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Jul 2014 · 1.3k
Dead End
Allen Wilbert Jul 2014
Dead End
sharp claws
dark skin
red eyes
razor teeth
blood dripping
flesh eating
demon spawned
loud roars
heads scalped
people dying
wanting more
can't control
virus infected
zombies attacking
vampires *******
werewolves eating
thunder rolling
lightning crashing
rain pouring
earth flooding
wind howling
hell's frozen
pigs flying
we're dead
the end
Jul 2014 · 1.3k
Love In Rhyme
Allen Wilbert Jul 2014
Love In Rhyme
loving your hair
loving your stare
loving your eyes
loving between your thighs
making you sweat
making you wet
making you beg
making you play
with my third leg
you're my farting queen
you're my miss mean
you're my angel wing
you're my everything
loving your voice
loving my choice
making you bad
making me glad
you're my *****
I'm your itch
loving your smile
loving my style
making you mine
making me feel fine
you're my one and only
I'm your no longer lonely
we're perfect in every way
what else is left to say
Jul 2014 · 1.1k
Nobody Knows
Allen Wilbert Jul 2014
Nobody Knows
Nobody knows what tomorrow will bring,
will there be sunshine, will birds sing.
Is today your last day,
if it is, what will they say.
Were you good, were you bad,
were you happy, were you sad.
Will people come and mourn,
or will they wish,
you were never born.
Is it dark, or is it light,
did you try with all your might.
Is there heaven, is there hell,
whom will toll your last bell.
Is there something,
you would change,
was there things,
you left estrange.
Is there life after death,
will you haunt,
who took your last breath.
For these questions,
that nobody knows,
we'll find out,
in the end,
I will suppose.
Jul 2014 · 1.0k
Fat Lady
Allen Wilbert Jul 2014
Fat Lady
every time I see you
it makes me puke
you're so ugly
it gives me a *****
you're fat and you're hairy
and so very very scary
can't even look
at your face
even bigfoot
thinks you're a disgrace
you smell like ****
and you got one ***
men see you
then they run
not my fault
you weigh a ton
two thousand pounds
I mean come on
the house shakes
when you yawn
been in bed
over twenty years
you're much bigger
than the local Sears
people watch movies
on your back
rivers flow
down your *** crack
if she sat on you
couldn't hear a thing
this fat lady
just started to sing
Jul 2014 · 740
I Want You, You Want Me
Allen Wilbert Jul 2014
I Want You, You Want Me

I want you
you want me
side by side
why don't we
people are same
where ever you go
some move fast
some move slow
good and bad
in everyone
been that way
since life begun
we learn to live
we learn to give
I want you
you want me
our dying love
sets us free
hold me close
hold me tight
then I know
it will be alright
we fell in love
while in the army
now we live
in perfect harmony
we both got locked
in a darkened box
now we can't stop
******* each others *****
Jul 2014 · 1.2k
Allen Wilbert Jul 2014
This is meant to be read,
the week after I pass away.
This is my only and final will,
sorry I have no money or assets.
To my children,
I give whatever I have, plus love.
To my family, I give love,
and thanks for all the support.
To my friends, I give love,
and thanks for the memories.
To my beautiful fiance,
I give love,
and sorry for dying to soon.
I wish I was still alive,
to give you all,
one final good-bye hug.
I will always love and cherish.
each and every moment and memory.
Even though I died to young,
I lived a full and fun life.
I wish you all a long,
and most happy life.
Now it's time to say good-bye,
don't be sad and please don't cry.
I love you all,
Allen Wilbert.
