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 Mar 2016 Zavid
Pauline Morris
There was a caterpillar that had no friends
She feared she would be alone in the end
She had all, but given in

She stayed in a trees
And hid behind the leaves
Until she ate them, or there was a breeze

She had become so very fat
All the other insects made fun and spat
Out cruel words, she no longer wanted life and that was that

But before she could eat the poison leaf, along flew a hunny bee
"Hunny child you just dont see
That one day your gonna fly like me"

She looked at him in bewilderment
Surly his brain was a little bent
Wings for her would have to be heaven sent

But she decided to hold on a little longer
Just to prove he couldn't be wronger
That bee's words she would often ponder

The other insects still showed their hate
The more they said the more she ate
She knew they was right she'd never find a mate

So she made a cocoon, to hide herself within
So she no longer heard the words that could condemn
What awaited her would be hard to comprehend

The bee seen the cocoon, and sat and waited patiently
He wanted to be the very first to see
At what a beautiful creature she had came to be

When she emerged the sun hurt her eyes
Many a day had gone by
The sun seemed way to bright in the sky

But then she got a look at her wings, they where gray
"Why didn't God paint them, why are they this way"
At the bee in disgust she shouted, "You should of let me die that day"

"But my lovely one, you are now a creature of the night
And will fly by the enchanting moonlight
And see many many wonderful sights"

"Besides my hunny chid they're wings
You can now fly to the heavens and sing
Your point of view will now change on many things"

"God painted your wings gray
So in the bright of day
Against the tree bark you can lay
And safely sleep the day away"

"God only picks the strongest
To prowl in the moon lit darkness
He only picks the bravest
That at night can help with the loneliness"

The Moth bent her head in repentance
She couldn't even finish her sentence
For she realised in that instance
The bee was talking about her transcendence
 Mar 2015 Zavid
Coleen Jade
 Mar 2015 Zavid
Coleen Jade
If I had the power to let the universe know that I love you,
I’d whisper in your ear, because you are every star,
every comet, every constellation, every asteroid,
every halo on the planets, every moon,
and every galaxy that makes up the entire world.
You are my universe. And I am willing to explore
each and every part of you.
I love you to the moon and back. <3
 Mar 2015 Zavid
Coleen Jade
I will
 Mar 2015 Zavid
Coleen Jade
It hurts me when you say,
that no one will ever stay.
Coz when the day turns to night,
I will be the moon, your light.

They say “People come and go”.
So I’m here to let you know.
I will prove them wrong
and sing with you every song.

I will dance to every step;
all the secrets will be kept.
I will not let you go,
until all deserts bear snow.

No matter what happens,
your darkness, I will lighten.
My back will only turn,
if the sun will cool its burn.

xoxo cj
My friend said no one will ever stay. Little does she know what I'm capable of defying.
 Feb 2015 Zavid
Arlo Disarray
I don't want to disappear into the crowds
Or dissipate faintly like vaporous clouds
I want to be heard without having to shout
Even when there's nothing to talk about

I'm so faint,
     I'm barely here
So translucent,
     oh so clear
Paper thin,
     I'm blown away
So ****** in,
      lost in days

I just want
     to be heard
          and seen
and dreamed
 Feb 2015 Zavid
Jessica Leigh
Did anyone ever notice
That you only started to get
Really bad
When you didn't have me
To talk to every night?
And when you were forced
To not speak to me?
Did no one make that connection?
You were crushed and beaten
And taught to hate me
Because it was all my fault...
But when you broke,
I wasn't even around to pick
Up the pieces.
 Jan 2015 Zavid
 Jan 2015 Zavid
To have

My head on your chest

Beneath your comforting arms

My hand on your stomach 

Moving with the rhythm

Of your breathing

The silence being pierced
By your wonderful heart beating

Is truly

The best feeling
Of pure happiness

That I will ever experience
 Dec 2014 Zavid
Jessica Leigh
I could go to our messages and read them over.
But I'm too tired tonight.
I think it's the first time I've just
And said no to myself.
I'm tired.
And I'm not sure of what this time.
It's familiar,
The exhaustion I feel.
But there are no blades
And no more lover's stares.
Just sleepiness and lonliness.
So I won't revisit
You again tonight
But only out of exhaustion,
My dear.
Forgive me.
 Oct 2014 Zavid
Jessica Leigh
I've known every type of person
Who has ever roamed this Earth
Known every beaten, broken, dead girl
Known every happy, brilliant, innocent boy
I may have never seen their eyes
But I've know them, none the less

I've known smiles and laugh lines
Of an old mother looking at her son
Known the sparkle in her eyes
Know the desparation in her hugs
No, my mother was never like that
But, all the same, I've known her

I've known bruises and black eyes
Of an abused five-year-old girl
Known the hatred for her father
Known the love that is still buried deep
I was never hurt like she was
But I still feel like I've known her

I've known church bells and crosses
Of a preacher long since his calling
Known his sermons and hymns
Known his passion as he spoke to the church
No, I've never believe in God
But I've known the preacher of his word

I've known ledges and pill bottles
Of a teenage boy who can't handle it anymore
Known the willingness to jump and swallow
Known the unwillingness to do so
I've never done the same as him
But I just know that I've known him

I've known music and lyrics
Of an unknown rock band
Known their words as they wrote
Known their soul behind every piece
No, I've never seen them live
But their music says I've known them

I've known cuts and razors
Of an unaccepted middle child
Known the tears she cries at night
Known the fear of being caught
I have never known that fear
But I'm confident that I've known her

I've known every type of person
Who has ever roamed this Earth
Known all the lovers, abusers, preachers
Known all the killers, players, cutters
No, I am not like any of them
But maybe that's why I'm so lost.
 Oct 2014 Zavid
 Oct 2014 Zavid
Time has turned,
turned to death.
I am lost
without a breath.
The thoughts I had
began to disappear,
when I looked out,
everything was unclear.
When the world started to fade
everything I saw
made me afraid.
I began to ask questions,
in search for confessions.
When nothing came out,
I began to have doubt.
The moment my heart stopped,
my body just dropped.
Now I stare out to the sea,
and know my soul is free.

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