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 Apr 2017 Joe Black
the Internet
is how we met
it begins all the same
the devil in me is to blame.
I have sinned
but where will it all end?
it may seem
but like a dream
starting out fresh and new
with a flirty how do you do
and **** talk to ensue
but now with another who.
I think I am clever
dancing forever
but the devil
is not careful
with my artist's soul
swallowing me whole
not special or unique
one of many you seek
sneaking in my heart
to tear apart
when will I learn
that hell will burn
my eyes are blue as is my mood
I'm not a very good at explaining things.

But I do have amazing ideas I'd love to share.

But I'm not good at explaining.

dang i wish i was good at explaining
 Feb 2017 Joe Black
Tonya Cusick
She bathed me in acid.
My skin like goo.
She made me her victim, and I to her too..
The aroma arose, with rancid smell.
You could taste the chemicals,
flesh burning and peeling..
making hell have, An whole other meaning.
With sweet ease she poured me, on her skin.
So we could be one, in unison.
She bathed me in her acid love.
i can no longer have you as my home because i will end up homeless time and time again.
you made me homeless.
Come lay with me,
You are a necessity,
I want to feel you,
While it is just us two.

I wish I could put into words,
The love I feel,
You don't give me butterflies,
You give me hummingbirds.
 Feb 2017 Joe Black
Austen girl
There's something wrong with me..
Don't know what I did
To have such rotten luck in love..
I tried, I tried.. I tried
But they're all hurt or they don't care..
I'm as alone as I've ever been.
Whoever you are, better come along
Before I destroy myself
Piece by piece
Trying to fit these puzzles
That supposedly make sense
I don't believe, I don't believe
It's hard to look okay
When everything inside you
Is screaming you're all wrong
you're not strong or brave or patient
You're just a pathetic coward
Holding onto people
Who clearly do not love you..
Pushing away the ones that do..
So whoever you are, do you see?
I need you to show up
Before all this
becomes who I am..

I can't take it, I can't, I just can't
I tried, I tried, I really did try.
 Feb 2017 Joe Black
Cosmic Dust
In a world this cruel
Some people choose to let go
But some hold on too tightly
For the wounds of your past to show
If you can't find nice people, be one.
 Feb 2017 Joe Black
I love to write
I hate to read

I'd rather listen
As my muse
Breaks free

Under water
Balancing breath
Deep in sleep
Closer to death

Chasing passion
Down endless
Rabbit holes

I love
To follow
No matter
High or low

And when the trip
Comes to an end
I suppose
I'll come back
  As a Poet again...
Traveler Tim
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