Jul 2014 · 1.4k
Just Say No
Allen Wilbert Jul 2014
Just Say No

I'm a wacko
who smokes tobacco
I'm a skunk
who's always drunk
I'm a loner
who's a stoner
I'm very black
and I smoke crack
name is Beth
who smokes ****
I love drugs
who hates hugs
I drink whiskey
I drink beer
I can be straight
I can be queer
when I snort coke
people call me a joke
I watch movies in the dark
I like to trip in the park
rehab didn't do a thing
drugs are my latest fling
popping lots of pills
yes I know, that speed kills
shooting ****** in my arm
waiting till I bite the farm
don't you dare, try and stop me
or on you I'll take a ***
I ****, shower than I shave
hoping for an early grave
Jul 2014 · 988
Growing Old
Allen Wilbert Jul 2014
Growing Old
in the twilight
of my life
growing old
with my wife
been married
fifty years
shared some laughs
shared some tears
four great kids
of our own
always asking
for a loan
now that
we are broke
our aging bodies
we need to soak
our grand kids
we highly adore
wishing we could
see them more
lived our life
to the max
paid our share
of government tax
saggy *****
saggy ****
wrinkles that
just won't quits
making out our
latest will
hoping our kids
don't try and ****
leaving everything
to the oldest
that move
is the boldest
no plans on
ever dying
even though
our kids are trying
Jul 2014 · 825
Allen Wilbert Jul 2014
been cuffed
been stuffed
been shot
been forgot
been grabbed
been stabbed
been forty
been *****
been accused
been confused
been there
been square
been drunk
been sunk
been ******
been disowned
been eccentric
been athletic
been scared
been prepared
been lazy
been ****
been cruel
been cool
been everything
there is to be
except the man
that is me
Jul 2014 · 1.4k
Allen Wilbert Jul 2014

Talked a lot for two long years,
shared some laughs, shared some tears.
Talked on phone, Facebook and Skype,
you lived up to all the hype.
Counted the days, til we met,
you are one hot brunette.
We fell in love instantly,
we're going down in history.
We make one hell of a couple,
every night, we love to snuggle.
You work all night and day,
while I just sit home and play.
You support, all that I go through,
you don't know how much I appreciate you.
We hug each other when we're sad,
calm each other down, when we're mad.
We laugh at each others jokes,
on Facebook, we give each other pokes.
Sticking together through thick and thin,
meeting you was my greatest win.
I cherish every moment together,
we ride out all sorts of weather.
I guess what I'm trying to say,
I love you each and every way.
Jul 2014 · 541
How I Like It
Allen Wilbert Jul 2014
How I Like It
I walk all alone
it's how I like it
being all by myself
it's how I like it
don't need anyone else
it's how I like it
I have no friends
I have no family
living in the streets
begging for money
begging for food
it's how I like it
sleeping in the near-bye woods
in a tent with many holes
I hunt rabbit
I hunt squirrel
I eat bugs
I eat worms
it's how I like it
would die for a Big Mac
would die for a Whopper
can't drink unless it rains
no coat when it's cold
it's how I like it
walking miles everyday
lucky to make a dollar
no drugs to dull my pain
it's how I like it
just waiting for my death
but I'll probably live forever
weighing only eighty pounds
losing more each passing day
it's how I like it
Jul 2014 · 666
I Dare You
Allen Wilbert Jul 2014
I Dare You
Falling down by the wayside,
another victim, that just died.
Someone else fell to pieces,
another soul, I releases.
You never have a chance,
only I will advance.
I dare you, to give me a try,
like the rest, you will quickly die.
I feel no pain, I feel no suffering,
I'm not lying, I ain't bluffing.
People come from all around,
I sniff them out, like a hound.
I dare you to cross my path,
soon you'll feel my darkened wrath.
Just try and take me down,
around the world, I am renown.
Nobody can stop me now,
you will die, but not sure how.
I dare you, to get in my way,
I'll drown your ***, in the bay.
Your blood is on your own hands,
as it spreads across the lands.
Got a reason, for why I ****,
it gives me a tasty thrill.
I dare you to try and run,
hunting you, makes it more fun.
I'm the devil, hear me roar,
law and order, I always restore.
