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i was sleeping sweetly
till i heard strange sound
trumpets of some deadly thing approaching
a november cold wind in her eye
she walked a shadowy figurine on storm wracked road
as she walked slow and deliberate dressed all in black
she held a dozen bones of a bird that flew
she held a dozen bones of a man that ran
none escape her hand
not in noonday sun
or riding by the fog bound moon in the night
you can find her stirring pestilence on cookfire
along the river road
with the mother of all decay for company
she asked me in a frail voice
what is it that you see...what darkness binds me
i said all manner of beast crawls your pale skin
all manner of shadow calls your heart home
i said you are a walking open grave
she smiled and brushed cold finger on my lip
promise of a deep kiss
that made my very soul shudder
that made me howl in heart deep terrors
fled that dark dream with its tastes of death
fled here to noon day sun
long as i keep the sun overhead
maybe ill see her comin and run
(why is death always cast as a man?)
 Jun 2014 Allen Wilbert
SG Holter
I now know
Why little girls crying
Into teddies say they're
Now I know that none of
My songs of heart-

Break were real. I had
No idea.

It's like holding your breath
When you know that that car is
Not going to

It's the chill down your neck when
You learn that somebody
Just like you
Passed away. Suddenly.

It's the feeling of knowing you're
Losing your grip on the roof of
A burning
Skyscraper. Air.

A soldier, a landmine.
Looking down to see
That your body
Is broken.

I now know why country music
Is so close to God at all times.
Why amputees grieve over
Lost limbs.
Why girls cry and boys drink.

It's going to bed, certain that  
The sun will not
Rise in the morning.
Surrounded but alone
longing for a place
that feels like home
by your side I saw him
as you walked on by
then it hit where it hurt most
I'm nothing more than
just another ghost
Hello, can you hear me?
Lately it seems that
I’m always the one standing here
Waiting for you to say
Those words of love, for attention
In reply to my precious words
Repeatedly, I’ve said them lately
Yet you haven’t said them at all
I always have to **** or poke you
Or think of something fascinating to say
Just hoping to catch your eye
I might be yours, but still
Do you ever think of me throughout your day?

Shrugging me off and not saying a word
Hurts a little, each and every time you do so
Busy bee you may be
But you said I was a priority
Yet it seems I have been left behind
Lately you only want to talk or pay attention to me
When it’s convenient for you
I'm a human being, don't you see
I feel for you more than you know

Realize that even just a couple of words
From you fills me with complete glee
I strive to keep you happy
Whenever I need you
Many times throughout a day
When I feel tired and lonely
All I want is you to comfort me
I just want your love, so please…
Could you say something?
Love me just a little more, keep me in your heart

Give me some of your time please
I've been patient, but I can't wait forever
Putting in the effort is your job too
I'm tired of feeling like a fool
Just for needing you

Tell me you love me, it's all I want to hear
Those words of sweetness
Let them fall from your lips
Caress my cheek with your fingertips
Look me in the eye and don't flinch
 Apr 2014 Allen Wilbert
Creation can be a dangerous game ,
the words are not just words , nor the pictures measly brush stroke paintings

creation magic tricks
translucent transfiguration from thought realm to
physical plane -

eat from the palm of third eye mind
lick the plates of your halo
 Apr 2014 Allen Wilbert
"Sweet dreams,"
My parents would say before we went to bed.

If only.
For my dreams
Were nightmares
Grotesque, twisted monsters
Would run after me
In a dimly-lit forest
Only to have
A car come by suddenly
And run over me
Causing my organs to burst
And blood to stain the ground.

They said,
"May your dreams come true!"
Forgetting that
Were dreams too.
Good job!
You went to church for Grama on Sunday

...And you texted the whole service

Good job!
You helped out and watched your siblings

...And showed them R-rated movies

Good job!
You wore a Bible verse T-shirt to school

...After buying it with stolen cash

Good job!
You got a purity cross necklace to wear

...Then "hooked up" that same night

Good job!
You got a brand new Bible

...And stored it under your bed with the rest of your " junk"

Good job!
You visited your church's website

...And bookmarked it right beneath *******

Good job!
You went to that Bible-study group

...And afterward, to a party

Good job!
You turned down a smoke while you were there

...'Cause at the time you were just thirsty

Good job!
You prayed at the dinner table

...To get your turn over with for the week

Good job!
You call out to God before falling asleep

...To blame Him for your problems

Good job!
You plan on going to church again tomorrow

Just don't forget your cell-phone

Good job, Christian
Keep it up.
|Written 2010|
*from my Emerge collection, being poem #7. Please see the collection page itself.

This poem is one I've never felt quite satisfied with, yet it's a concept I want to address in this same basic form. Now that my poetry and mind has matured more, I may re-write this as a new poem addressing the issue I intended to in this one, in an improved, or heavier, more emotional, or more clear way. I'm not sure.
Line 18 originally said "under *******", but I thought that could come across as the bookmark bearing that name, rather than the new bookmark being beneath it in the least, to signify lesser priority as added weight to the hypocrisy.

© 2017 A.D. Sifford.
I'm okay with you sharing my poetry, I just ask that you show courtesy by being honest and attributing it to my name. Thank you,
- Sifford
Give up
You are not a big man
I am not a man
I am here to work
I'm under everyone
Save me
Let me burn
I can't do this alone
I can be strong enough
Why do I fall?
I trip myself
 Mar 2014 Allen Wilbert
 Mar 2014 Allen Wilbert
I suppressed it far too long!
Heavy with burden,
I can’t breathe anymore.
Release me from my own cage...
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