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Ana Wahyuni Oct 2015
I am mess,
Need some rest

I've tried,
But failed

I don't know what I'm waiting
But they ask me to keep going

I don't know why!
Even we fall to high

I've been waiting on you
Just waiting for something real
Ana Wahyuni Jun 2015
I want turn back the time with no motion
Where I can grasp the eyes of the moon
I made sure 'Twas no Santa Mondega
Wrenched my love, drift swallowed into typhoon

Bourbon was wiped out us when I woke up
Even I haven't saw carcass lay up
Will not bad than never to see the light
Definitely sing then the hand rise up

I wanted to live longer certainly
Without see tomorrow comes to early
Just see the only one of sun rise up
Not eclipse killed me by frozen coldly

Make sure if I happy with the right path
Not promise that you said was made you wrath
Ana Wahyuni May 2015
Oncologist said that's illness
And it was evolved and hopeless
Hiding and appearing become skilled
The last o'er time before I killed

As flower in desert
Skinny and pale were sign
Pray and cry were habits
Saw the Lord's house so high

My crown is missing
Because I'm struggling
My dream is missing
Because I'm struggling

Put hand in beating heart
Believing God's bell
Put hand in beating heart
And said " all is well"
for several people who try to survive and my lovely Mom
Ana Wahyuni May 2015
I shut my eyes,
I saw the lightness,
I open my eyes,
I saw the darkness,

I speak they cried
I be quiet they exited
I step forward they step back
I fall they watched to laugh

I had passed away
They ask why?
I slept in May
Then have a good day!
I'm human too!

— The End —