Jul 2014 · 546
Who Am I
Allen Wilbert Jul 2014
Who Am I
so you think you know me
well nobody knows me
who am I
what am I
I wear an invisible mask
buried deep inside a flask
one day, I might come out
show you what I'm all about
my real identity
might never be revealed
it's in an envelope
and secretly sealed
my real name
you'll never know
I'm more famous
than Vincent Van Gogh
am I woman
am I man
I have a goal
I have a plan
someday you'll
know the truth
meanwhile, I'll just
keep playing a sleuth
Jul 2014 · 927
Bad Day
Allen Wilbert Jul 2014
Bad Day
today was a bad day
I'd like to forget
so much anger
so much regret
I lied to you
I lied to me
god threw away
my church key
I cheated on
my best girl
feel so bad
I could hurl
she punched me
in the face
I deserved it
I'm a disgrace
now my eye
is black and blue
she broke my jaw
now I can't chew
never have I been
more embarrassed
had to move in
with my parents
Jul 2014 · 679
Show Of Shows
Allen Wilbert Jul 2014
Show Of Shows
people arrive at the scene
waiting for my famous routine
seats are filling up fast
what I do is unsurpassed
crowd cheers in anticipation
for their mental *******
as the curtain
begins to rise
all these maggots
become wingless flies
the crowd is in awe
my performance
is without flaw
everyone is speechless
not my fault
I'm a genius
they get their moneys worth
it's the greatest show
on this whole Earth
no one can do
what I do
I can make
all dreams come true
when I'm done
you all chant more
sorry pathetic people
there will be no encore
Jun 2014 · 417
Letting Off Steam
Allen Wilbert Jun 2014
Letting Off Steam
living in sin
can't seem to win
not fun losing
it's not my choosing
waiting on that day
when you'll hear me say
I've finally won
shinning bright is the sun
not that I'm complaining
just some steam I'm draining
things go bad to worse
life is going in reverse
karma is kicking my ***
my destruction is mass
never have any money
some might find this funny
life has a few good points
drinking beer and rolling joints
life is what you make it
I was born to get ****
life ain't really that bad
but still I get so sad
I have a girl, I love so
in bed she never says no
my two kids, I love dearly
wish I could see them
more than just yearly
well I let off enough steam
sometimes my nightmare
is really just a happy dream
Jun 2014 · 443
Follow Me
Allen Wilbert Jun 2014
Follow Me
Follow me to the promise land,
come with me and take my hand.
There is no work, just play,
never any bill to pay.
Good things will happen, in your life,
no more living, on the edge of a knife.
I've played with fire, and got burned,
on the right track, I finally turned.
Take a good look, inside of your heart,
don't let hate, tear you apart.
Trust me to decide your fate,
tomorrow may be way to late.
Can't tell you, where we're going,
but beautiful rivers, will be flowing.
Green grass, everywhere you look,
this isn't a movie, or a silly book.
It's only up around the bend,
this place, I highly recommend.
I discovered this place years ago,
now pack your ****, it's time to go.
When we get there, you will see,
never will you feel so free.
All non believers, can burn in hell,
for I am Jesus, can't you tell.
Jun 2014 · 432
A Boys Tale
Allen Wilbert Jun 2014
A Boys Tale
Little boy with a train,
hiding from all the pain.
Daddy left, when he was five,
he took a very long drive.
Left mommy all alone,
how could someone disown.
Mommy got very stressed
not to mention very depressed.
Started popping many pills,
stopped paying all the bills.
The boy is the age of eight,
mommy goes out, comes home late.
Boy cries day and night,
in school, always in a fight.
Hasn't bathed in a week,
this boy is starting to reek.
Teacher finally called the mom,
your son is one stink bomb.
Moms condition is getting worse,
the teacher, she did curse.
Now mom is smoking crack,
on her son, she turned her back.
Social services, stepped right in,
in this tale, nobody will win.
