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Unrequited Love
Life is just a string of cruel jokes with some good memories in between.
Drake Brayer
Legends    Poetry and prose are my form of expression. They give me comfort in darker times. I hope you find
Michelle Morine
Slightly to the Left    satori sandwich//break dancing saddle muncher
Charles Smith
Wales    "Time held me green and dying, though I sang in my chains like the sea." - DT
Ariel Baptista
Montreal, Quebec    If you like my work, find my blog at (Ariel Baptista is a pen name)
I am change.
Agnis Lynota
24/F/Out of the Box    I'm a photography junky and I'm always confused; the only thing I truly comprehend is poetry.
Deana Luna
Seattle, WA    fuq
Emma B
In the clouds    Words that have found their way out of my cluttered brain.
semi hiatus. finding my love for writing.
little rhody    ✺✺✺✺✺
23/here, there & everywhere    it's just words after all
Kathryn Chapman
Columbus, OH   
Vitiligo Protocol
Kiernan Norman
Connecticut    actor, writer, untangling human being. I shall be dumped where the weed decays and the rest is rust and stardust.
Laurel Elizabeth
canada    on the outside i cry but i do, i love you too
Emily Thomas
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