in you again?
Jul 2018 · 320
Shoulder to Lean On
Diane K Pak Jul 2018
When you emptied yourself inside because things outside made you cried.
When your sacred self startled shattered to stutter without flutter.

When no one hear this mumble yet fumble and tumbled to hear me as troubled, but why instead themselves wanting to become more humble.

Who is everyone that added anything and everything to my voice;  screaming stopped, yet heartbeat ignition, and grumbling papers with and without written symbolism.  

I needed you to be here with the gem of treasure and filled with muse of your soothe and yet I waited to hear your amused with joy and listened to this delighted sadness of how really isn’t something to be amused or nor abused.

Wanting to wait for the return of the u-turns, so I became emblems of I said I’m sorry but it was actually an reoccur of it not being the chance to say that was my own turn.

Tears, aches, and screams didn’t swivel, its shriveled.
Yet, the eyes of the stars dreamt of awakening beaming bright, and if so it's beneath dimming the lower lights.
Jul 2018 · 2.2k
It's Start With You
Diane K Pak Jul 2018
When are we going to wake up to start believing that we should stopped competing and start complimenting to feel like were completing.

We need to be a team player instead of the team leader, replacing that with the idea of being on the same team and building something that's takes on the dream.  

How are we going to teach ourselves of what's needed to be taught? If we are communicating to each other's to misperceived when sought to read and believe of what’s being well-received.  

Why are we all on this justification to be misrepresentation as to juxtapose when we are responsible for the I could and the I suppose.    
To add what is the so what to the now what? But it's the actual what needs to be address in which perhaps misaddressing to the audience of nowadays. As if we are surrogate of the hideaways of the be real today.  

It's we and us and all of us to address the matter of comradeship of how compassion of it to be who you are. To create this level of friendship of the desire to follow the footsteps of who you are and as it's start with you and it begins with and ending of you.
Jul 2018 · 261
My Rescue Wounds
Diane K Pak Jul 2018
My little smile behind my little tears.
Became this huge hole without you Jesus.
As I come to you with souls of cries.

I laughed a little of misery, but fears of awful lies.
The lies of trying to hide.

The pain of emotional bloom of sacrifice.
Became of this overwhelming unloved of feeling abandonment.  
Because hardships  had such strong storms.
Turning into a water that may be trouble of bridges but save of the saving atonement.
That my almighty God listens to the tsunami from my broken patch of bleeding heart like he can turn this into a healing bandages.

They had stated thy comforter, comforts the lost sheeps.
But sheeps stay asleep, until the shepherd awoke them from a dream of unreality state.

Take up thy wounds as spake from the atoning one.
Thy hands of burdens, now be lifted..

My rescue wounds may caused afflictions, but to dismayed be healed over thy grace of thy sufficient..
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