Jun 2014 · 472
Allen Wilbert Jun 2014
is there anybody out there
if so, please beware
body starting to twitch
brain is getting a glitch
blood boiling high
things starting to go awry
people are about to die
ran out of medication
no longer under sedation
look out world
here I come
it doesn't matter
where you're from
the color of your skin
very big or very thin
it doesn't matter
young or old
just do as you're told
find me the right pill
I really don't wanna ****
it's a habit
I can't break
I'll chew you up
like a fat juicy steak
find me now
help me out
or the last thing
you'll hear
is you shout
Jun 2014 · 593
Allen Wilbert Jun 2014
if you only knew
that my ***** are blue
turned me on
turned me off
with those *******
that made me cough
you the doctor
me the patient
one hundred dollars
is the payment
answered you ad
on Craigslist
you made house calls
in the midst
could have been a nun
could have been a maid
I just needed
to get laid
I wasn't cured
after one hour
ended up taking
a long cold shower
Jun 2014 · 367
Nobody Does It Better
Allen Wilbert Jun 2014
Nobody Does It Better
I like rock
I like metal
calms my nerves
helps me settle
I like writing
I like ****
it's all I got
it's all I need
I like power
I like money
entertaining people
and making a funny
I like love
I like ***
why is life
so **** complex
I like movies
I like tv
there will never
be another me
I like people
I like you
I'm the man
but you already knew
I like smoking
I like drinking
no one is better
is what I'm thinking
I like stories
I like rhyme
my pockets are empty
can you spare a dime
Jun 2014 · 1.3k
Allen Wilbert Jun 2014
looking at your pretty face
leaves my head, an empty space
consumed by your smile
you laughing all the while
I'm so far, out of your league
that explains, all my intrigue
you don't even know, I exist
I rank low on the waiting list
I scream, I shout
calling your name
I'll never win
but I love the game
I would crash
into your car
serenade you
with my guitar
it still wouldn't matter
I'm too ugly
and much fatter
I'd do anything
to be with you
you'd love my
famous Allen *****
now you're married
and I cry
not long after
I did die
Jun 2014 · 1.0k
Living In Sin
Allen Wilbert Jun 2014
Living In Sin
***, drugs and rock and roll
never once paying a toll
girls begging on their knees
don't need to say please
going to church is a sin
dealing with the devil
and I always win
I lie, I cheat, I steal
it's not that big of a deal
living life on my terms
never worrying
about the germs
I'm set in my own ways
I'll leave you in a daze
leaving each day
like my last
**** the future
**** the past
if you don't approve
like I care
like a truck driver
I like to swear
I don't shower
I don't stink
on the inside
is always pink
you might not like
what I say
I do the the same
every single day
you might not like
what I write
like I care
it's out of spite
Jun 2014 · 412
The Beast
Allen Wilbert Jun 2014
The Beast
in the night
lives a beast
looking for
a people feast
could be wolf
could be vampire
it will spin you
just like a dryer
it will hunt
your *** down
doesn't matter
what part of town
stay inside
if you can
doesn't matter
woman or man
lock all windows
bolt all doors
wants all virgins
wants all ******
if caught
it will devour
don't even try
to overpower
don't come out
til morning light
then maybe everything
will be alright
Jun 2014 · 518
Love The Way
Allen Wilbert Jun 2014
Love The Way
Love the way you smile,
it will never go out of style.
Love the way you walk,
as I just stare and gawk.
Love the way we cuddle,
it helps forget, that we struggle.
Love the way we kiss,
every moment spent in bliss.
Love the way, you love me,
never have I felt so free.
Love the way, you make me feel,
sometimes I wonder, if it's real.
love your eyes
love your thighs
love your nose
love your toes
love your giggle
love your wiggle
love your lips
love your finger tips
Love the way, you get nervous,
Xanax we always purchase.
Love the way, we make love,
front, back, below or above.
All I'm really trying to say,
is that, I love you in every way.
Jun 2014 · 1.2k
Allen Wilbert Jun 2014
blinded by light
blinded by night
blinded by beauty
blinded by cruelty
blinded by you
blinded by me
blinded by two
blinded by three
only one has the power
over me, you do tower
deaf to your sound
saved me when I drowned
headed for a certain death
you gave me an extra breath
opened my blinded eyes
and I saw your face
suddenly dying
didn't become a race
once blinded
now I see
your love
set me free
as I floated
to the sky
looking down
I waved good-bye
Jun 2014 · 616
Unusual Place
Allen Wilbert Jun 2014
Unusual Place
living in an unusual place
no tracks left to trace
bridges already burned
tables already turned
**** has hit the fan
all my words got a ban
too much controversy
people begging for mercy
never knowing what I'll find
inside my warped little mind
some of you love
some of you hate
my big white dove
that's always running late
my pen is my gun
shooting words just for fun
my stories, you all read
listen and follow my lead
no one more entertaining
your brains, I keep on draining
my silly words have you fooled
