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I want everyone to know.
I want everyone to miss you
Like I do
            Only not quite
The only way to leave a life filled with sorrow
is with a great, grand,


and no tomorrow.
I am a -9 Glasgow Scale,
even in life,
I should be intubated,
someone should breathe for me
Someone should
live for me
This life is not mine
It is just breathing
and waking up
and breathing
and waking up
... and breathing
... and waking up

      T w o
               T H r e e
                           F O U r
                                  F I V E
times in one day
Let someone else live this life!
Let someone else die this daily death!
I cannot do this anymore
I need other means to breathe
I am
I am
the product of my surroundings
I am
the result of my parents
The influence of my friends,
I am
All that, is what I am
What formed me
What brought me here
Their mistakes run in
my veins
Yet, I refuse
to be defined by them
All of that
I am
But I will
define myself
We're too distracted
fighting for uniqueness
that we have forgotten
to fight together as one
I have been having
about your eyes
maybe ...      
it is because I'll
see them again.
She was there,
with me,
and all was well
Because it is easier to be
after the storm
when it's passed
But after the calm
when the storm arrives
it turns real
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