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 Feb 28
Sy Lilang
I was silenced with Your beauty from within me:
As You bring into halt
the outcry of my soul —
You have never lose
even a heartbeat towards me
Nor did You wither
like the fallen leaf
in the rough sand.

You shower me rain
As if You're always throwing a party
in the invisible Heaven.
Above and below,
I find no synonyms for Your perfection.

You unveil Your grace
like it has never been unfold before —
And there I knew,
my life was never over
You always do take over.

And each day I ask of Your desires,
Of Your word and Your will,
It has also become the wave
That surpasses my expectation —
Truly, it's more than I can ever imagine
You're the courage to walk in the waters.

I see Your running fingers
in the curtains of the oceans
I feel the mist of Your perfume
Which was the incense of every collected tear,
You have overcame
Even a cup of every sufferring.

If I could write my heart out,
Let me also sing for You
As my only one audience --
You are the very detail of my core,
So also for the homes
You will grant to draw me to You.
How could I keep from praising You..
 Feb 28
Sy Lilang
God’s provision is a manna to keep,
A manna to embrace,
A manna to enjoy.

Under the heavens, one can burst with complain
When he knows not the worth
Of even a single drop pouring like rain.
While the other rejoice —
Dancing in the moonlight, in the fiercest milky way
For his prayers have been answered,
His tears, he knows are worth to keep in a bottle.

One can roar like a lion in desperation:
And so he starves but neither he was killed by others’ bow
Nor the strong cravings in his belly
But by grumbling with his poisonous words
Like wearing a snake as a scarf on his neck.

One can ask for more which are outside of his reach,
But there is one who before he asks,
has already greatly received.
His grips are not on his pocket,
Not even on the purses which were secondhand,
But it’s a grip of one who is courageous enough —
The one whose arrows are not trade to the west,
Nor his shield echoes while in defense of his keeps.
The one who knows whom he truly trust:
A trademark of a mighty warrior,
Never peeling in deceit.

Two eyes can be set on the same red sparrow
But in the goodbye of the mist,
Truth is still truth, there’ll be no hidden things.
One eye blurs into the abyss of fire
While the other is embraced with the kiss of the heavens.

We can choose to be one who is choked by his words —
The one whose sword is in his golden chest,
Never knowing the bleeding of his heart,
The one whose spirit is mourning alive.

But rather be the one who is recipient of grace,
Melody is the Sun, shone in his face
The one whose greatest weapon is the decree of his heart
He thirsts of instructions,
Knowing the throne isn’t his.
He dwells in the court of corrections, disowning his pride —
So be the one whose trust is never in his might.
Numbers 11:17-20
And I will come down and talk with you there. And I will take some of the Spirit that is on you and put it on them, and they shall bear the burden of the people with you, so that you may not bear it yourself alone. And say to the people, Consecrate yourselves for tomorrow, and you shall eat meat, for you have wept in the hearing of the Lord, saying, “Who will give us meat to eat? For it was better for us in Egypt.” Therefore the Lord will give you meat, and you shall eat. You shall not eat just one day, or two days, or five days, or ten days, or twenty days, but a whole month, until it comes out at your nostrils and becomes loathsome to you, because you have rejected the Lord who is among you and have wept before him, saying, “Why did we come out of Egypt?”’”
One beautiful sunset

Snow sugar dusted streets and homes

Chilled winds that refresh the soul…

As one’s day starts and the alarm clock rings the start of a bet

To enjoy more than “what meets the eye.”

Inventive explorations and Creation of new mapped way-points

Mark the daring explorer as he never settles for the “lesser roll”

A gamble number landed on the tops of “life’s” challenged dice

To win a new way of life

rewriting history…

Not just for the journey man….

However, for the world…….A newer fashion added to an old passion..

A sweet and exciting mixed up “spice.”
Autobiography and memoirs  
Are more then just a way
To share stories
They can keep family in touch
Sharing yesterday and today
Accolades and glories

When we have passed on
Your memories will fade in to gone
Who will remember our life
Our children, husband, wife
It’s the memories we share
For those to read and care
Told directly by you the more you give
The Stronger your voice will live

With sites such as  
Ancestry and family tree
Our next Generation can learn and see
However Only Legacy story can be told
A deeper perspective as we grow old

Writing your  autobiography  
  book of short stories,memories to share
From youth to old age secrets are there
Every emotion from joy to pain
Life’s lesson our refrain

If you choose a  memoir to share
A  specific time frame is centered there
A detailed event or period Is time
Sharing what you learned
The good the bad  exposing the crime  

Everybody has a story to tell
Situations create life’s joy or ****
an exceptional life have one
Every story is different Once you begun

I have kept a journal, diary books
since  the age 12 twelve I started writing
I was hooked
Capturing the emotion
in the moment
Our heart a deap ocean
its powerful, accurate writing what I saw
Yes sometime exstreamly raw
An actual account what you saw
did ,feel ,the whole ordeal

In some cases
you’ll have to change the names
to protect the guilty
face it, we’re all guilty of something

People like stories
that are based on real events
if you seek publication

Carpe Deim
Time is of the essence
Society is fascinated with
Stories of the past
Your voice, spirit will last
You will be celebrated remembered
A relatable story people will grasp
 Nov 2018
Babu kandula
I always felt
You can make anyone
Happy by offering a tip

But, some situations
Will prove you wrong

Today when I went to the dealer
For servicing

And when I reached there

I am welcomed by an elderly person

As yesterday we had a blizzard

I couldn't completely clean my car

I apologized him and then asked if that is ok

His reply

"Not to worry sir, it will melt anyway".

Am very happy by his gesture, the warmth in his voice, caring and love just reminded me of my late grand father.

He took my car inside and brought me a loaner car

While taking the loaner, I offered him tip.

He politely rejected and said

"You are good man, I did my job."

No words from my mouth. Then I saw some blood strains on his face

I asked him about it he said it's because of one of the car's door.

He then said, "see I got this, than a tip".

His point is my caring.

I am inspired by his gesture.

How many people we will encounter like him

I don't know.

By the way his name is Bob. That's what I heard I don't even know his full name. I made a mistake but, he is busy I can't disturb him though.

But, he will be in my thoughts and also in my prayers.

Grand Subaru
bensenville, Illinois

Thank you Bob for your gesture. You made my day. Am blessed.

Small actions lead to major impacts
True story

Pardon me if any grammatical mistakes..
 Nov 2018
eunsung aka Silas
being your daddy means
being patient even
when you won’t go to bed

being your daddy means
loving you even
when I’m so tired

being your daddy means
showing up as I am
and doing the best I can
 Nov 2018
Babu kandula
I am blessed

As a descendent

From early human.

Values and its meaning

Changes from person to the person

Life, though makes me feel confident

My instincts are guided scripts

Implanted to deal with

what value really is

Of course everyone have their own instinct

That makes me

Am nothing but, me.
 Oct 2018
patty m
beautiful child the wind blows hollow
through your pane
lay down your head in familiarity
trust is gained, and mine is golden
tucking covers, and blocking
images that frighten you
I offer love and understanding
a heart filled with caring
a protective stance
that holds darkness at bay
come dance with me in dreamy puddles

Lets drift off in make believe
as we laugh away the hours.
How sweetly your breath
kisses my face,
as your hand finds comfort in my sleeve,
Even if I ache I won't disturb your slumber,
or the dreams that bring sudden smiles to your lips.
And if you wake, you'll see me here
and know that you are safe
 Sep 2018
Crumbling with leaks and rust
Sagging floors and broken chairs
Hours of golden laughter ring
And contentment reigns supreme

© Hilda August 25, 2014
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