my rhymes keep you schooled
I like to brag
I like to boast
now light up your grass
and raise that glass
and give me the proper toast
Jun 2014 · 1.0k
Garbage Can
Allen Wilbert Jun 2014
Garbage Can
there once was a man
lived in a garbage can
could not see
could not talk
could not ***
could not walk
his ***** was sewn shut
wrapped his body like King Tut
had no eyes
had no nose
had no fingers
had no toes
lost his job in the city
**** his life was pretty ******
had no blood
had no brain
he was dead
and insane
is he zombie
is he ghost
or just a mummy
eating old toast
had a friend
name was Oscar
he was a grouch
and a boxer
they both died
in a dumpster
they choked of cheese
made of munster
Jun 2014 · 932
Ex Friend
Allen Wilbert Jun 2014
Ex Friend
as I look into your eyes
I see through your brilliant disguise
you think you're better than me
stinging people like a bee
once you were a good friend
but that was all just pretend
then you pulled a double cross
made me hotter than Tabasco sauce
you stole my girl and my pride
you even broke my unbreakable stride
I went out and bought a gun
figuring killing you, would be fun
shot you til you were dead
loved watching your exploding head
chopped you up in little bits
in my shoe box, you now fits
Jun 2014 · 1.4k
The Slut
Allen Wilbert Jun 2014
The ****
has *** with any man
does it anywhere she can
in a bed, in a car
she goes deep, she goes far
searching in every state
til she finds her soul mate
haven't had my turn yet
waiting for her private jet
loves *** in any style
even in a church aisle
she is one famous ****
loves goo on her gut
she does it here,
she does it there
she will do it anywhere
in a bar or in a truck
this **** just loves to ****
not a lifestyle I'd condone
but every dog needs a bone
Jun 2014 · 431
Life Is Simple
Allen Wilbert Jun 2014
Life Is Simple
things are so conspicuous
starting to get suspicious
nothing is more obvious
life can be so glorious
no reason for depression
you know the answer, to the question
be yourself, and no one else
weather poor, or have some wealth
make life fun, make it great
like is was when you were eight
keep things easy and simple
pop that complication pimple
in conclusion, I say this
find an old friend, and reminisce
Jun 2014 · 523
Taking Over
Allen Wilbert Jun 2014
Taking Over
Entered the room with high expectations,
but all I got was the case of frustrations,
needed some help with public relations,
felt like a fight at the United Nations.
They fly in on their private jet,
rich and powerful, making girls wet,
too me they show little threat,
but they love to watch me sweat.
I have a vision, I have a dream,
willing to go to the court of supreme,
tried to gain all my self esteem,
things are about to get extreme.
This world, I'm taking over,
found my lucky four leaf clover,
they thought I was a funny joker,
til they saw my sharp shooting chauffeur.
No more am I the geek,
this world needs a little tweak,
felt good seeing people that weak,
now they listen, when I speak.
They all thought I was a traitor,
no longer am I the dumbwaiter,
somebody get me a translator,
because, I'm the new dictator.
Jun 2014 · 433
Bus Or Bust
Allen Wilbert Jun 2014
Bus Or Bust
do you remember
standing at the door
reaching for the stars
pockets filled with dreams
bound for success
but fame is farther
than it seems
I was with you
when you hopped on the bus
you told me
nothing left to discuss
you made up your mind
as you left for Hollywood
I saw darkness as you left
the life you knew
wasn't gonna be good
take that bus
and leave me far behind
people out there
will not be so kind
you begged for mercy
when things got too tough
hate to tell you so
but I said it would be rough
I'll be there
soon as I can
I'll always be
your back-up man
we'll spread our wings
and you'll soon see
that we control
our own destiny
next time take me with you
forever we'll be like glue
stick with me
and you'll know why
no more buses
will ever pass us by
Jun 2014 · 665
Now That's Love
Allen Wilbert Jun 2014
Now That's Love
through fire and brimstone
through the gates of hell
through a path of broken glass
get bit by every poisonous snake
get stung by every bee
get violated by every man in prison
**** every human
**** every animal
**** even myself
shoot myself in the head
stab myself in the heart
chop off my very own *****
theses are the things
I'd do for you
I hope you'd do the same
our love will last forever
nothing will ever stop us
we were meant for each other
but please baby
I'm gonna beg of you
don't make me
chop off my *****
May 2014 · 346
Thinking To Myself
Allen Wilbert May 2014
Thinking To Myself
misty mountains
make for some
very beautiful scenes
birds chirping
wind slightly blowing
pregnant women
look good when glowing
Christmas a joyful time
whether from Amazon
or a five and time
getting high
in the sun
always having
so much fun
dancing drunk
under the stars
all your problems
seem so fars
little by little
figuring stuff out
no need to stress
no need to shout
no matter what's
going on inside the head
drink or a ****
will **** it dead
laying in bed
trying to sleep
counting to myself
but seeing no sheep
