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Last night my ex texted me.
Not because he was trying to rekindle something that died out long before we broke up, or maybe he was I don’t know.

But all I could think about was how earlier that day my boyfriend was tickling me on the floor, and how much I love laughing with him every day.
When he said I was a cute little dinosaur and put his hand on my cheek.  
And how I fell asleep on the couch with my head on his leg.
All I could think about was how each day is better than the one before and how he’s taught me so much about how relationships should be.
How HE gives me everything he couldn’t.

But I was friendly and did my best with small talk and said I hope things get better for him.

When I got home from work I waited for my boyfriend to wake up and when he sat down beside me I leaned over and hugged him.
Just so happy.
  6d Chameleon
mother says he’s trouble
best friend says he’s unstable
heart says he’s unattainable

only one thing’s for sure

this is about to be
what’s the saying?

so it’s gonna be forever
or it’s gonna go down in flames?

**stocking up on fire extinguishers**
Chameleon Mar 13
Last night my boyfriend came home from his friend’s house all drunk and goofy,
arms loaded up with peanut M&Ms, cookies and garlic bread.
I had woken up from a deep NyQuil sleep and was waiting for him on the couch.
When he saw me he said, “Babe! I’m so glad you didn’t go to work I got us snacks.”
I laughed at the randomness of his purchases and his sloppy smile.
He hugged me really tight and said,
“I hung out without you for like 4 hours and it suckkkedd!”
I could feel my heart overflowing and I said,
“I missed you too peach.”
Chameleon Mar 6
He smiled at me napping on the couch and then leaned over and hugged me so nicely.
He is the sweetest peach.
Chameleon Mar 1
I so look forward to all the quiet moments.

Coming home from work and slipping into bed, putting my arm around him.
We just lay there without saying a word until the alarm clock tells him it’s time to get up.

In the car when there’s no talking, just music and the sound of the road and he puts his hand on my leg and lets it rest there until we get to where we’re going.

In the busy restaurant where people are squeezing and pushing past me and he put his arm around me, pulling me close, keeping his hand on my back.

It’s in all the unspoken moments, and gestures the glances and smiles and everything else.
I know I am his.
Chameleon Feb 26
I love the way he looked at me today.
I could tell he was happy to see me.
Chameleon Feb 25
I drank a bottle of magnesium citrate almost 8 hours ago and now I’m at work really regretting it.
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