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Tonya Cusick Sep 2020
Another wasted thought in my convoluted  head.
Another pillow to cry in, on my fold out bed.
Another reason to miss
The sweet solace,
Of your touch,
I miss it much.
Another day wishing I was enough.
Just a snazzy little zinger I wrote when drunk.
Tonya Cusick Mar 2019
Anger it’s pulling the strings,
Makes me do and say these things,
I promise I don’t mean it,
If my tongue would let me hold back,
It would.
But the urge inside me, the rage it boils and toils within’ me.
I am the captive and captain to these angry puppet strings.
And every last thread defines me.
This anger puppeteer.
Tonya Cusick Nov 2017
She picks and plays on my guitar,
While I lay.
Here in this room where we share intamacy, laughter, and many of these moments that make my heart warm again.
I was looking for a lover,
You were looking for a friend.
I was seeking abroad,
When you fell into me.
Like a ship I was capsized,
But you were the first to dive in the water.
Diving straight into me.
Deep blue love.
Tonya Cusick Oct 2017
She is fire.
Burning delight.
She is every thought.
Running through my mind at night.

She is beautiful,
Even with the etches she carved in her skin, all a reminder of whom to not let in.
She is so much more than she knows.
And I'm going to be the one to show her just that.
Be prepared for greatness my love.
Hold on tight.
Tonya Cusick Sep 2017
The way your body sways in its own rythmatic unison, hypnotising me.
Beautiful, porcelain poison.
You gaze with allurmemt in each pupil, pulling me in.
I am taken away by your bewilderment ways.
I am falling in love with you day by day.
Sweet porcelin love.
Tonya Cusick Jun 2017
Ever just lay awake in bed?
Tossing and turning to the thoughts that correlate in your own head?
Eating and melting the memories you left behind, trying to U
trying to escape from this beautiful mind.
Maybe you're better off dead..
Or maybe thoughts are better left un-said..
Tonya Cusick Jun 2017
Take my breath away,
With every gasp of air.
It's not a containable feeling,
Not one I can bare.
So serenade me in your sweet love affair.
Beautiful serendipity.
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