hot showers
feel so good
stay in all day
if I only could
watching grass
grow so tall
maybe tomorrow
I'll mow it all
all my thoughts
just ran dry
so peace out
and good-bye
May 2014 · 1.4k
Annoying Noises
Allen Wilbert May 2014
Annoying Noises
waking up hearing voices
inside my deep dark mind
"where are the dead bodies
where is the hole
where is the shovel
did you **** all theses people"
could I have done such a thing
"I'll ask you again
where are the dead bodies
where is the hole
where is the shovel
did you **** all these people"
I can't turn off theses annoying noises,
why is it me hearing voices
"I'll ask you again
where are the dead bodies
where is the hole
where is the shovel
did you **** all these people"
since these voices
won't go away
then I'll make them
go away
The Trailer Park Paper
"two bodies found dead today
from what seems to be a double suicide
man shot with shotgun in mouth
woman found in bed with an empty pill bottle
lying right next to her
the oddest part of this case,
was a skipping album at a certain strange part"
"I'll ask you again
where are the dead bodies
where is the hole
where is the shovel
did you **** all these people"
May 2014 · 494
Allen Wilbert May 2014
time is here
time is now
time to make my final bow
I am done
can't take no more
it's time to slam the door
nothing left to say
nothing left to write
I've taken my final bite
nobody knows
nobody cares
no more time to split hairs
nobody listens
nobody reads
feels like I'm pulling weeds
I won't be missed
I won't be remembered
my pen I gladly surrendered
good-bye to you
good-by to me
it's time to set my soul free
May 2014 · 513
Allen Wilbert May 2014

Saw something that I shouldn't
helping myself, I just couldn't.
It was just standing there,
alone, but lacking no flare.
Oh the beauty, oh the grace,
so glad, it didn't see my face.
Maybe what I did was wrong,
in a place, I didn't belong.
What I saw, you wouldn't believe,
a web I practiced to deceive.
A part of me grew inside,
very long and very wide.
I should feel bad, but I do not,
maybe my brain has a clot.
Always tried to figure out a way,
felt like a hunter, stalking my prey.
What I saw, I'll never forget,
not a bit of any regret.
I will never tell what I saw,
but it's been awhile,
and I'm going through withdraw.
May 2014 · 648
Back Yard
Allen Wilbert May 2014
Back Yard
Dug a hole in the ground,
for the bodies that I found.
Scattered in my back yard,
there severely bruised and scarred.
Two women and three men,
I put them there,
but I forgot when.
Family was a pain in the ***,
sliced them up with broken glass.
Grass never been so green,
I felt like a killing machine.
It was easy, it was fun,
I'm far from being done,
Don't knock on my front door,
or you will be no more.
Back yard now filled with dead bodies,
to me their all just carbon copies.
May 2014 · 542
Can I
Allen Wilbert May 2014
Can I
can I speak with no tongue
can I listen with no ears
can I smell with no nose
can I walk with no legs
can I write with no arms
can I brush with no hair
can I see with no eyes
can I eat with no teeth
hang me on the wall,
call me modern art
even with no body parts
I can still do what I want
I can do anything,
if I put my mind to it
I was born with no parts
but I can still do more than you
I refuse to give up or quit
you ask can I, I say yes I can
May 2014 · 604
Old West
Allen Wilbert May 2014
Old West
dark man in the shadows
walking toward the pole of gallows
doing his time
for his heinous crime
******, **** and molesting
nobody watching is protesting
guilty with no doubt
that's what the old west was about
hunted down by a lynch mob
soon his neck will throb
as they tie the noose
making sure it's not loose
as he begins to fall
dead is the man they called Paul
no one there started to cry
as they watched an innocent man die
the real killer then confessed
so they shot him in the chest
May 2014 · 350
Allen Wilbert May 2014
why are we here
why are we there
I never asked to be anywhere
first we're born
then we die
we learn life on the fly
sometimes happy
sometimes mad
they make pills, if you're sad
some of us smoke
some of us drink
life *****, is what I think
is there there heaven
is there hell
on that subject, I don't dwell
what about god
what about not
title of this poem, I forgot
May 2014 · 1.2k
Two Nerds
Allen Wilbert May 2014
Two Nerds
saw you in the corner
someones lost daughter
walked over to you
me having no clue
expecting rejection
her beauty was perfection
sat down and said hi
she was a bit shy
bought her a drink
had no idea what to think
she was lost for words
we were just two nerds
pocket protectors and glasses
passing each other mystical gases
laughing at our silly jokes
lighting each others smokes
people couldn't help but stare
who cares if we're square
was this luck or fate
found me a girl,
I didn't have to inflate
she didn't care about my bad teeth
she only saw underneath
I didn't care about her zits
she had incredible ****
that's the story of two nerds
all other stories are for the birds
May 2014 · 536
Death By Bus
Allen Wilbert May 2014
Death By Bus
Old photographs remind me,
of how things used to be.
