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Cloey Olson Oct 2018
you don't know beautiful until you know him
Cloey Olson Jun 2017
So few and precious things on Earth feel real and he’s one of them
Cloey Olson Apr 2017
‘So he hates you now?’ she asked quietly.  
‘No’ I replied. ‘It’s worse..  He feels nothing at all.’
Cloey Olson Feb 2017
Touch like glass.
So crisp it cuts.  
Right when you started to trust the glossy perfection.
One crack & it slices open anyone who comes close.
I didn't know I was cracked open.
Didn't realize the damage I could do.
He touched me so gently I forgot I was broken.
Glass shatters so delicately.
Just the slightest twinge and blood appears.
You see the blood before you feel the pain.
It's so subtle.
It wants to be touched.
It does.
It doesn't want to cause pain.
It has so much depth in it's soul.
Begging to be loved, yet destroying anyone that does.
Begging for attention then punishing anyone that comes.
It wishes it were sturdier.
Why does it have to be delicate?
Why does it have to be broken?
Cloey Olson Jan 2017
..begging to be loved
yet destroying anyone that does..
Cloey Olson Jan 2017
i miss him in waves.
typhoons one minute,
tide pools the next
but always, there
never quite making it to shore
drifting in him,
day after day..
Cloey Olson Jan 2017
He touched me so gently
I forgot I was broken
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