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 Jan 2017
Some poets are way better than the majority,
Yet they are down-to-earth and connected,
Less they care about others' opinions,
Kindness is replete in them,
Injuring no hearts in
E**ra of love.
My HP Poem #1370
©Atul Kaushal
 Apr 2016
Could have gone and twirled
In about 12 different places, faces
I realize with a nod
That The Wolf was just a **** fun rebound
Distraction, and I knew it
I knew it well
So why feel any remorse at all
My heart and my stomach feels very little.

Intimate strong feelings revealed on set
Wine eyes, you are the blackest night sky
But we can kick it, I'll always be your homie
Feels so good to discuss intellectually
You always got an interesting way of looking at things
I don't gotta feel rushed or like I must
Have all the answers and my whole life
In a pretty bow, a spoon full of sugar
Diamond ring, the past won't say anything
And thank god for that.

I brush my teeth at night
And wince sometimes
When I remember how my room mate
Threw your tooth brush away
For me?
Cuz of me?
Cuz of you?
She said it so bitterly.
We use to be friends
But now she acts like I'm the enemy.

Maybe I am.
The enemy of you and your handle of Fireball
I tried and couldn't help but make you something deeper
Thicker, I pulled you away from a fraternity
Striving to get you alongside me
We rode on a ferris wheel, you bought me my Chicago sweat shirt
Everything so new, so intune
So in love
We thought
I thought
And as this movie comes to a close
I watch you fully go
And I'm so ******* glad.

I've been thinkin'
Round the date of the premiere
I might be able to stand you again
Be in the same room, without looking for anything
The Boys lament, they want me around
Summer, summer won't be the same
They grab my hand, look into my face
They warned me about you, they say
The warm and the platonic love
They are glad to see my fully go my own way
And we know, this fraternity, cult
I dreamed you up one night
I remember it so well
I called it Hobble Cage
And it was. I hobbled and I bobbled
Around the cage I thought I could stay
But no longer play in.

But things change.
I see pictures of your new ******* the internet
But she ain't got no Facebook
She's not a lady, she's not delicate or pretty
My best friend says you so clearly strayed away
And found the opposite of me
Something more in your league
Because its too painful for you to know
To see
You never could
Never really did
Have me.

I don't send you my poetry
Anymore, I felt the need to share it for so long
I see you for who you really are
My heart no longer aches and feels shattered
I think about you in the same category as those before you
Come full circle time, I'll be alright
And I know you, and I know your feelings
But my crying on the street
Stressing how much you mean
Begging you let down your walls
Those days
Will never ever return.

I close my eyes at night
I take my time and choose my energy wisely
Those that desire to knock me down a notch or two
Can't help but feel the pain
But I watch it fly away into the sky
I don't know where this path leads
But I float and I trailblaze down it.
 Jan 2016
Oh my love
The miles are torturous
My spirit, frayed from reaching for you
How my heart longs to beat beside you once again
Oh my love
The sound of your sadness kills me
Like tiny acid tears dripping in my soul
Burning an eternity, yet making me love you more
Oh my love
If I could reach you by any means,
I would never leave your side
For in your arms is where I am who I am meant to be
Oh my love
You are my Spring in the dead of Winter
The very air that I breathe
Distance is a slow asphyxiation
Oh my love
It won't be long now
When we can live the life we've lived before
Together in all things
Sharing a lifetime in each moment together
Oh my love
Words cannot do justice to the exquisite pain of longing
Of knowing what we get to experience...together
Distance is temporary and we are eternal
Oh my love
I miss you so
I am lifeless in your absence, as you hold my heart
I have never truly been me, until there was you
I love you so very much
A masterful One hearing of the Tao
immediately begins to embody it.

An average One hearing of the Tao
half believes it and half doubts it.

A foolish One hearing of the Tao
laughs out loud, and yet
should fools not laugh,
it wouldn't be the Tao!

Thus t'is writ:
The path into the light seems dark,
the path forward seems to go back,
the direct path seems long,
true power seems weak,
true purity seems tarnished,
true steadfastness seems changeable,
true clarity seems obscure,
the greatest seem unsophisticated,
the greatest love seems indifferent,
the greatest wisdom seems childish.

The Tao is nowhere to be found,
yet it nourishes and completes all things.

- - -
Reiterated slightly from Stephen Mitchell's iteration.

Implications abound
from ethics to psychology
and onward to quantum physics,
and every quanta betwixt and beyond!
 Jan 2016
Staring at the ceiling sky
Past lover's faces
The midnight moonless skies

Stars twinkling
Their light having been cast
Many light years ago

Each one for their time
Had in their eyes - for me -
The golden glow

Meteor showers of montage sequences
fly by
Trailing ribbons in the ceiling skies

The dots when taken together
Tho eons passed and separated
Pieces and bits form constellations

The Mother
Sancho Panza in drag disguise
A female Damocles and her sword
The Companion Star, still glowing here in the Western sky

Looking backwards in time
Their presence was once present
Now, all have vanished
Moved on to other places in space and time

Aware of all I have been given
All I've learned

Remembering I loved each one
And when the moon is right
and the ceiling is dark
and there is no sleep
for me tonight
Their light still shines
On my ceiling night sky.
"I don't want to make it awkward or anything,
but I had a *** dream about us last night.

