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It feels as though I never knew the person you've become
A black and white chicanery that's breathing through your lungs
The only thing I think about is how this came to be
Forget the present as it were, there's nothing left to see
I must've spoke a thousand times but nobody could hear
I tried to make myself believe before you made it clear
Uncertainty would linger in the spaces you would go
And leave me with an emptiness that lived inside my throat
I had my words and you had yours, the conversation's changed
We may have once been lovers but our hearts are now estranged
After surviving the many Tomorrows
I dreaded meeting,
How blessed am I now
To be eager for Sunrise
To greet me sooner.
My anxiety is eating me alive,
Scraping out every little morsel it can find.
And there's nothing to ease the pain,
That I feel in my ever-eroding brain.
The most **** thing about a guy has nothing to do with his clothes, hair or eye colour.

It's in the way he looks at you with longing, when you finally find out he wants you just as badly as you want him.

When he pulls you so close to him that there is literally no space between you, because he can't stand the thought of there being any.      

When he kisses you, so that it feels as if he is stealing the air from your lungs, and for those few seconds you forget what air even is.
When all thoughts go out the window and its just him, with you,in the most simple way possible.

Now that is the definition of ****.
Pure passion is ecstacy...
The world is blue
A vision of the past
Every lie is true
Honesty cannot last

We were born in fear
A landscape of jagged glass
Among terror and tears
Sailing a ship without a mast

In the starless sky
Our broken dreams live
Dying, up on high
Sleep has no more to give

No fantasies to sacrifice
No ideals left to ****
No aspirations or paradise
Life is a struggle uphill
Cold winter breathes
acid in the rain

Blinded by ashes
it grows harder to
inhale your touch

My bones ache
in the night
as the heat sets
into molten stone

An inner freeze
enters my body
creating a storm
of the ancients
so far away
Now lights were always on,
Beyond my bed of sky.
Soul to pavement, pounding,
the hourglass near dry.

I forget you enjoyed my silence,
I was early, she says late.
But let's not dwell on me,
It was all about you, Kate.

Whisperings of constant doubts,
Curdle our shared air.
Caged passion,the ache of breathing
but soon I won't be there.

Then typing is your weakness,
Rain mirrored in the glass,
Is that what Daddy taught you?
Your word is less than last.

But if I could be remembered,
Forgive, my missing place.
Recall the touch of guilty hand,
Upon your fading face.
careful there
you know what comes
of touching lovely things
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