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 Dec 2014 Brook Lynne
Get me drunk
Get me high

Watch me laugh
Watch me cry

Help me make mistakes
Help me get through today

I want to mess up
I want to feel alive

I've had a change of heart, you see.
**I no longer want what's good for me.
 Nov 2014 Brook Lynne
LJ Chaplin
My body's carved from stone,
My lungs are made of gold,
Put a candle to my heart
And it'll die from the cold,
The cathedral bells they ring,
But the martyrs dare to sing,
They only seem to whisper my name.

The only air I breathe
Is the smoke from a fire,
Composure is my friend
As I dance on a wire,
Yes the people stop to stare
But little do I care,
They're only making fools of themselves.

I'm steady as a hunter
Like a shark in the tide,
Don't break above the surface
I'll be caught and I will die,
Try to live on higher levels
But I am just a rebel,
And invincibility falls to its knees.
 Nov 2014 Brook Lynne
 Nov 2014 Brook Lynne
I guess I would have to let him go.

"But you said he was a part of you."

     *So what about it?

"Then you'd have to lose a part of yourself too."

     *That's the point: it's the time I'll lose myself tonight... But this time it won't be by his side.
 Nov 2014 Brook Lynne
Sydney Ann
So after Polar Opposite
I mourned (still am)
And crushed
(Still am)
And had a fling with another guy
(Learned my lesson)

I lost a few friends
And met some new people
And Polar Opposite gave up chasing me
(Don't get me wrong almost all the poem on here
Are about him)

And realized I have a problem
(I got lots of those actually {That was a joke, you're supposed to laugh})

Should I keep my secret of who I am?
So that no one will hate me
Or fear me
Or judge me
So I can be safe?

Or let it all be open
And give up my alluring mystery
And my "friends"
And doom every relationship I ever have

I am so tempted to tell you
Dear reader
Because I will never have to face you in person
And I always feel loved
In your comforting ranks.
Coming down and over
With a narcissistic tide
Daddy's little nightmare
but to momma she's alright

Punched with independence
to hide her own stigma
Breaking hearts left and right
Out for lust, not love

Regurgitating phrases
as if anything was new
Somehow I was blind enough
to ever be with you

I'm never turning back again
You're only burning time
You have taken happiness
But you'll never take my pride.
 Nov 2014 Brook Lynne
 Nov 2014 Brook Lynne
You flooded my thoughts
Twenty-four seven

And I didn't know how to swim,
I did try to escape
I did try to swim to the surface
But, the more I tried
The more I drowned

You pulled my feet to the deepest sea
Prevented me from escaping
Not minding my cries that screamed agony, pain, and most of all love

You chained my feet
Then you threw away the key
Not minding where it went
Leaving me no chance to escape

*Just, why, do you have to be so sweet yet deathly at the same time?
 Oct 2014 Brook Lynne
This truly is
The High school
Teen Girl Saga

Overflowing with
Teen Girl Drama

Who kissed who?
Who to choose?
Teen Girl Trauma

Broken hearts
Teen Girl dogma
I still blush when you kiss my forehead
and when you pinch my hip or nudge my back as you walk past
I still get butterflies when I make you laugh
How could I know love at such a young age?
How could I have known?
The moment my eyes found you
I knew
The moment I gave my all when I had nothing and we turned that empty void into something
and even though there was pain and anguish and heart ache I would do it
yes, I would do it all again
just the same
I wouldn't change a thing
Because there's no other place I'd rather be
than right here with you
Beneath your chin atop your chest listening to the sound of your heart
and feeling your fingers in my hair
listening to your dreams and stories of joy
Speaking about future endeavors that we wish to seek together
The wind carries a song you may not hear for I know that God is speaking and He is saying our blessings are already here!
My love, my sweet
Skin against skin
Kiss on your lips
Hold on for dear life as we live life and love life in love

Forbidden to others and I realized others will never understand and I realized it's not for anyone or anything or others to understand
Because it's you who holds my hand
Because it's you who brushes my cheek
Because it's you who chases the demons away
Because it's who wipes my tears
Because it's you who makes me smile and dream and be not afraid to seek

My love,
You make me feel such a way that I could fly without wings
If an angel could expel the feathers of her being without seeing then I could represent my heart in a thousand shards of emotional delicacy

For that is what you create within me
The most poetic thing I think I have ever written for the love of my life. Our anniversary is coming up so hey, why not?

(C) Maxwell 2014
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