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Diane K Pak Jun 2020
Today feels so so surreal.

The pain is so so unreal.

So painful that I have to deal more than some ordinary feeling.
I'll remember this feeling that it's more than pen and paper intriguing.

I needed a sad song to help me resonates with what I'm going through for reassuring that I'm still living.

Imagine I couldn't be so broken and go through what I go through that anything, that drives away will put my muse into transmission instead of reminiscing of this ignition that engines in some sort of remission.

I want to find my omission on this planet which helps me calls my mission.

To know this suffocation isn't the end if this petition.

I gladly know there nothing left to say but to this but be submitting of all of this dedication of this precognition.

With or without written dissertation to someone's else permission.  Either to decline nor precise superstition neither to my own future preposition. Expect to a precondition to a certain expectations of neither my rights of a preconceived notions definition.

Can't sway nor hide my any persuasion.
You see you can create things and still called it intrusive, but it how you introduce it as any perspective like it not any other electives. So I'll hear my respective not to misrepresent it.  I'll gather my witnesses and still find it by many few selective.
Farzaneh Qaf Aug 2018
get out of my way
I tell you
don't answer my "hey"
I beg you
this time
I don't want to love you
not mine
I won't like to touch you
no more suffer
no more pain
truth and love for  you?
so vain....
Poetrylover Sep 2016
She loved being free,
She Thought it was her day,
Though she couldn’t fade away,
Just like a breeze in a deep blue sea,

But she felt as if she had to flee,
Her soul is trying to say,
That she should pray,
So she can see what she couldn’t see,

Them crying souls filled with sorrow,
Nothing to feel but pain,

They couldn’t borrow,
Or make it plain,

She looked at herself tomorrow,
With a promise of "never again".
Try not to act bigger than you already are, because being a person who is so ego will push people away from you.

— The End —