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Poor Ignorance
Searches for treasures
Held by his own hands
 Jan 2017 Cloey Olson
tl b
because my heart is strong
but my head is loose.
The moments with you, i recycle.
*(some say i mangle.)
but everything gets a little worn out.
playing piano
along your arms
is somehow my
sweetest tune
 Jan 2017 Cloey Olson
May Davis
 Jan 2017 Cloey Olson
May Davis
Why did I ever think
you'd love someone like me?
I loved you... but did you ever love me?
Hope you find the happiness you've been pretending to have
Most humans drink coffee and wine
They consume television and mainstream novels
They feed their souls with popularity contests and safe relationships

But poets
We could not survive without passion, intensity, and meaning
Everything we feel is felt to the depths of our souls
We are the ones to put into words the unspeakable pain of heartbreak
The incomprehensible joy of falling in love
We are the ones brave enough to say out loud the diaries of a thousand souls

Us poets
We drink tea and whiskey
 Aug 2016 Cloey Olson
We all look up to the same sun.
To the same moon we confide.
We all look at them the same...
Hoping for the light of day...
Wishing for peace at night.

It seems that they are not just.
For their light is selective.
It is not available to those
heavily shrouded in the dark,
drenched in tears.
It seemingly favour those
who'd shamelessly croon for their boon.
Miscreants who shirk
their responsibilities and fears.

I beg you...
Guardian of day and sentinel in twilight.
May your arms be kind and fastidious.
May your reach be deliberate,
purposeful and extensive.
Find those who cry but without voice.
Cradle those who've made decisions
without the luxury of choice.
Shed some love so they could see
past their laboured breaths in mud.
Raise them to their feet
so that they might
have a fighting chance to live.
 Jul 2016 Cloey Olson
writing with a
cigarette in hand

writing with a
stain on my shirt

writing with a
bruise on my lip

trying to pretend
that your words
never hurt

sleeping with out

dreaming of good

drinking glasses
of malt whiskey

walking through dark
alleys with you
on my mind

I cannot get
past you

no matter how
hard i try

now every hello
i’ve said since you

tastes of your
eyes in that
moment you said
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