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 Oct 2020 Diane K Pak
 Oct 2020 Diane K Pak
Never been better
Than the day i asked you
Not in person or in a letter
But with my special voodoo

You said yes
With love in your eyes
My heart exploded in a mess
I still remember that days sunrise

Awaiting the day
To see you walk the aisle
You said you'd wait for my birthday
I still have the biggest smile

No question in my mind
This is what fate wanted
Our hands intertwined
Never a day feeling daunted
im officially engaged
 Dec 2019 Diane K Pak
An idiot is harmless,
Until that idiot falls in love,
Then they’re willing to do anything,
For the person they’re in awe of.

Whether its building a new world,
Or burning the old one down,
They’ll stop at nothing,
To give their love a crown.

Now if that love fades,
And they are left weeping,
They could take one of two paths,
Both will leave an empty heart unsleeping.

Path one is war and rampage,
Destroy everything in their way,
Path two is depression and tears,
They may cause their own doomsday.

Either way an idiot is harmless,
Until that idiot falls in love,
And if you happen to cross that idiot,
Beware for they do not care, they are deprived of---------
i might be an idiot in love.

— The End —