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Unfamiliar face, with your touch that melts so warm.

Foreign bodies with the same intention, wanting more.

Exchanging breaths instead of words,
No expectations to be heard..

Lines blurred.

Asking nothing but a moment of euphoric selfless bliss

Just thrusts of lustful passion
with pain and pleasure in its midsts


As we continue to succumb this yearning, pure desire..

this stranger doesn't feel so strange,
like a flame amidst the fire.

-Bobbie Leigh

Are reminiscent of my deepest dreams and desires

Inspiring me and seeing you in every little thing, I have found beauty in life itself

And in my coldest hour, thoughts of you ignite within me an eternal flame

An inferno tamed to the beat of our hearts, forgetting time and space

Filling in the blanks where our love first started

Until the last dawn, until the edge of the night...


By Bobbie Leigh
I would tell you all the things
we do while in my dreams
but it would only change the basis of our chemistry.

Will we remain just friends
while still sending lustful grins?
Please send me a sign, an epiphany.

I know it all too well
friends that turned lovers only to fail,
so how can I know for certain?

I guess for now we'll play this game
of dancing near enticing flames,
while we remain behind this curtain.

-Bobbie Leigh
One so full of sorrow, can seem quite bare and hollow

Like a heart without blood nor veins
or unoccupied snail shells,
they're all the same

Lifeless muted reminders
of how things use to be,
like winters frozen waters
reminiscing of flowing seas

Though in the mind of one so saddened
one can always hope for change,
for life's ever-shifting ways
account for everything good, bad, and strange

-Bobbie Leigh
The good, the bad..nothing lasts forever. Just ask the seasons.
To crave the warm tender verbs of my lovers words...

*-Bobbie Leigh
So this is defeat.
This place in which helplessness and discontentment meet.
This off rhythmic step to a melancholy beat.

It seeps into the creeks where light once resided.
Confiding to no one the fears that I hide when shedding my tears in places pride cant thrive in.


This feeling that cant be beat nor destroyed.
This strong-force that makes all joyful things void.
In this world so dark and dim, I ask myself "where do I begin?"
How do I open the windows to my soul to shed the light in?

For it's harder than it seems... the fall of shattered broken dreams.
This place where self-destructive schemes and life's worn down seams meet.


*-Bobbie Leigh
My fickle heart is confused.

For it longs for a place to call home, but much like a drone
It aimlessly drops bombs while moving along

My fickle heart is confused.

For it never had a reason to stop and stay
Much like the wind, it prefers to swing and sway

My fickle heart is confused.

For it's familiar with the motions of its ever-changing cruise
But you came along its path, and stopped it in its tracks

My fickle heart was confused.

Changing its beat while it roamed a few feet,
And then it met you, found love and it's muse

My heart is no longer confused.

A wanderer in every sense
The moment it found you was its biggest suspense

It was you all along, the words to my song
My heart remained still ever since

*-Bobbie Leigh
The moment you realize you've found the one.
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