We were married thirty years,
everyday pours down tears.
Til the day we meet again,
well, you know the day when.
You died so young at fifty five,
everyday without you,
is a struggle to survive.
You got crushed by a bus,
all I saw was oozing pus.
Me and kids were devastated,
so were friends,
and all people related.
Crying at pictures of old,
everything you touched,
turned to instant gold.
How we'd laugh and carry on,
one year later and you're still gone.
No signs of an after life,
my pain hurts worse,
than a stabbing from a knife.
Today I got the bus company money,
suddenly life became more sunny.
Now that I'm filthy rich,
found myself a brand new *****.
May 2014 · 442
Allen Wilbert May 2014
Looking for my lost soul,
lost somewhere in a black hole.
Its been missing for some time,
endless mountains, I must climb.
Not a light to be seen,
been this way, since a teen.
Caught in a strangle hold,
always doing what I'm told.
Holding feelings deep inside,
long ago, I lost my pride.
Please help me find my way,
saved no pennies, for a rainy day.
Searching desperately for a light,
but knowing it's an endless fight.
Seems like, I'm lost at sea,
only death will set me free.
May 2014 · 632
Love Story
Allen Wilbert May 2014
Love Story
We are made for each other,
you're more loving, than a mother.
You make me smile, when sad,
I calm you down, when mad.
Your smile lights up a room,
our love is stronger than a sonic boom.
We make the perfect couple,
in bed we always cuddle.
I taught you how to live,
you taught me how to give.
Your beauty is unmatched,
my bruises, you always patched.
When you're sick, I'm always there,
we make one hell of a pair.
You're as **** as a model,
you love the way, I always ******.
True love is so hard to find,
never met someone more kind.
This love story goes on forever,
breaking up will happen never.
Through good and bad times,
I will never run out of rhymes.
We are each others best friend,
it will be that way til the very end.
May 2014 · 3.9k
Allen Wilbert May 2014

My ******* was thought through,
dominate me, dominate you.
Can't stop, what you can't see,
open mouth and drink my ***.
Beat you to a ****** pulp,
as I drink it, my throat goes gulp.
I'll stomp a mud hole, til it's dry,
it's fun to do when you're high.
This world, I will destroy,
no longer am I a whipping boy.
I **** your father and your mother,
even your sister and your brother.
**** your uncle and your aunt,
killed every tree, killed every plant.
Killed your niece and your nephew,
just part of the ******* schedule.
Killed your cousins and next of kin,
call me evil, but I love sin.
No more sun rising in the east,
666, I'm the number of the beast.
No more sun setting in the west,
just doing the devil's request.
May 2014 · 447
I Can't
Allen Wilbert May 2014
I Can't
I can't write
I can't read
I can't bite
I can't feed
I can't walk
I can't crawl
I can't talk
I can't call
I can't drive
I can't ride
I can't strive
I can't abide
I can't jump
I can't skip
I can't ****
I can't dip
I can't cry
I can't laugh
I can't die
I can't gaffe
I can't look
I can't listen
I can't cook
I can't glisten
all because I lost my pride
all I am is dead inside
May 2014 · 553
Allen Wilbert May 2014
nobody knows
nobody cares
nobody listens
nobody dares
nobody wonders
nobody talks
nobody helps
nobody flocks
nobody text
nobody calls
nobody rings
nobody got any *****
nobody gives a ****
nobody knows I'm in a pit
nobody knows the trouble I'm in
nobody cares if I ever win
nobody wants to feel my pain
nobody knows that I'm insane
nobody cares about my history
nobody knows I'm a mystery
May 2014 · 337
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