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RSV Aug 2014
O you, sitting on the highest power echelon of this country
Revolution is mere change of masks???
O you who orchestrate these stage plays to ridicule, already ridiculed masses!
O to you,
The unnamed, the invisible nucleus of power
Have you ever seen the revolution?
How it looks like?
O You
Yes you, who pretends to be the only savior of this country
Do you promise, from tomorrow, all the people will sleep with full stomach??
Health and education would be free??
Justice will be accessible??
O oooo
Have you ever seen revolution?
Do you know how it looks like?
Or I am too naïve to ask this…
RSV Mar 2014
Of blood and ashes and condemned heart
Of life that is no more
Of nothing, but nothingness
My words are meaningless
All I talk is but, nonsense
I carry my own ashes
My tale is soaked in my own blood
My book is stained by madness
Some random lines with the ink of life, which is red! Wo kub sunta hey kahani meri, aur phir wo bhi zabani meri...
RSV Mar 2014
Laughter, giggles, smiles.
Tears, heartbreaks, pains.
Success, failures, mistakes.
Loves, bodies, unions, partings.
Births, deaths.
Life keeps moving on,
even when we don't.
Time ceases, moments goes on.
Life got to do, what it got to do!
RSV Mar 2014
I suppressed it far too long!
Heavy with burden,
I can’t breathe anymore.
Release me from my own cage...
RSV Mar 2014
I love You,
Oooh it sounds so simple. Right?
A combination of three words.
Mere. Three. Words.
Do You see the fire
that burns in me
till it turns me into ashes?
And then I rise back from those ashes
To say to You the same words; yet again!
I love You!
RSV Mar 2014
Was it You, Last night?
Who, like a star lit my memory with light so bright
soaked me into fragrance, so rich
Was it You last night?
The music of my dreams, so beautiful, so exquisite...
And now in day light
You are gone
the light
the fragrance
the music
and You are gone...
Stay a little more my Love!
RSV Mar 2014
My dream of another world is not dead, yet
The blood in my veins is flowing, ever so red
Beaten, burnt, molested, abused,
but not defeated.
My soul is revived by each tear I shed
Tears are my message of defiance
and my heart beats, ever so violently
in struggle for the other world
I still think, the other world
can be...shall be..
To all women...
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