Don't get me wrong:
there was more to it than that-
we were having a long and involved conversation
about many potential meanings of Life
and the joys of pursuing One's own creative spirit
as well as some discussion
as to the seemingly cyclic nature of Time
and the absolute relativity
of Consciousness and Reality.

See, it was after that
(and perhaps some red wine)
that we yoked ourselves
in the heat of unspoken passion
and accidentally set the room aglow
with sparks of fervid insatiability
until the Moon took a cue from our dance and song
and slowly went down on the Earth
and the Sun rose over the crest
warming what icy shells
we'd so briefly and blissfully forgotten.

But alas,
for it was but a dream
and then I woke unto yet another;
but I thought
perhaps you may like to know.

I hope you slept well too."
To no one in particular.
Consider it historical fiction.
Ideas usurp various limits
by the judicious art
of cross-application.
 Oct 2015
S Smoothie
I take a breath on a heartbeat
in the spaces of moments
I respire in these moments
lost in the sense of you
These are the spaces I live for
these moments,
between our breathing spaces
 Oct 2015
Sally A Bayan
lovely Saturday morning....
      might we dance a bit today
         to ease off some sadness?*

(A repost...some editing done)

The neighbor's stereo was playing tango music
      too loud, it made me  look at my red painted toes...
i realized, my feet hadn't even swayed
for so long now,
they've grown timid...and wary
All i want is to dance,
to be safe, warm,
close to one, as close as
cheek to cheek,
go left, then right,
lean, cling, then hold hands,
be held on the waist,
dip, then circle gracefully,
and step, a stretched arm away,
be brought closer once again,
hearing clearly the sighs
as the music reaches a high.

But, it was a chicken dance i had joined then,
the shaking and jiggling were so
it mattered not who fell out of the beat
the desire waned,
fires die,
fires died, alright.

My feet are raring to swing back,
to be alive once more
on life's dance floor
no more falls, trips or missteps this time
just steps with a slower beat
with more grace now,
who knows,
this could be my best dance

This has got to feed my jazzy mood
play my chosen music
maybe do the shimmy for a while,
then shift to the bossa nova,
swing to its cool, hip-py rhythm.

Whatever the beat may be,
my partner and i,
we shall blend in while we do the mambo,
the rumba, cha-cha, even tap dance,
to celebrate this new chance on life.
I only  wish that on our first dance together,
we may dance the samba on the wide floor,
let the hours fly by.

Then, with a waltz,  we'll take it easy
until we finally get weary,
until we slow drag
the night away.



Copyright 2014
Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
 Sep 2015
I offer you this innocence,
come on in,
are left on the other side
of the walls of skin.

Hearts may open here
tears may tumble
walls may fall
in this moment between you and me.

We will offer
truths and tenderness
for every imagined sin.

Life's a puzzle
the pieces are in
earthquake shambles scattered
across the floor.
There are places for each puzzle piece
to put together,
we may even find bliss.

Sometimes this life is too complex
too hard to fathom
too easy to plummet,
we all need a place to

This is the innocence
feel free to come on in,
your secrets are safe here,
never told by me.

It has been said
we are as sick as our secrets,
burrowing through our eyes
in dark packets of disguise.
But in this sanctuary
lies dissolve
innocence returns,
We find a chance to begin again.

Put down the masks
Put down the resentments
Put down the propped up sorrows
Our truths will set us free.

The door is open
the glowing warmth of connection
is at your disposal,
come speak to me
the accumulated hurts of where you have been,
through these true confessions
hurts pass
not forgotten

We can begin again.

The puzzle pieces lost
will be found,
compassion and forgiveness
become our friends.

Abandon all pasts
seen through a child's eyes,
in this time of now
we can become cozy
snuggle up in this warm bath embrace.
Sometimes we all need a place to hide
in all the necessary pillows and comforters.

Either in words or in silence,
we'll find that spot of transformation,
begin again,
once you enter this innocence,
from the tangle
as birds well know,
we can fly free again.
If you're serious about it, prove it. Begin to practice it.
If you're gonna do it, don't take yourself so seriously:
the stress, though it is a motivator, may just **** you!
We need to talk openly with and about our Demons,
'cause they're always whispering in our ear
and waiting on the tip of our tongue,
so I find it's better to take those dogs for a walk
at least once or twice a day, if not more,
than to let them destroy our mental furniture
and **** in the pantry, or the bed, as it were,
as we're so blissfully content
leaving our own Shadow unsupervised;
that is,
until we find ourselves cast from Grace
and play the victim, or create victims-
succumbing evermore to our Demons.

We have the Will to chose:
build pressure, or diffuse it.

Do as ye will,
but be willing to accept consequences
lest ye be a coward and a hypocrite,
as is rather in-style, t'would seem
To dismiss as "Dark" is to forsake what Light!
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