i guess
i’ll love you
the way the sun
loves the moon
and you
will love me
the way the grass
loves the trees
perfectly in synch
but just a little too different
to ever truly
i think the love of your life and “the right one” are two different people
here you were,
                there you are

then you were near,
                now you are far

            nothing but a pretty scar
I wish you could be as close
(to me)
as the scars on my body
she is like wildfire
contagious -- burning
everything in her path
to ashes

she is crazy
she fears no consequence
of her actions

she knows -- she won't get caught

do not try to contain this one
she will break free
of any walls you build around her

do not try to understand her -- she does not need your understanding

embrace her
tag along

or get burned in the flame she leaves you in
its me, and its you, and its us,, because we are all flammable under her touch.
  Oct 8 Grace Spellman
She felt like she had nothing to lose
Maybe that's why she dived
Head first without thinking of the consequences
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