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tl b Feb 2018
In my life
I am the closest thing to permanent
and every single thing else
is exactly temporary.
tl b Sep 2017
Black licorice,
I don't wish
to be rich.
Money won't buy
but it'll get ya close.
tl b Sep 2017
the thunder
& off
tears fall
like the
night rain.
tl b Sep 2017
tonight the sky
needed to cry;
likewise, so did I.

& like the thunder
loud & bold I,
too, needed all to
tl b Aug 2017
Wear me, wear me out.
Oh wait, you already did.
It's these ones, these broken hearts
that give us the answers from within.
tl b Aug 2017
I wear my heart on my pinky finger
I've been making promises to myself
And no one else.
tl b Aug 2017
Dating is the Devil's game.
If she wants to slither in,
let her.
Soon the apple falls upon the head
of the snake.

Tender times are telling times,
She will get what she deserves.
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